10 Chromecast Apps That Would Be Possible With Cast SDK

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Last update: December 11th, 2013

Google invited developers to a Chromecast hackathon and SDK show-and-tell on December 7th and 8th. This clearly indicates that Google will publish the “Cast SDK” quite soon. Google will most likely release the SDK during this hackathon or at least inform us about a release date. Exciting!

The Chromecast SDK, called Cast SDK, would offer developers the possibility to integrate Chromecast into their app. At the moment, only a small amount of apps like Netflix, YouTube or Hulu are able to stream content to a Chromecast. With a SDK available, every app could potentially communicate with the Chromecast, making it the ultimate device for modern TVs.

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10 Chromecast apps we would love to see soon

We’ve tested the Chromecast during the last few weeks and really like it despite the missing variety of apps. With the Chromecast SDK coming soon, we brainstormed about a nice apps that we would love to see.

With Plex being supported by Chromecast as of December 10th, many of our wishes came true. We’ve updated the list below according.

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1. Streaming local media files

Streaming local media files from your network to a Chromecast would be like a dream come true. Ideally, codecs for all popular formats are included and it supports DRM-protected material.

You are now able to stream local media files to your Chromecast using Plex

2. Android games and other apps on your TV

How great would it be if you could stream Android games to your TV while using a tablet or phone as a controller? Especially for mostly motion-controlled apps like racing games, this could be a great way to build an inexpensive gaming console. Imagine looking at the race track on your TV and using your Android device as a steering wheel!

3. Using Chromecast for presentations

Google’s Chromecast works with almost every device that has a HDMI-in slot. Why not connect a Chromecast to a beamer and use your tablet as a preview monitor-including a swipe-to-next-slide functionality?

4. Spotify, Soundcloud and other music streaming services on Chromecast

Google Play Music and Pandora are a great start, but some of us prefer other music streaming services like Spotify or Soundcloud on Chromecast. Especially if you’re into EDM, Soundcloud has far more to offer than other platforms.

Spotify and Soundcloud will soon be available on Chromecast using Plex.

5. Reddit.TV

Reddit is a great website full of fun and interesting stuff. Reddit.TV offers you the possibility to watch videos posted on Reddit in a very easy and convenient way. Why not bring that to Chromecast?

Reddit.TV is available as a channel on Plex for Chromecast.

6. Party Mode

Music is really important on a party or when having a few friends over. Using Chromecast to stream music while showing the playlist and the possibility for guests to add new songs would be great. You could also let guests vote for the next song based on a few possibilities, which would make the whole thing more interactive.

7. Dashboard

The current Chromecast dashboard is rather static and boring. Why not add widgets to customize it? I’d personally love to have a RSS feed or my emails on there! Why not include a Google Now-like interface in there?

8. OK, Chromecast

Talking about Google Now, I would really love to control my Chromecast using voice commands like “OK, Chromecast”. With the Chromecast lacking a microphone, this could be done using a compatible mobile device like the Nexus 5 oder Nexus 7.

9. Mini games

Mini games like TicTacToe are a fun way to spend some time waiting. Using the TV as the main screen and and a tablet or phone as the controller would be really awesome. Just imagine playing games like You Don’t Know Jack with your friends on your TV?

10. Google Play store for Chromecast apps

With a variety of Chromecast-compatible apps available, Google should really add a Chromecast filter to Google Play. This would make browsing easier and help app developers to get their app found.

Which apps would you like to see on Chromecast?

The apps listed above are obviously just a start. Google’s Chromecast has a high-potential to become THE gadget your TV needs and now it’s up to the developers to create great apps. Which apps would you personally like to see on Chromecast? Share them in the comments section below!

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Philipp Greitsch is a mobile enthusiast with great interest in the latest trends and developments in mobile, technology and things that make our everyday life awesome. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.
  • Aurangzeb Agha

    Don’t forget Audible.com

    • I left that out on purpose because I’m not sure if people need a TV running when listening to an audio book? Would that be something that you*re missing?

      • Aurangzeb Agha

        I think the TV is becoming more than just a display device. It’s a control device to the larger media entertainment system. I get my audio through Grooveshark (Roku and Boxee)–BTW, that would be a great app for Chromecast too. The TV is the gateway to access that media and play it through my surround-sound system. In that way, I think many audio-enabled apps would benefit from Chromecast.

      • imcdona

        Many people have a TV in the bedroom. Listening to an audiobook while lying in bed is quite common.

        • Me

          This would be awesome!!

      • fithp

        I have my Chromecast plugged in to my A/V receiver – no need to have the TV on at all for sound-only applications…

  • Chris Surfleet

    For the British – iPlayer and 4od

  • Connie1126

    SOUNDCLOUD all the way

  • irvin

    Can I set up a chromecast with a microphone to use like a karaoke?

  • Phil Miller

    Mono, the Android music app, has SoundCloud integration along with YouTube and local music files. http://mono-cloud.appspot.com

    • Thanks, I’ll give it a try..

    • heather willens

      it works great!!! this is so awesome streaming my soundcloud on my tv thru chromecast. its a 20 day trial :/ if it performs well ill totally buy it.

      • Phil Miller

        Please let us know how you get on and what additional features you’d like to see.

        • heather willens

          im not sure i understand the ‘how you get on’ question. its cool that all you have to do is enter your soundcloud user name and it displays all my public lists – is there no want to have it show your stream of likes? im cool with the lists because I’ve made quite a few. i will say that is loses connection sometimes out of the blue which is frustrating. im not sure what causes that – perhaps doing too much else on my phone? however if it continues to drop connection and struggle to play sometimes…i dont think id be willing to pay.

          • Phil Miller

            Sorry – English expression meaning ‘how it goes’. We are looking into building a playlist of your SoundCloud likes. We’re also interested to know more about the disconnects and struggles to play. If you have time please email us at monomessage [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Hudson Rodolfo

    Playing videos from Facebook or directly from Google Chrome app for iphone would be great!

  • tv man

    I would love to see Chromecast come with a microphone jack so people can use it like a karaoke system through YouTube 🙂

  • Glen

    A big set of virtual boobies would be awesome.

  • Appsman

    One of the best apps for 2015 is RockIt Karaoke, it allows me to stream karaoke songs on my tv with chromecast and apple tv, The song catalog is one of the most largest I’ve ever seen and its very well organized by artists or music genres, another big advantage is that it doesn’t require any subscription. available on the app store.

  • Jen

    Personally VERY disappointed with the chromecast- a year later and none of these features have been updated although many people support it.