What to do if Android file transfer is not working


You came here because you obviously have troubles transferring files to your Android device via USB. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to experience this issue. You probably get the following error message:

No Android device found Please connect your Android device with a USB cable to get started.

Lucky for you, there are only a handful of options for you to try, and you will be able to transfer files within minutes. So, without further ado, here is what you need to do to make Android file transfer work again and pass all error messages.

If you are on a Mac, go ahead and download the Android File Transfer for Mac if you haven’t done that already.

How to get Android File Transfer to work

There are a few reasons why you might be getting an error message when trying to get files onto your device:

  1. USB cable doesn’t support file transfer
  2. Device not set up to accept files via USB
  3. You have Samsung’s Kies file transfer installed
  4. Your micro USB port is broken (sorry, can’t help you with that one)

Step 1 – Enable file transfer on your Android device

This is the very first thing you must do to ensure that transferring files to your Android device is even possible.

To enable USB file transfer go to “Settings” > “Storage” > Tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen > “USB computer connection” > Tick the box next to “Media device (MTP)

step 3If you think that your problem with transferring files is software-related, try connecting your device via USB to your computer, check “Camera (PTP)” and uncheck it again. This seems to work for some people.

Step 1.1 – just happened to me on stock Android Marshmallow 6.0

Updating the post right after fixing the issue on the Nexus 6P.

If you don’t see the above-mentioned options in your Storage & USB settings, make sure to enable USB debugging and then follow this tricky sequence (screenshots also below):

  1. Detach USB cable from device
  2. Enable Developer Mode by going to Settings > About Phone (at the very bottom usually) > press on Build Number repeatedly until the pop-up appears
  3. Go to Settings > Developer Options
  4. Enable USB debugging
  5. Lock device (turn screen off)
  6. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable
  7. Unlock your Android device
  8. Swipe down to see notifications and press on “USB for charging”
  9. From the pop-up, select File transfers
  10. Lock the device and unlock it again

Using this method you are, basically, allowing your phone’s security mechanisms to accept file transfers via USB. For some reason this option is not available without enabling developer options, although it should be.

This method should work on all Android devices running stock Marshmallow 6.0+, like the new Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X. Please let me know in the comments if these steps worked for you, and which device you were using, so I can improve this guide for all those who might have the same problem in the future.


Step 2 – Uninstall Samsung’s Kies file transfer software (skip if not installed)

Samsung’s file transfer software often causes interferences with the native Android file transfer. To uninstall Kies you will need to download the installer first (clicking the link will start the download), and just then select the “uninstall” option within the file package.

samsung kies uninstaller

Step 3 – Check your USB cable

Not all USB cables are created equal: Some are able to transfer files, some are not. To make sure you got a cable that can do that, go ahead and take the cable that came in the box together with your Android device. There cables are usually able to handle file transfers.

In case you can’t find another USB cable to try if it works, you should check out AirDroid. This nice piece of software allows you to transfer files to your Android device with no cable at all.

If you really need a USB cable for file transfers, get yourself a good cable, it will last you quite a while (and they are quite cheap as well).

If this post couldn’t help you, please drop us a line in the comments and we will do our best to help you and update this post to make it easier for others in the future.

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  • Dan

    There are no vertical dots in the top right. Just a search icon.

    “To enable USB file transfer go to “Settings” > “Storage” > Tap on
    the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen > “USB
    computer connection” > Tick the box next to “Media device (MTP)

    • Thierry Mattea

      Must be on older Android phones. This is how I found the MTP setup on my S4: When you connect a USB cable to the device, a notification automatically appears in the notification bar drop down menu: Connect as media device (Touch for other USB options). Click on the notification and you’ll go straight to the USB computer connection section where you’ll find the MTP or PTP options. Hope this helps!

      • Your Mom

        ^ Does not help. None of this happened with my phone. Droid DNA by HTC.

        • Katya Krasner

          Same here, feels like after the update I did to the phone it started having the problem more… maybe they don’t want us to connect the devices so easily now?

          • Cmasld

            They don’t, they want to force us to use clouds and bullshit so they have access to all of our shit

          • Kamil

            I think you just nailed the problem on it`s head.

      • Bess Mahaney


        Are you talking about drop notification of drop down menu on your android phone? Where you find MTP or PTP?

      • sonia

        I have an S4 too and no 3 dots for me as well. And yes the USB cable is the original one. I feel like I want to see if my phone can fly tonight, I spent 3 hours trying already feeling a bit frustrated

      • Marcos Davi Reis

        Worked for me! tks!

      • Mr. Sandman

        Helped me! Drop down, click, select File Transfer. THANK YOU!

    • Hirontiff

      When I connected the USB cable on my note 3, the MTP or PTP choice automatically appeared. I uninstalled the smartswitch program on my Mac (Yosemite OS) as instructed. Make sure to remove the password protection on your phone prior to connecting to your computer. Worked for me. Thanks.

    • shamil

      the same problem is with me also

    • Iggy

      Running OS 4.2.2, didnt find those vertical dots either. But wasnt necessary, just make sure to tick the enable debugging box and you should be good to go.

    • Werfkjl

      Personally, I use Android Mobile Manager tool to manage my Android phone
      data on computer, also provides Mac versions. With Android
      Mobile Manager
      , you can transfer not only internal SMS and
      contacts but also other media files.

  • Noushin

    Thank you very much. This post solved my problem. I really appreciate!

  • Jen

    Been trying to download for two days with no luck. Read your blog and was able to open file transfer first time. Thanks.

  • Conrad22

    Does not work on my HTC Droid DNA (Android 4.4.2). Same problem as @Dan. There is no MTP option on my phone as Thierry mentions.

    • Your Mom

      Same phone for me and same issue.

  • Joel

    Rumor has that the newest Yosemite update is the current cause.

  • d_queen

    thx soooo much 😛

  • David

    Thank you so much. Your info that some cables don’t support file transfer saved the day. Thank you.

  • Phil

    Android File Transfer worked perfectly for two years on my S3 and worked since last November on my S5. Now though, I’m getting nothing. My device apparently isn’t recognised, even after uninstalling Kies and checking my MTP setting.

    AFT is the only program I like. It isn’t invasive and doesn’t beg me to download apps. Can anybody else suggest any more advice?

  • Bess Mahaney


    this was not available on my device: “to enable USB file transfer go to “Settings” > “Storage” > Tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen > “USB computer connection” > Tick the box next to “Media device (MTP)”

    I have upgraded to “lollipop” and there an “no dots” in top right corner when I go to storage…etc.
    What else can I do, i am using the cable that came with my phone, file transfer used to work all the time, then it stopped before I upgraded system…
    Any other ideas?

    I have an S5


      Have you figured anything out? I love how responsive folks are… 😛
      I am fucking stuck, and can’t downliad airdroid because my phone is full.

  • Mo

    And, what if none of these “fixes” work?

    • Mo

      … and Airdroid isn’t an option, because my phone hasn’t enough space available to download it. It’s too full, and I can’t empty my files onto my Mac to create space. :/

  • Agatha Alice

    Try Coolmuster Android Assistant, we can use it to move almost everything from android phone to computer, and we can also use it to manage apps, contacts on computer, have a try!

  • Lida

    i have the same phone and the same issue as well! My USB cable works when I connect my phone to my PC, But for my MacBook Air, I keep getting the “could not connect to device” message

    • Philscbx

      If you had Kies App before, that’s why.

      It has to be uninstalled by the Kies app.

  • Philscbx

    Deleting Kies had nothing to do with it.

    My Kies app is in the trash, where I’d like to keep it, still refusing connection.

    Backup files exist, of course.

    All connections confirmed by phone,

    brand new cable, 18″ max length,

    still, dreaded box says, go kill yourself now.

    Samsung had to of made deal with Apple to not let this happen

    Obviously Apple’s new world order states, we control what you do.

    Bluetooth transfers PDF of web page in 3 sec.

    Viewed with Polaris Off 5 app.

    Good Luck

  • CJ

    Nexus phone. Macbook Pro, not on Yosemite or Maverick but 10.8.something. Tried everything listed. Last time I had this issue, I replaced the cable and it was fine. Worked a couple of days ago. Restarted phone. Restarted computer. Checked & Unchecked camera spot. Connected and reconnected multiple times Will connect as a camera but not a media storage device. Nothing left to try. Frustrated! Need to back up stuff! Need to move files!

    • Same here! Its really frustrating…
      Android file transfer with nexus 5 on mac os will NOT work with large video files!
      rebooted phone and mac a hundred times and it is random.
      It halts half way copying the file and I have to try for hours to get all the files out.

  • Henri

    Uninstalling Samsung SideSync fixed this for me.

    • churroman

      Thank you ohh blessed @HotClaw:disqus! This did the trick for me! It’s pretty ridiculous that Samsung creates an App that basically kills such an important feature.

      • churroman

        Edit: Henri*

    • This was the real problem! 31/5/2015
      SideSync and Kies must both interrupt AFT.

    • Lara Vieira

      how to do that? s5

  • Mikeeb

    I’m a new S6 user (over from an iPhone) … My android file transfer (AFT) worked once on my mac (ios v10.9.5) after I installed it — that is, I installed it, hooked up my phone and saw the directory of folders display. Thought cool… now what? Went on line to learn more, found out about Kies. Sounded great so I installed it… got the warning that AFT might not work .. ok, fine, I thought – if this works… Well, it couldn’t connect to my phone. So I uninstalled Kies (using the kies uninstaller) … found that AFT now couldn’t connect. Dumped the AFT app to the trash, restarted my mac – and still unable to get connected to my phone. I’m sad. I just want to transfer my music from itunes… 🙁 I was excited, but man,,, my iphone was so easy and everything just … worked. Help??

  • Reub

    Thanks. I just uninstalled Kies and it worked straightaway.

    • Jase

      wtf is kies?

  • Thanks this was so helpful!
    I thought I’d gotten rid of Kies, but the quick link and uninstaller was the answer 😀

  • Patrick Foster

    hi this didn’t help me, the error message i get is that it can’t access my internal storage even though the device is unlocked and with MTP checked, my phone is an unlocked opo with a custom recovery and root installed.any help would be appreciated

  • Rammonn Clarke

    This post didnt help me. The application was working all along, until I tried charging the device in a Windows machine and I noticed it tried to install the drivers necessary for reading the contents of the device, but this failed. Now I am connecting the device to my mac in order to remove data, and it will not.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Rammonn

      To give further information I get either of two messages:
      Can’t access device storage
      If your device’s screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your screen, and then reconnect the USB cable
      Could not connect to device
      Try reconnecting or restarting your device.

      I have done all of the above suggestions.

  • eveeve

    Well, try Coolmuster Android Assistant, we can use it to move almost everything from android phone to computer, and we can also use it to manage apps, contacts on computer, have a try!

  • eveeve

    Thanks for sharing, Coolmuster Android File Manager could also help, we can use it to backup almost everything from android phone to computer, and it also has some other functions, have a try!

    • ShelaghDB

      $35…LMAO u have to be kidding

    • SWEAR. WORD.

  • Prratik Patel

    this solved my problem. Cheers 🙂

  • HS

    Thanks so much! Never would have figured out how to fix this without your help. The problem was with Step 2. Appreciate the help!

  • Kajo

    Uninstalling Kies using its own uninstaller worked for me. Tks!

  • gume_

    I troubled trying to get Android File Transfer (ATF), on my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), for a while. I can recall that out of the box it always worked fine with my Samsung SIII, but it suddenly stop working showing the “No Android device found” error. I had no Kies installed and everything seemed OK however it never worked again nor for my SIII, nor for a S4 later and now with a S6. Having read a lot on this issue I found a workaround which won’t be as simple as you would’ve wanted: make a clean install of you current OS X. In my case, I made a clean install for my Yosemite 10.10.3. Having done it AFT worked again as it originally did. It seems it has something to do with the OS X updates since my MacBook was new. I had never done a clean install until now and that totally got ride of this bug. I’ve just updated today to Yosemite 10.10.4, as it has just been released and fortunately, it is still working.

    I’m sure it isn’t what you wanted to hear but I have read and tried different methods to get ATF to work and nothing ever did the job. I refused to make a clean install just to give ATF a try but since my MacBook became slow and I had been having problems with excel I finally did it and, by doing it, it all runs better. No more excel freezes and ATF issue gone.

    Again, not the simplest solution, but it seems that a clean install will always be good and bring fixtures overall.

  • Nancie

    I’m trying to transfer music from my iBook G4 with OS X 10.5.8 software to my LG g Stylo phone. Its seems like the USB is being read, where I’m having the problem is that ATF keeps unexpectedly quitting. Can anyone help me. I tried downloading the Kies file and was not able to uninstall by clicking on uninstall, had to drag to trash. Tried everything I’ve read below. Nothing works.

  • FollowTheFacts

    I downloaded Android File Transfer (for MAC) earlier today and software opened up window in which I could look for some video files I wanted to transfer to my Mac….worked flawlessly…(and I’m using SnowLeopard and was concerned it might not work, but there was no hint at download site that it shouldn’t)
    So all was well, right? – …well, now, later same day, I wanted to offload two screenshots in the same fashion…but now…software doesn’t “see” USB connected LG G4…whenever I connect, up comes that CD icon that stays for a while and then disappears…why was it possible to begin with, and not, is what I wonder, I never changed any settings….

  • Steve

    I keep getting no software found on pc and that it requires service pack 3. I am trying to connect to a Mac Book Pro. I really want to avoid Kies as it causes loads of problems with my Mac. Android File Transfer is installed on my Mac.

  • Kristy Clark

    Im trying to copy all the songs on my phone (samsung galaxy s5) to a usb otg stick i go to my files select all the songs and copy to usb device and it says failed to copy i dont know how to make it copy any idea?

    • aLchen

      mine too

  • Lana Dawn

    Wow. After trying to troubleshoot this problem for over 2 hours via samsung, android, and mac forums (among dubious others), this post FINALLY solved my issue. No one should ever, ever use Kies. It never worked for me when I had it and was still causing problems just for being installed on my computer! After uninstalling, the Android Transfer App worked brilliantly with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Android Lollipop OS) on my Mac with latest Yosemite version. If only I could receive compensation for all the hours Kies has stolen from my life! Thanks, Daniel. I owe ya one.

  • Raf

    For S5 MTP option is in the notification bar once you connect your phone to your computer. It worked for me once I uninstalled Kies which I didn’t even know I was running

  • Kam

    My problem is with moving files FROM mac into Android device. It does not receive or accept the copy-paste of any file. Help! 🙂

  • Umberto Saiani

    I have an s5 and an imac with Osx 10.10 yosemite installed! I don’t have samsung transfer app on my device but Android file transfer work even if I disable Developer options!

  • Kingcharming

    For me it was the cable. Using a high quality cable, OEM preferably, worked.

  • Emma Finn

    My photo’s are not showing in the android file transfer box for me to move them to my Mac? Also, I’ve tried transferring on my Mac in the photo application. Most of my photo’s have gone across. Now, I have approximately 330 photo’s as jpeg files and my Mac won’t recognise them….

  • Papacroz

    Dude!! Finally!!!! Been trying to figure this out for months. All i had to do was uninstall kies! You are awesome Thank you!!!!

  • slappymagoo

    I own an LG G4 model, and this is a near-constant problem. This solution is not ideal, and it’s time-consuming, but it works…for a while. The LG G4 comes with software labeled “LG United Mobile Mac Driver.” It’s also available on their website. I literally have to reinstall the software every time I want to connect the phone to my mac (which also involves restarting the computer) but once I do it, the phone will connect for about an hour. If I try to transfer a lot of files or one or more larger files, the phone will disconnect after the transfer is complete, and then to reconnect I have to reinstall the software/restart the computer again. Hopefully a better solution will be invented, but for now, it’s better than nothing.

  • onjoFilms

    This didn’t work for me. On clicking on DCIM > Photos, I get the spinning beach ball.

  • Severin Nicole Tucker

    So I deleted both kies & smart switch off my iMac and android file transfer now opens my phone, but it doesn’t show me any content. i can see the available space on both the phone & card are correct, but it shows 0 items in both folders. as I’m trying to use this program to transfer files from my device to my sd card this is a big problem.

  • Ivan After 5

    Thanks for the AirDroid tip, with it I was able to transfer all my pictures to my Mac without a fuss. Problem solved!

  • Rashid Khan

    I uninstalled Kies as instructed and for a while AFT worked. Now it’s stopped again and I keep getting the message telling me to re-connect or re-start my device. I’ve tried all of the above tips but to no avail. I’m using the cable that came with the phone (S6 Edge), a cable that has worked perfectly fine before so it can’t be that, surely?

  • Shefali Gupta

    thanks a lot! I was not able to figure out what’s wrong! and ultimately with the help of this article I came to know kies was the culprit. 😀

  • Terence Mulligan

    Still no go with all of the solutions, yet i can access folders other than the camera folder…. i suggest the problem is the 500 maximum transfer limit of android…??

  • ShelaghDB

    This Samsung Kies thing I knew of 4 years ago. I have now long been on OSX using a OneplusOne phone and it seems that every year it stops working and i can’t get it running again /sighs, Can anyone else mention any other free apps that will do this, allow me to get files from my Mac to my phone? I appreciate the developers that made this but its just too inconsistent

  • haayyaa

    i used the wire that came with the samsung s6 but it didnt work, another wire is working though…hard to understand why samsungs own wire isnt wokring. its not really a problem, but that would mean carrying 2 wires as the non-samsung wire isnt as fast…do you know why this is happening?

    • DanielBulygin

      That’s very strange. Samsung’s own wire is built for charging and transferring files. From what I’ve heard, it works for most people. Maybe a faulty connector?

      Recently saw this new product from Leef, didn’t try it yet myself though. It’s basically a micro-USB to USB adapter with built-in storage (costs $30 for the 16GB option) made specifically for file transfers between computers and Android devices. Check this out: http://www.leefco.com/bridge-3.0-mobile-usb

  • Josue

    No vertical dots on htc desire 626

  • Andy

    HTC Desire 626. Connects easily with PC (so I know the phone and USB cable are good), but both with and without HSM (HTC Sync Manager), my Mac (running El Capitan) does not fully “see” the phone. It appears in the Disk Utilities, but not within Finder. Simply dragging the phone from Disk Utilities to Finder doesn’t work since it doesn’t appear to be able to be dragged. I’d hoped that AFT would work, but it looks like some Mac setting is preventing this.

    I’m sure there’s just some setting in the Mac that I haven’t found, but what is it?

  • Claudia Putnam

    Whenever I tap those three dots on the upper right of anything on my Nexus P, I get a help & feedback choice and that’s it. It’s true for chrome, and it’s true for storage. No option for USB computer connection. The error message I get is that my device is locked, but it’s not. If they’d provide more ringtones so I didn’t have to transfer music to make a ringtoneI wouldn’tcare. But this is wasting a lot of my time.

    • DanielBulygin

      Claudia! Just updated the post. Check out Step 1.1. It will help you, I can guarantee it.

      • James B. Barnes

        Same screen lock error in android file transfer, unfortunately.

      • Godzilla Jr.

        I have the same issue as Claudia and Step 1.1 was no help.

        • James B. Barnes

          I just went ahead and got SmartFinder from the Mac App store. Works well without all this fuss.

          • Godzilla Jr.

            Will do.

  • Claudia Putnam

    Also, why can’t just load an mp3 file to google drive and download it to the phone from there?

    • DanielBulygin

      Well, depending on where you live and whether the mp3 is copyrighted or not, you might get into trouble. Just sayin

  • SamWise Godschild

    I am frustrated. I am in the clear with all of these suggestions. I am moderately tech savvy and still havent been able to crack this code. The weirdest part is that I have used Android File Transfer successfully in the past. I can use other transfer methods to get pictures from the device to my MacBook Pro. I want to be able to move music files from macbook to my device, preferably with a hard connection. Wireless would take a long time. Ive tried restarting the device and computer, un and re- installing the software, removing other transfer softwares. idk what is different from when I used it a few months ago…
    Any ideas are welcome, thanks for considering my options. . .

    • DanielBulygin

      what Android device and version are you using?

      • SamWise Godschild

        Galaxy s6. I tried android file transfer on my old mac book and it worked fine. Looking more into feedback from others, I find out that it’s most likely a problem with Yosemite OS. I updated to El Capitan and still doesn’t work.
        Would transferring using Google Drive take a long time. I feel like its too time consuming when transferring 20 songs for example

        • DanielBulygin

          Very strande indeed. Didn’t have any issues with my Galaxy S6 Edge on Yosemite or El Capitan. I assume you used the original cable from Samsung and also tried other USB ports.
          Have you tried turning on USB debugging in the developer options and see what happens?

  • Jillian Sabo

    Mac OS X 10.10.5: Uninstalling Kies worked for me!! Thank you so much :o)

    • DanielBulygin

      You’re very welcome! Glad this helped you 🙂

  • jahir avdyli

    Guys I have a really weird problem! When I connect my samsung galaxy phone to my PC, my phone will be recognized and the window with options will show up, but there isn’t any ‘open folder options’, I can open it with microsoft office option and others,but the folder won’t show up and also the phone is accesed with camera.I would be really glad if you could help me! Thanks!

    • DanielBulygin

      Which device are you using and on what Android version?

      • jahir avdyli

        I am using Samsung Galaxy J1 and the version is 4.4.4

  • Tim Carter

    Dan, I’m stuck. I did all you said in 1.1 above and at step 8 I did *not* get the notification screen you show with the two USB choices. I’ve got a Nexus 4 and am running the lastest Android update I think. Phone says: 5.1.1 “Help me Obi Whan Kanobi, you’re my only hope.”

    • DanielBulygin

      Gotcha my young Padawan. All other methods have you tried? Other USB cable the trick might do.

      • Tim Carter

        Ahhh. I forgot to add something! Prior to the last three updates to my Nexus 4, I was doing the AFT with no issues with the same USB cable. It was seamless. You’d have the phone on and unlocked, plug it in and the Finder menu open immediately showing all the folders / files on the phone. Now I get the dialog Box of Death you show at the top of this post. The Android updates have FRIED this old working interface.

  • Stan Kossen

    Thank you. My problem was the cable. I used a different USB cable and it worked!!

  • got10thumbs

    Step 1.1 worked for me. Nexus 7. Many thanks.

  • Eternity

    On OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 w/ a galaxy NOTE 3 and I’m able to get AFT to work, but then when I click on files or try to access the directory it crashes each time. I can continue to unplug, plug and reload it but the same thing happens each time. Ideas?

    • Eternity

      btw I set no lock, my screen is set to full power no autosave, the message I keep getting is “If you devices screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your scree, and then reconnect the USB Cable.

  • Adam

    Thank you. After I uninstalled KIES, AFT ran fine. OSX 10.11.2 / Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

  • Fernanda Weinstein

    nexus 5x user. thank you for the info,, worked great. after i googled a long time you were the solution!!

  • ShuntR

    Followed your directions for my Nexus 7 on my Windows 7 computer and it worked perfectly. The only thing I did after that was to turn the debugging off and its all good

  • Bob Ellison

    Don’t overlook the bad-cable solution. I went through all of these steps and others as well, and it suddenly started working, and suddenly stopped again, right outta the blue. I changed the cable, and suddenly all was well.

    This is a good list of solutions, but as I say, don’t assume that your digital cable is 100% working. Mine was charging and connecting, but failing to transfer or maintain the connection. Weird.

    • Ade Naas

      me too i think the micro USB on my phone is knackered as it doesnt always charge when i plug it in this seems to be the only thing i can come up with as its not transferring in Kies either ….head wrecker !!

  • Thanks for sharing, Coolmuster Android Transfer could also help, we can use it to transfer almost everything from android phone to computer, google it to know more info.

  • Graham Burgdorf

    thanks for the help. I can now transfer pictures with my Moto G 3rd gen running Android 6.0 M

  • Terry Sims

    Thank you very much! Nexus 7 2013 Marshmallow. Can’t believe how stupidly difficult they made it!

  • George Blake

    I have been having issues with this for YEARS.
    In Kies, go to Tools > Install driver.
    Reinstalling the driver will make Android File Transfer work again. Good luck!

  • Jose

    Google Nexus 7 (2013) – updated to 6.0 – Enabled USB Debugging – locked screen – plugged into computer USB – heard the device driver installing tone – swiped android screen up – selected, “usb charging – touch for more options – selected file transfer – BOOM Auto play screen came up – selected folder – all good – Thank You!

  • Stevie B.

    Just got Nexus 6P, tried your steps, still not working. Turned on Developer WiFi Debug. Phone will not accept selecting USB File Transfers radio button. Frustrating – can’t move photos and audio files =(

  • Yah Neh

    Cool! It worked! I uninstalled Samsung Kies as you said.

  • Abhishek Narayan Acharya

    It worked in my Nexus 6P just the way you advised. Thank you

  • Majik Hudson

    definitley works

  • bill0

    I have a Galaxy 6 Edge. File transfer worked before, but now it stopped for some reason.

  • andrea


    I have had trouble getting my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to connect with my Mac. The problem tends to be the USB and when I switch it, the devices connect. However a new USB only tends to work once and then my phone can’t be found again when I try to use it another time. Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions that doens’t involve constantly buying a new micro USB?

  • Shane Zwicker

    Well, google is useless, that’s a big surprize… This is the closest page I could find for my issue. I’m trying to copy a 4gb file onto my nexus 6 with 6 gig’s free on the device but it won’t let me…

    • DanielBulygin

      Might be that your file is too large for the Nexus 6 to handle. To isolate the issue you could try uploading two 2gb files and see what happens.

      • Shane Zwicker

        Actually I figured out this issue a while back. BTW 6bg isn’t too large for it to handle, it just won’t transfer a 6gb file. However you can archive(winrar/winzip) the file into multiple segments, transfer them then unpack them on the device.

  • bertbopper

    Extra option: If you installed a new SIM you need to reboot your phone and trash the plist file on the mac.

  • Brooklynne Clark

    I have used Android File Transfer many times but lately, each time I try, a message pops up saying “Can’t access device storage. If your device’s screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your screen, and then reconnect the USB cable.” I don’t understand because my screen isn’t locked. I haven’t changed anything from when I used to use Android File Transfer. I have restarted my laptop, my phone, and I have deleted and re downloaded AFT. Anybody have any suggestions? I tried contacting Android support but they said I have to talk to the app people… I couldn’t find any contact info for them.

    • ShelaghDB

      likely update to the android software-has been screwing me up with each update for the past 2 years. Every time i could go in under Step 1, find the 3 dots and switch but the latest update a few days ago has caused those 3 dots to disappear. Chances are, yours will eventually work…….just cant tell you how to do it today as each one is different

  • jutay

    Step 1.1 for android marshmallow helped me! Thanks. Instructions were very clear.

    The only thing I can’t figure out is how to access files on my micro sd card in my android device (where all my photos are stored).

    Now I can view my Moto G3 on my macbook. The top left corner of the window allows be to switch between Internal Storage and Samsung SD Card, but nothing shows up under Samsung SD Card. (see screenshots below)

    *I have not formatted my sd card to function as the devices internal storage (I was tempted since I’m using a moto g3, with a whopping 8GB of internal storage, reason being I heard the apps will work much slower if they are running from the Micro SD)


    • DanielBulygin

      Well, you might want to push all your media to the SD card first, and then some apps that you don’t use that often, but don’t want to uninstall. From my experience, if you have a Class 10 micro SD card you should be good to go. They’re quite cheap on Amazon, you should get one.

      As for accessing files on your SD card itself, look for a folder labeled as /sd card. All your images will be saved by default in the DCMI folder in /internal or /sd card

      • Tom Bisi

        hi, i have the same case as jutay above. I managed to access my motog3 with step 1. but still cannot access the sd card. and can’t find the /sdcard folder you mentioned. help please…
        do i need to format my sd card to funciton as the devices internal storage ad jutay mentioned? and if so, how do I do that?

  • yesilovemylife

    I’ve been in this situation since I got my Macbook Air 13″ last October. It can’t detect my S6 Edge. Tried installing Android File Transfer, Airdroid, and File Commander but nothing works. Then I hook up my S6 Edge to our old Macbook that runs on OSX 10.6.8. NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. Was able to transfer files from S6 Edge to the Macbook seamlessly via Android File Transfer. So it must be the newer OSX that screws things up.

    • DanielBulygin

      I think you should try a SMC reset on your Mac. That might help: http://trendblog.net/mac-shutting-down-smc-pram-fix/

      • yesilovemylife

        My original S6 cable had its inner wires sticking out of it and finally gave out. So I got a new one from Samsung and I noticed that the cable feels thicker and somehow harder to bend. And lo and behold, when I connect my S6 to my Macbook Air using the new cable, Android File Transfer opens automatically! I can now transfer files between them easily. The fast charging also works really well.

        Moral lesson: It might well be your cable. Get the latest Samsung Micro-USB charging data cable specifically for S6 Edge.

    • ShelaghDB

      Dont think so as my One Plus One android worked perfectly and i have several macs, until 3 days ago when the phone updated its software. The last time i did that, I was able to get in using the 3 dots in USB storage but now,after the update, they aren’t there anymore. I am more than fed up of dealing with this problem every time there is an android update and am going back to the dreaded iPhone simply because its continously frustrating after each update—its not your mac i dont believe

  • CallMeNido

    don’t have 3 dots in storage.
    step 1.1 does not allow me to select file transfers
    have a galaxy note 5 and a mac

  • Dennis Woycheshen

    I feel like a dumb ass and should of checked this sooner…. About 2 hours of googling later and trying to install every possable driver I can MTP file transfer still is not working. Now mind you I am running windows xp mostly because well… my computer is slow. So I figured maybe there was an issue with the driver but it says for sure it works for winxp. I decide, with no other option, to try shutting off USB Debugging… and it works. I can see everything. If you are frustrated, I hope I saved your forehead.

    • DanielBulygin

      Thanks Dennis! Will add that to the next article update. Most people here are on a Mac though. With Windows, you usually just have to plug your Android device in, and you should see a new folder pop up.

    • Michelle Cao

      I am beyond frustrated with my new Galaxy. It was working fine two hours ago, and now nothing pops up. Transferring music is hard to an android, and I’m getting real frustrated for the past 3 hours and a half now. I’ll give your advice a try and hopefully it works.

  • GA2K

    Worked perfectly on my 6P. Thank-you.

  • Ed Greenwood

    Thanks for your help. Your step 1.1 got me round access issues on Nexus 6P. Using the Android File Transfer I could not access device storage. Thanks again…

  • Whydontchagetalife

    I’ve tried all these tricks from many different websites, tried 2 different computers, tried 3 different USB cable. IT IS THE UPDATE TO MARSHMALLOW and nothing else. FIX THIS GOOGLE!

  • Linda

    Thanks for this article! I turned on debugging and turned off screen and plugged in phone and turned screen back on again, but its not showing me USB for charging.
    Do you think its my phone thats gone bad? Is there some way to test that? Cable is ok.
    Its not the port on my Mac – i plugged in my mp3 and its recognizing that one. Any advice? Thanks!

  • Leah

    thankyou so much!!! your instructions really helped you are so smart

  • Steven Craig

    what about LG v10 with new mac?

  • Eddie Murphy

    Perfect, step 1.1 worked perfectly. All files transferred within 5 mins, cheers!

    • DanielBulygin

      Awesome! What device and Android version do you have? Asking so others can find out what will work for them

  • Alex!!!!

    I just got myself a galaxy s6 active. i used android file transfer once and added 14 songs on it. found out all my songs were deleted from my computer and spend the last couple days trying to get them back. now when android file transfer is not detecting my s6. I’m using the same cord and everything else should still be the same as the first time i connected my device. HELP PLEASE!! I like my music a lot….

    • wealthpath

      I’m looking for an answer to this also. I have the same problem with a s5.

  • pushplaybang

    Had this working on 5, on 6 no options come up in the notifications

  • Serious Sam

    Thanks! Step 1.1 worked for my my Moto G 2nd Gen after the recent upgrade to Marshmallow.

  • Lawson HC

    I am running on the Galaxy S7 and there is no ” File Transfer ” From PC to Mac option.
    Android Version 6.0.1
    Help would be appreciated, thank you!

    • DanielBulygin

      What kind of errors do you get? Have you tried using the original cable?

  • Nate Chrysler

    First fix did it! 😀 Thank you very much! Most excellent.

    • DanielBulygin

      Glad everything worked out! Can you please add your device and version of Android so other people can find the solution quicker?

  • khris loux

    Step 1.1 worked like a charm for my Nexus 5 w/ Android 6.0.1, thank you so much!!!!!

  • Cristi Doncea

    With original cable is not working on my asus laptop but works on my mother’s accer laptop. With another cable works on both. Why?

  • sem

    I’m using a Motorola Moto E2 running Android 5.0. Mac OSX 10.9.5. I’m getting the error, but behind the error pop-up I can see the File Transfer window. When I click on the error pop-up OK, both the error message and the File Transfer window close. Android File Transfer only works about once in 50 times, and usually when I don’t need to use it.

  • Oliver

    Samsung SideSync also broke my Android File Transfer in El Capitan – had to uninstall it with the uninstaller in the install dmg. Would definitely not have looked there without this article, so thanks.
    Don’t know why Samsung always breaks Android File Transfer…

  • Beth

    I have a Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, and I’m trying to get all my pictures off of my phone and onto my Mac. I have been able to do so, however when I attempt to click on the ‘Screenshots’ folder so I can move all my screenshots across too, that is when it comes up with the ‘no android devise found’ message, yet it works for all the other folders and has moved them across perfectly? Why is it just happening with this folder? Any help would be very appreciated, thanks!

  • Shyam Bhat

    these methods are not working with my android phone. any other idea?
    Lollypop – Xoloblack

  • mrk

    Uninstalling Samsung’s Kies did the trick. Thanks!

  • Jason Greenwald

    Nexus 5 Android 6.0.1: Step 1.1 worked for me.
    Strange! Is there a downside to leaving USB debugging on?

  • グッチ 都玲

    I just updated to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) on 4/9/2016. Until this new update, I never had issues with transferring files from my phone to my Windows delivery device (laptop) and vice versa. Without doing anything but plugging my phone in via USB, I was able to access all necessary folders and download/upload images and videos.

    However, after the update, I am facing issues transferring images and videos from phone to laptop.
    1. When Charging is selected under “use USB for,” my phone will not show up under My Computer. (So far so good as it should only be charging.)
    2. When Transfer Images is selected, I can find and transfer my photos under My Computer. (Videos are not supported as they do not appear under My Computer.)
    3. When Transferring Media Files (via an MTP connection) is selected, I was able to transfer one video… During the transfer process, it stalled at the very end (the dialog box would never finish, though the file saved in My Computer) so I closed it… I restarted my phone and tried to transfer the second video. When I try to do so, an error occurs, stating “The Requested Resource is in Use.”

    The video file is over 100 megs so I suppose I am out of luck on this one… Android fail or user error?

  • Arthur

    Does not work on my Samsung S5 Neo. After some searching due to changed menus and translation to Dutch, I was able to find all options and followed the instructions exactly. Samsung Kies is not installed. Still Android File Transfer cannot connect my MacBook Pro to the smartphone. Smartswitch does, but fails after a few files, apparently due to failing handshakes, the connection gets broken and cannot be resumed without restarting

  • Miranda Ortiz

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Edwin Daniel

    None of this worked for me. Can anyone help?

  • Chris

    i still cant find a way transfer files from my galaxy s6 to laptop ever since this stupid marshmallow update?anyone help

    • Addae

      Same shit here i do not know whats the problem

  • sicala

    After wasting the best part of a day on this, I re-installed Android File Transfer, and miraculously it started to work again….

  • Timmy Focus


  • Chris

    i still cant find a way transfer files from my galaxy s6 to laptop ever since this stupid marshmallow update?anyone help

    • Chris

      android file transfer says “device not found”

  • Richard Kennemer

    Thank you! I was so frustrated with this problem. My phone used to connect to my computer without any problems. After the latest Android system update I could no longer connect and it was truly driving me crazy!

    “Step 1.1 – just happened to me on stock Android Marshmallow 6.0” is what finally solved my problems! I was so relieved just now when my phone finally popped up on my computer screen and I was able to access my content! Thank you!!!!

  • Jeff

    Step 1.1 worked for me after trying all of the other steps. I’m using a Moto E (2nd Generation), Android version 6.0 connecting to a MacBook Pro (circa 2009) running OS 10.10.5. Hallelujah!

  • Ian McGrath

    I have a Nexus 5 by LG, and a few updates (months?) ago the “USB notifications” drop down disappeared. None of the above steps have solved the issue. I’m using the stock cable that always worked in the past, and the phone continues to charge. I’ve tried some other cables as well, also with no luck. I’ve even tried multiple computers without getting it to work.

    I’m starting to get concerned that the port is somehow to blame. 🙁

  • Stefan Popovic

    Step 1.1 worked for my LG G4 on 6.0. Thanks!

  • Raihan Munna

    Please help me……My android phone usb does not support and in this time my android official software lost…if my phone is Often but still android wirte don’t go full open…..so brother….how can i install official sotware my android phone…..please help me….

  • Addae

    Ever since i updated my S6 i cannot transfer ANYTHING to it from my MacBook and none of these options helped

  • Jane

    I cannot for the life of me transfer my pictures from my galaxy s6 to my iMac ever since the marshmallow and el capitan updates. I attach it via USB, choose transferring images (PTP), Photos recognizes phone, “transfer images from device” is checked, and it comes up as “no photos.” I am at my wits end. Image capture recognizes the phone as well but can’t find the photos. I’ve switched USB cables, USB ports, tried the MTP and MIDI connections, tried Android file transfer (won’t even find the phone), nothing works. There HAS to be some simple box to check or something… somebody PLEASE help??!!

  • San Pedro

    please help. none of the steps works on the new LG K10. Thanks

  • Kent Stanko

    I spent about 3-4 hours troubleshooting this issue plus downloading unneeded software & drivers. This file transfer fix worked for me (thank you). What a totally obnoxious hidden option that was forced down on customers. I would love to have 5 minutes in a cage with the a-holes responsible for this cloud greedy communist push. I have an S6 Edge+ and this is my 3rd Galaxy. Any more crap like this and I will go Apple.

    • Charles Barnes

      “Any more crap like this and I will go Apple”
      OK. I get that you’re upset, but that’s just crazy talk.

      • Trisha Idleno Morey

        Right?? ANY problems you are having here, Apple can beat those problems by at least times 5. Don’t do it my friend. You’ll be sorry.

  • joenyer

    It just worked for me, the Samsung Kies installation. After it’s installed, open it up. A message comes up if you would like to UN-install it. Click ‘yes’ naturally and it does it. Plug in your device and the data from your phone comes up quickly. Couldn’t believe it.

    • Gangga

      This worked for me too. Very round-about-way to install Kies, and then uninstall it immediately but it worked! Now able to see my S6 media and other files on my Macbook Pro!!!

  • Kenneth

    Thank you so much! I never installed kiesmac, but uninstalling fixed it! thank you so much!

    • Mark and Karen Doney

      How did you uninstall it?

      • Hikaru Yuji

        click on the uninstall image.

  • Illugi Torfason

    thanks, I have marshmellow on my moto x, enabling the dev mode and following your steps worked 🙂 This is mighty strange though and I am really disappointed with google screwing this up!

  • King Keelo13

    Im working with an LG V10 and trying to connect it to my Macbook with no positive results in sight….smdh :/

    • DanielBulygin

      What kind of error do you get?

  • Hi Daniel, thank you for offering to help. I have rooted my Android s6. I have uninstalled Kies. I have changed the cables. But my phone does the same thing – which is to automatically switch off after I begin the recovery process and then restart by itself. How can I keep it from turning off so that the process can run? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

    • DanielBulygin

      I had this exact problem on my Galaxy S6 Edge, and the only thing that helped me is performing a factory reset… I really hope that you have all your stuff backed up

      • Ughh, no I don’t. I have now downloaded DiskDigger which refers to the 25GiB internal memory but only scans out some irrelevant stuff according to my “Settings.” My phone is like a shell, because I already did the Factory Reset and downloaded countless recovery softwares but nothing works to restore to former things. (USB unblocked and set to MTP). I am determined! Going to find a specialist …but I am also realistic. Never again, right? My phone originally blocked me out and did not accept my fingerprint nor my very own password, nor was it able to be located by Google Android thingie …so I need the specialist to set up all these things for next time. And no more lock screen options, I don’t trust them. Thanks Daniel.

  • Cheyenna Hawn

    i have the Android Transfer on my mac and have used it before several time with the same phone same cord and the cord indeed works. then bam. today it is full. i can’t create space with out losing things and i can’t download extra apps now. I’ve tried all of this and none of the options are working? the first time i hooked up and transferred things easily and this has completely baffled me. its like noting is registering . i just keep getting that same message over and over I’ve used different cords and all options that apply. the phone is a alcatel one touch. but like i said I’ve used it one this phone before.
    ???????? im stuuuummmppped.

    • DanielBulygin

      To be honest I’m not sure how to help you here. If you’re sure that the cable and phone work, maybe try another PC?
      As for getting more space, the Alcatel One Touch has a micro SD card slot! Just buy a micro SD card (up to 32 GB) if you haven’t already and enjoy the additional space 🙂

  • Rick Fuschi

    Nexus 5x, can’t get past step 7, notifications does not appear on my screen, but the screen does already show that USB is in Media Transfer Protocol.

    • DanielBulygin

      What version of Android are you running?

  • Thomas Decloedt

    Switching from USB for charging to File Transfer works for me (Nexus 6P), but only for one file transfer, and then Android File Transfer stops seeing my device and I have to go through all the steps again. A bit frustrating..

  • Timothy Claborn

    Finally it worked.

  • Chan

    step 1.1 after upgrading to marshmallow 6.0. Thank you so much!!

  • Kunal Prakash

    I Use Lenovo Vibe K4 Note(i recently upgraded to android 6.0 from android 5.1) and there was nothing coming in the notifications tray for file transfer so i followed above steps and restarted my device. NOW IT WORKS! Hope This Helped Others

  • PatsyGray

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and can’t get past step 7 either. I have uninstalled Kies as well. Can anyone help?

  • Alex Lee

    Well, try MoboPlay Android Assistant, we can use it to move almost everything from android phone to computer, and we can also use it to manage apps, contacts on computer, have a try!

  • Hush

    sorry, can’t stand to repeat every single time all the Step 1.1 points, android file transfer for mac does not have a sense to exist anymore. I think my solution is quite faster:

    – switch off the phone and extract sd card
    – connect the sd card to the pc via common adapter, transfer/delete/etc. files
    – insert again the sd card in the phone, switch it on, done

    • wealthpath

      I removed the SD card and placed it in a card reader. Loaded a folder and files on it. Placed it in the phone which was turned off. I turned it on and the new folder and files had been deleted! Any suggestions?

      • Hush

        This must be really frustrating, anyway it never happened to me.
        I just tried a quick test writing a new folder on the main root and another new one inside an existing directory with no problem at all.
        My suggestion: try reading the sd card again through the same device used to write the disappeared folder, if it’s still there it mean that’s Android’s fault or some kind of os’s incompatibility.
        Keep in mind that perhaps the fact of using FX app (an advanced file manager) on my phone, it allows me to automatically overcome the problem, in fact I just noticed two tactical command “Enable write access” and “Rescan media” among the control options for media cards, available only via the FX app, which made me think about. Hope you can solve this.

        • wealthpath

          Hi Hush,
          Thanks for the reply to my inquiry. I downloaded the FX File Explorer App, that’s a pretty good app. Idid follow you suggestions on placing the SD card back into card reader. It still doesn’t work even though the FX app gave it write access. However, although it allowed write access, my files would not save to the SD card nor do the play correctly.

          I can save a folder and files to internal memory. These are music files which I have some already on the SD card. I was wanting to add to it. After the update, can’t add a folder or files to the SD card without them being deleted after the first restart. Also, if trying to play the audio files it calls up something totally different than what I’m trying to access.

          After installing the app, I was able to add a folder. When connecting the phone, the folder will not show, but will show when disconnected from the PC. After a restart it is deleted again from the card. What say you? 🙂

          • Hush

            Sorry, in this case I don’t have a clue. I think you have some other underlying problem, perhaps concerning the os upgrade or some sw/permissions conflict.

  • Bradley Reeves

    I’ve got a Metro PCS LG G Stylo running Android 5.1.1. ATP worked ok on my old phone but stopped working about a week after I got this one (about two weeks ago). Part of the problem may be that Ghettro hasn’t released a Marshmallow update and connecting in 5.1.1 is harder. I’ve tried the MobilGo app as well as uninstalling and re-installing ATP but my computer won’t recognize “No Android Device Found”. My cable is thick and new and I’m downloading Kies now. Was hoping someone knew of similar problems and had fixes. I’m using AirDroid and other wireless file syncs but they are all deadly slow and I have big files to transfer. Thanks in advance.

  • Bradley Reeves

    Just used Kies uninstall and still no fix. There’s no way to change the USB setup in 5.1.1…it still doesn’t recognize when I put my device to sleep then plug in. No dots in my settings>storage…there’s no way to change things. Heading to my nearest Metro corporate store but they have a habit of not knowing anything useful but telling it to you as if it’s pertinent. Grr. Suspect I’ll be popping my microSD card out every damn time I need to put something substantial on my phone. Frustration setting in.

  • Bradley Reeves

    Last one: anybody know how to update a Metro Stylo to Android M? Or the best root app? Thanks again.

  • Brian Jefford

    marshmallow option worked for me on moto g3

  • Brian Jefford

    Sorry forgot to say thank you

  • Manish Dhiman

    Working on Android Marshmallow, Cheers
    I was struggling from last 2 moths without looking for online solutions, Thanks a lot.

  • Anibal Avelar ™

    For me the step 3 worked. For some strange reason my USB cable doesn’t work any more. I suspect the cable is damaged now … I changed the USB cable and it worked. Samsung Galaxy 6 (Marshmallow 6.0) +,Mac OS X 10.11.5

  • baconbaconbaconbaconbaconbacon

    tried all of this (with the exception of KIES, because it’s not installed on my mac), and none of it works

  • Dams

    Detach USB cable from device
    Enable Developer Mode by going to Settings > About Phone (at the very bottom usually) > press on Build Number repeatedly until the pop-up appears
    Go to Settings > Developer Options
    Enable USB debugging
    Check the information message : USB for transfer and choose File transfer

    and it works then !!
    Thank you much. What a nonsense file transfer is not the default setting !!

    • wealthpath

      This works to show your folders, but has anyone figured out how to add files to the card. All my files and folders delete once the phone restarts. Also, the phone will restart while I am naming the folding or after adding files!

      • Dams

        I think this is another totally different trouble. The steps I sum make you able to copy or manage documents, or folders, on the cellphone from your computer. I fear your problem is else… Sorry.

  • Jemimah

    HELP! I’m soo frustrated. I just bought a samsung galaxy s7 edge, I can’t even get through the first step – there’s not ‘three vertical dots in the top right corner of my screen’ so what do I do?! I just want to get music and photos on to my phone & this is driving me NUTS!!

    • Александр Мельников

      try Sidesync

  • Ana

    Hey!!!! still not working. I am checking the MTP box but it still says that there is not device detected. Any suggestions of what other things can I do???

  • BhishmaChoudhary

    Thanks. Your instructions were very helpful.

  • Hermidd

    One hurdle I have seen across several Android devices and ROMs over the years when trying to copy files to my Windows 7 PC……….Android sometimes has folders containing files with ludicrously huge long path names. I’ve seen this in Evernote and Android folders stored in the “Phone” section (internal memory), and have had to exclude those folders in any file copy operation. When I do, all the remaining files copy very quickly over USB3. This just happened to my Galaxy S5 running rooted Lollipop 5.0, where all files had been copying without incident up until tonight. I had to skip the Phone/Android folder to get the files copied. Something must have made a crazy long file name in that folder.

  • Rangers407

    Step 1.1 worked for me. Mad at Samsung for changing this in 1 of their software upgrades. As soon as I saw “File transfer” unchecked, I knew I had my answer by checking it. Never would have figured this out without you. Thanks!

  • Kalina Jonson

    I enabled MTP (but not PTP) under USB computer connection on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and then turned it off and on again, and I ALWAYS get this Android alien pop up message “Could not connect to device. Try reconnecting or restarting your device.” I don’t have Kies, the cable is original, and AirDriod is super confusing. Help!

    • wealthpath

      I have the Samsung s5 and have this same problem. I first had to re-install the USB drivers for the phone (Verizon) and then the phone shows up my no folders. You will get a message this folder is empty when double clicking on the phone.

      Plug your phone up to your PC. Unlock phone and swipe down on the phone. You will see USB charging. Tap it
      and then change to file transfer. Your SD card and internal storage
      folders will appear and you should be able to see your files.

      What I also found out is that Developer options must be turned on. USB debugging checked. If you scroll down in Developer Options you will see USB configuration this should say MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). If not, tap it and it will open up giving you the choice to select MTP.

      However, here’s the kicker. I have been trying to add files to my SD card which is very difficult now with the update. When adding a file folder the phone freezes or creates one new folder and the folder I am naming. If it takes it, once adding files, I am unable to play them with any audio app. In doing this the phone will restart. All the files are gone including the folders! Unable to do anything about it.

      Also, each time you plug in your phone, you have to take it off of file charging in order to see your folders on the phone. That’s what has happened with this update.

      • Mark and Karen Doney

        Nothing I have tried works. How do I re-install USB drivers for the phone? I have Verizon also. I’ve done everything else. The Kies file transfer software shouldn’t be the issue since I’m Android?

        • wealthpath

          It may not be the drivers, but maybe the card was messed up in the update. Remember, every time you connect your phone at least this is the case with my Samsung S 5, you have to take it off Charging and switch it to File Transfer. You just tap on that notification and it should do it. If not, the long way is going through settings. In settings go to Developer Options and make sure it is on, then make sure USB debugging is checked, Verify apps via USB is checked and then scroll down to USB configuration. Make sre MTP is showing. If not, tap it and change it to MTP. Once all this is done, you will be able to see your card and internal storage.

          The folder I was trying to create on my card, I was able to do so and play it on Internal storage. I don’t want my music there. The other issue I was having is that all the files I copied on my card were deleted when the phone would restart.

          You may have to get another card. I had a 32gb laying around and tried it. It worked. Probably save you some time. Still have to go through the configurations to make sure phone is on file transfer before you can see the card and internal storage. Real bummer.

          PS: Those Verizon drivers used to show up automatically once you plug in your phone. Usually when updates occurred on windows.


      • wealthpath

        Ok, I tried everything with that darn card. It even got to the point where I couldn’t format it because it was write protected! Never could figure that one out. Also, every time I plugged it into my PC windows had to scan it and wouldn’t format it. I tried SD formatter to no avail. So, I ended up using another SD card. That worked.

  • John Barnet

    Step 1.1 worked for me on Samsung S5 that “lost” file access on Windows 10 after the May-June 2016 upgrade to Marshmallow.

  • Ellen B Layendecker

    No, still not working. I thought that the 7/1/16 update would help, but I still get no Android File transfer connection, no camera found, and no connection to my Mac. And yes, my cable is fine – I can load the installer package from the phone. And yes ALL THE SETTING ARE RIGHT. I’ve had this problem since I got the LGG4, and no one at Google, LG, Verizon, Android or Apple has been able to make it work. I’ve become an f’ing expert due to this mess, and it’s the only thing I can’t get the phone to do.

  • Dan Urbanowicz

    Have Marshmallow, followed step 1.1 and it worked like a charm. thanks

  • Jennifer Ann Robrecht Card

    Step 1.1 worked perfect to solve my problem after a morning of headaches trying to figure it out. Thank you!

  • Hikaru Yuji

    USB debugging didn’t work, no options appeared in the drop down notifications menu. Only charging. Using new out of the box Galaxy S6 and cable provided from samsung.

  • Jim Willeke

    It is totally ridiculous that there is no file transfer that works for mobile devices on any consistent basis. I have spent HOURS trying to get various file transfers to work and have yet to find a solution that works and has any reasonable UI. NONE of the Android MFG seem to have the customer in mind.

  • IHeartDC

    I was skeptical, but Step 2 worked for me on a Samsung Galaxy S7 running on the Sprint network (actually downloading the installer and then running it and clicking the “uninstall” option). Thanks so much! I thought it was a lost cause.

  • diamondisz

    No luck unfortunately, LG G4 running Marshmallow, Mac OSX 10.11.5, tried USB debugging and MTP for file transfer. However PTP mode works fine I don’t want to transfer just images so is it safe to say that all parts work? i.e. my mac’s ports, my phone’s ports and most importantly my USB cord? So if it’s not the cord and I did everything right what could it be? (I never had this issue with this phone and this Mac til after my update to 10.11.5)

  • Emy

    Okay. Step 1.1 definitely worked with Smart Switch so I have to thank you.
    Tried again today and it didn’t. Smart Switch froze again. I use a Samsung S6. This Marshmallow 6.0.1 update screwed everything up ! Help !

  • AllWaysTalking

    On my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge after Marshmallow upgrade there is nothing in the Settings/Storage but Device and Portable storage. After enabling Developer options I can find everything in Settings/Developer options/USB configuration:
    RNDIS (USB Ethernet)
    Audio Source

    The other issues I ran into was USB cables that only supported power, dedicated charging port (DCP), that came with power adapters and was separated and mixed in with other cables. As come across these cables I have been labeling them or throwing them away.

  • VC

    I have an S6 and still having the same problem after followed all the troubleshooting steps. I never had this problem with S4 before 🙁

  • JM

    This is crap, not the post but the situation. I have tried everything I’ve come across and nothing has worked. I also do not have the 3 dots, did the sequence of locking, unlocking, debugging, xyz et cetera and I don’t get a step 8: “Swipe down to see notifications and press on “USB for charging.””

    • JM

      Oh, and my phone is a turbo droid 2 running Android 6 with latest update of 24.14.16.

  • Conor

    samsung j1. Android file transfer works but doesn’t pull up my notes and memo files to my mac

  • Iggy

    Uninstalled KIES, enabled developer mode + usb debugging and worked.
    You are a legend, thanks

  • produk 29

    the fix still didn’t work for me (using a note 4 with marshmallow)

  • invzbldog

    Thanks so much! 1.1 worked for me. What a PITA!

  • Rangers407

    Step 1.1 worked on my Samsung S6. Thanks.

  • Earlene Chambers

    I am very thankful I found this post. I looked most of yesterday morning for a solution to transferring files (photos) from a Samsung Galaxy s7 to a computer. It should not be so hard to find, but it was. This worked like a charm. Thanks.

  • katescott5

    Old Samsung Galaxy and new LG (both android). Samsung won’t recognise USB and won’t let me download anything useful to transfer data. Can only charge with USB. Any advice please?

  • Elaine

    I am able to access my photos taken with the FV-5 download, but not my photos from the regular “camera”. I am wondering if this is because I no longer have an active Verizon account. It is a Galaxy 4 phone from Verizon. I keep getting the locked message. Any comments?

  • Jeff Jung

    thanks thanks thanks thanks a million…… Step1.1 perfectly work on my G5…….
    I spent 2 days and couldn’t find solution.. amazing..

  • ashleyP

    i tried Step 1.1, but unfortunately the options to Enable USB debugging remains grey and i can’t enable it. what should i do now? Whenever i connect by usb to my pc under MTP file transfer, there is error message that says “ssudbus.sys” file can’t be located in my pc.

  • Terra Bundance

    s7 edge here. It says to unlock my device. I have done this in every place I can find on my phone, and it still won’t even look at my files when I plug my phone into my computer. It keeps saying-
    “Can’t access device storage
    If your device’s screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your screen, and then reconnect the USB cable.” Nope, doesn’t work… HELP?????

    • Terra Bundance

      Never mind!! Step 1.1 worked!! Thank you. There was slightly different wording, but I figured it out. Thank uoi!

  • Marc

    Thank you so much. Months without transfer capability from S6 edge + to MacBook Pro. The uninstall Kies (which wasn’t installed in the 1st place) worked like a charm!
    Thank you again! Almost gave up on Android and went iPhone…

  • Ido Machol

    Here is Verizon’s workaround for Samsung Galaxy S6 –

    here’s what it gives me step by step…..

    1. Detatch USB cable from device

    2. enable developer mode by going to settings . about phone > press on build number repeatedly until the pop up appears

    3. go to settings > developer options

    4. Enable USB debugging

    5. Lock device (turn screen off)

    6. Connect your phone to your computer using USB cable

    7. Unlock your device

    8. swipe down to see notifications and press on “usb for charging”

    9. from the pop up, select file transfers

    10. lock the device and unlock it again

  • yo yo wut up

    so samsung you cant fukin put a small warning or disc to warn people that your shitty product will give us cancer not copying anything from pc to your shitty phones???

  • Thomas Frenkiel

    Thanks man! Found your article, unsinstalled Kies and suddenty the Android File Transfer works. Really appreciate you spending time to write this article 🙂

  • Kristospherein

    Thanks. Knew the phone had all the drivers downloaded correctly and that there was a button not turned on somewhere but couldn’t figure it out til I found this post. I turned on the “USB debugging” under “Debugging” and then changed the “USB configuration” under “Networking” on Galaxy Note 4. Somehow the USB config was switched from Media to Charging.

  • Kevin Larson

    Samsung S5 (after Verizon install of Marshmello 6.0. “To enable USB file transfer go to “Settings” > “Storage” > Tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen > “USB computer connection” > Tick the box next to “Media device (MTP). Used Step 1.1 and although the settings did not read the same, the steps worked ok. Verizon consistently does updates with no explanations or instructions about what to expect or how to deal with issues. Thank you for posting this step-by-step guide… 😉

  • Mark Andrews

    Android 5.1.1 on a Kyocera Phone will be my last. I’m not using tech to support tech. I use tech to get things done. Phone is great, OS, not so much.

  • Yusaf

    That Step 1.1 was a lifesaver I was skeptical about it actually working but I’m very pleased I clicked on this link 🙂 For all those having trouble with the OnePlus 3, look at Step 1.1!

  • davecc0000

    Android File Transfer (OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks; Android 4.4.2 KitKat) worked for years without issue, then on-and-off for awhile, then recently it refused to connect to the phone.

    At the same time my phone was telling me that my free space was disappearing and I needed to delete files.

    Well it’s a “catch 22”, isn’t it, needing to delete files yet not being able to first back up those files.

    But I bit the bullet and started deleting the camera images that I thought I wouldn’t need, then deleted some more, then some more. Finally after deleting about 75(?) images I could launch AFT and it would do what its supposed to do: connect to the phone and show me its contents.

    So there seems to be a need for some free memory in the phone when AFT tries to connect to the phone. No free space? Can’t connect. At least that’s what I found.

    Good luck.

  • phlipsowt

    THANK YOU!…All I wanted was a way to move my photos to my mac without tossing everything onto a fricken cloud first, and you’ve given me that. (Plus, now I can claim to be a “developer” at parties, which’ll make me seem cooler than I actually am)

  • Adam Schechter

    Worked for me.
    Samsung Galaxy 5 decided to refuse android file transfer with upgrade to Marshmallows.
    this worked.

  • Tyler Brown

    I just tried using PTP and it worked for my Moto X Play on my El Capitan Mac. The Photo app on the Mac opened up and I saw my videos!

  • Eugenio Lysei

    It worked for me connecting your device via USB to my MacBook Pro, checking “Camera (PTP)” and unchecking it again. Thank you!

  • Vaibhav

    I have Lenovo k3 note. I tried almost all the major wifi file sharing apps like Xender etc. but none of them helps me to send files to receivers. Although my phone receives the files using those apps without any issues.The problem is only when I need to send files, my phone never scans receiver phone in all those apps’ UIs. Please help me!!!??

  • Keyser Söze


  • Step 1.1 worked for Android 6.0. Thanks!

  • Lou Riche

    It didn’t work for me. I still have the “no device found” notification. I have a Wiko Fever 🙁

  • Trisha Idleno Morey

    Doesn’t work for s7 Edge

  • igybundy

    Well I was able to do this with my nexus 5x made in oct 2015.. It still works with the samsung tab a and tab 4 as well as the nokia and sony.. But now nothing happens with the nexus 5x made in jul 2016. It came with v6.0.1 dec 2015 software and would not get any updates so now I upgraded it to v7 but still nothing. The USB options dont show up.. It does sort of show up in the developer options but is stuck in charging mode. The computer sees nothing. The phone shows charging in the battery menu but has trouble moving from that spot in the developer setting.where it also is showing with all the other options. If I insert a pen drive, it shows the providing power option and if I select transfer mode there (does not show MTP) another notification comes up with the name of the stick eg lexar or samsung etc.. Computer device manager also detects nothing. So something has changed between the first nexux 5x and the ones. made now. I never used to get the 2 notification bars with the old one either., one with the usb options and one with the pen drive options . I also had to reformat the pen drive to make it appear on the new one even though I was using it to move files with the old one.

  • juanson

    As most of the posts I’ve read here. I spent long hours trying the same solution again and again. I did not paid attention to the “Kies” step indicated here because simply I didn’t had Kies installed on my Mac (El Cap 10.11.6)… well I was wrong. I actually had installed Kies a long time ago but then I removed it without the ‘uninstall’ tool. I downloaded the KiesMacSetup frmo this post and using the ‘uninstall’ tool, M-A-G-I-C-N-O-T: My AFT works again.

    p.s.: thanks Daniel for the dedication and posting this!

  • Ffbooty

    If you used Google account. You may sync and backup android phone data to google account. Or use one android assistant to backup android data to computer.

  • bg

    followed step 1.1 for marshmallow 6.0 on a Galaxy Note 4 and transfers are working again. Had to tap the build number 5x to turn on developer option.

  • jj

    hi, i have alcatel one touch idol 3, android lollipop. everything was fine until i recently installed a system update. now when i connect phone to pc it thinks phone is a cd drive and cant access anything

  • jj

    sorry forgot to mention, have tried the above but it didn’t work 🙁

  • Derek M

    I was doing OK until I unlocked and tried to get the file transfers option. Done everything unto then OK, but now I don’t have the USB as charging option now it says “usb connected as a media device” (basically it was just connecting as a camera before your tips) and “usb debugging connected”. Android file transfer app on my Mac keeps throwing up same message-COULD NOT CONNECT TO DEVICE.
    Nearly there but sorta stumped now.

  • Kit Marvin Espinosa

    i dont have 3dots in storage..

  • Sandi

    The only thing that made my android file transfer work again on my Mac was uninstalling sidesync (using the uninstall program in the install dmg).

  • Jenna

    This post did not help me!!!
    I have a Samsung S7, and I am using the fast-charge USB cord it came with, and still nothing!
    This is SO frustrating, because I was able to do a file transfer between my Mac and my old S6 just fine.

  • Kimberly D McRae

    Step 1.1 worked like a charm for my Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks!

  • Blessed Taku Paridzeni

    it worked, using sony z3

  • Sophie

    I just used Step 1.1 on my Galaxy S7. The options were not exactly the same as written here but it was easy enough to figure out based on these instructions. I had to enable photo transfer via USB to allow me to transfer photos to my MacBook.

  • Karl

    Thank you, step 1.1 worked for me (OnePlus x, android 6.0.1) and I can transfer files to my notebook again

  • Cmasld

    I get all the way past developer options and debug USB, but then there is no notification when I swipe like it says there will be so of course no option to be able to click USB for charging.

  • Cmasld

    Used to be simple, if you plugged the phone into the computer it recognized the USB with a little icon down by the time, you clicked it, imported pics, done, now al this bullshit

  • Isaac Rosario Duran

    My Android File Transfer was working very fine on my Mac until i install LGPCSuit, here started my problem.
    I uninstalled it and remove all .kext files located on /Library/Extensions but still without work, Can someone help me?

  • Judy Lea

    The above, complicated procedure actually worked! I just spent close to an hour talking to unhelpful Motorola Support agents and nothing helped. I was thinking I was going to have to pay my phone balance and go back to iPhone. But my files are actually transferring now! (I selected photo transfer). Thanks!!!!

  • One Day, Kaye

    Thank you, there WAS a conflict between Kies (now called Smart Switch Mac) and AFT. Fixed, I appreciate this!

  • Naveeduddin Mohammed

    my s6edge screen does not work. I unlock my phone using samsung account findmy phone option but samsung kies still says my phone is locked and display “The conneted devide is locked please enter password on the connected device” but there is no lock on phone after unlocking via samsung account. please help

  • Saitama Zacko


  • Edward

    Thank you for your very helpful tuto to debug the USB connection via Developper mode.

  • sunil saini

    Hey Guys, this solution worked for me :::
    Solution – Install MTP USB Device driver
    Sometimes your Android phone isn’t recognized due to driver issues, so you might want to try updating your drivers. To do that, follow these steps:

    Press Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager from the menu.
    Locate your Android device, right click it and choose Update Driver Software.
    Click Browse my computer for driver software.
    Now click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
    From the list choose MTP USB Device and click Next.
    After the driver has been installed, your Android device should be recognized.

  • celinelsl

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! J7 PRIME HERE, ANDROID 6.0.1 (marshmallow)

  • Just followed the instructions and didn’t get the dropdown. Used a known good cable that I have used for file transfers for my own 1st gen Nexus 7, and the cable that came with it.

    I’m familiar with the pulldown, I’ve seen it on a friend’s Samsung.

    The device is a 2nd Gen Nexus 7 with Android 6.0.1 installed. Enabled develope mode, went through the lock-connect-unlock process, and evem rebooted, no pulldown.

  • Steve Wexler

    You Fraggin ROCK!!! I spent all day trying to do what you just enabled me to do in 40 seconds. I knew I was close when the phone showed me the screen “USB for charging” when I tried to connect my new phone to my car, but where did you ever come across that tap-repeatedly-on-the-Build-Number trick?! Brilliant! THANKS!! FOR THOSE NOT SEEING THE THREE DOTS: It’s step 1.1, above, (Enable USB Debugging) that I’m talking about and that worked for me…Good Luck!

  • KenyaJolie

    Why not try iCloud?

  • Pratimaan Priyam

    I did the step 3 , but after debugging , I locked , joined USB , unlocked the phone , but there were no any notifications come??

  • Samarth Gupta

    step 1.1 worked for me on one plus 3t . thanks !!

  • Caitlin

    Please help! I used to be able to connect my S6 to my Macbook Pro Retina but now it only charges off of all my cables. I’ve checked the micro-usb port and it’s fine, doesn’t look damaged at all. I’ve been to several phone shops and they’ve said it’s a software problem. There are no software updates on my phone or computer and everything was fine 2 weeks ago when I added music to my phone. My phone is full, no space for anything and I’ve deleted everything that I possibly can. I desperately need to get photos and videos off of this phone.

    I’ve followed all of these steps, used to have Kies but uninstalled that ages ago and have been using Android File Transfer which is usually fine. Now I just get the “No Android device found” pop-up. We don’t have the Internet capacity to be able to use the wifi or any other signal transfers, I need to use the cable. I’ve tried Dropbox, it took nearly 30 minutes to add 4 photos. Google Drive was going to take 6 days to transfer the files and bluetooth and wifi direct didn’t work.

    I’ve called Samsung, but they’re useless, I’ve been to my mobile phone carrier’s store and they told me it was because I had the stay awake option on, changing that hasn’t made a single difference. I’ve restarted both the phone and the computer. Followed multiple online troubleshooting suggestions and am about to throw this phone out the window. My mom just got the S7 Edge and OF COURSE it comes with additional micro-SD storage – seems like the S6 is the only Samsung phone that doesn’t have the option for extra storage and it. is. killing. me! especially if it so hard to get the actual files off of it!

    Any suggestions/advice would be welcome. Thanks!

  • Jordan Guerrero Martinez

    Just got the google pixel and it has this same problem! None of the solutions above worked. I am going to now try the Air Droid!

  • AHQT

    So phone is on MTP, USB debug, latest program. Android file transfer does not work for me. Switched usb cables, restarted phone and mac. And always get this message on mac: Cannot connect to the device. Try reconnecting or restrating your device.
    Message on phone: connection device is unable to access data on this device. Reconnect usb and try again.

    Nothing works. I should have never switched my iphone for a goddam samsung.

  • Dan Spector

    I have a Moto-X 1st gen and a 2013 iMac. Lost the automatic photo download feature. I can do Media Device fine, but not Camera. I tried everything I think, 2 cables, re-re-loaded Android File Transfer, got Dropbox, which says I have too much in Gallery for free storage. I really need to get pictures from smartphone to desktop computer. Down to “You broke it.”

  • rolfsource

    Thanks Daniel, that did it for me!

  • Jaeraj Surve

    I am using Macbook Pro – Sierra and just bought a new pixel …. i am not able to transfer any file to pixel with android file transfer… its gives me attached error… pls help me https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15920a6072096fc7e88b9413e68c9b1056e7293448d9398d212154b7edd63643.png

  • Kamil

    Hey, I`ve done everything step by step on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and it would not work 🙁 Didn`t have kies installed but had SideSync installed somehow, so deactivated that, still nothing, it`s been an hour now battling with this, I`m slowly losing it.