holiday ecommerce mobile trends 2012

The holiday season is coming! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve… We will all buy presents for our friends and family. But did you know that 29% of holiday-shoppers already startet shopping in October?

Latest Holiday Mcommerce Trends

A recent LivePerson survey revealed some amazing stats about the way we will shop during the next few months. Besides seeing a big increase in online shopping we will discover that mobile shopping is also on the rise. These statistics are similar to the ones we saw in the Revolution of Mcommerce Infographic.

  1. 25% of respondents will use their mobile phone to make a purchase
  2. 50% think it is important for a business to have an app or a mobile-friendly website
  3. 65% of shoppers will use a tablet device as one of two primary shopping devices

 Latest Holiday Shopping Trends

 Have you already used your mobile phone to shop online? Leave your comments below!

Infographic courtesy of Liveperson