best android screen recorder

Ok ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk screen recording.

To record something on the screen of your Android device you won’t need to root it – all you need is a good screen recording app. There is one app in particular that I want to show you today.

Since I don’t usually do lots of recordings on my Android device, my personal preference in this case is a simple free app. An app that does exactly what it’s supposed to. And that’s screen recording.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder for Android is my go-to app. The quality is great! And the end result is all that matters.

A variety of settings will make sure that you will get the screen recording you want:

  1. Ways to stop the recording: screen off, timer, notification bar
  2. Screen resolution
  3. Bit-rate: from 2 to 15Mbps
  4. Screen orientation
  5. Audio recording
  6. Show or hide touches

The above mentioned settings are all free. However, where things get exciting, is the premium version of the app. For just $1,99 you will get access to the following features:

  1. Watermarking with your own logo!!!
  2. Record screen and video from your front-facing camera at the same time (video will appear in a small window)
  3. Countdown before start
  4. Draw on screen
  5. Trim your screen recordings
  6. Convert to GIF
  7. …the Magic button… a button that will pause/resume or stop your screen recording without showing up on your screen!

Check out the video below to see how the Magic button works:

Don’t use “Lollipop Screen Recorder”

Although it’s ranking #1 in the Google Play search results for the term “screen recording”, this app was one of the quickest uninstalls I have ever made.

Like many other reviewers in the Play Store, I had troubles stopping the recording. The only way I managed to stop it was to go to Settings > Apps > Running > Lollipop Screen Recorder and then press “Stop”. In addition, the lack of recording settings such as the bit rate and others was seriously disappointing.

Without going into more details – don’t use this app, even though it ranks high in the charts. I will make sure to update this section once the developer releases a stable version.


To record your Android screen, follow these steps:

  1. Download the AZ Screen Recorder app
  2. Adjust the settings to match your needs (high/low quality, etc)
  3. Press record and stop when you’re done
  4. The recording will be saved to your gallery

If you want to transfer your recording, I can recommend using Dropbox for larger files, or Pushbullet for smaller ones (much quicker option).