Android is a great open operating system that offers many benefits for both developers and end-users. Unlike with iOS apps, developers have more possibilities like persistent background services, event receivers and frequent alarm triggers.

These features can be great and sometimes offer a better user experience, but when abused they can also slow down your device and drain your battery. Especially when you have tons of apps installed, your Android phone or tablet can get a little bit slow.

Greenify is a free Android app that will increase your system performance and battery life. The app requires root, so make sure to first check out our Android rooting guide if your Android device does not have root yet.

What Does Greenify Do?

Greenify helps you to identify bad behaving apps and let’s you put them into a hibernated state. Doing this, the apps won’t be able to start background services or request data unless you start the app. A smaller amount of background services will run on your device which leads to better CPU and RAM usage. This results in improved system performance and battery life. Awesome, right?

How to Use Greenify

To select apps that should be “greenified”, simply launch the app, press “+” and choose the apps. Greenify will show you all the apps that are scheduled to run in the future as well as apps that will slow down your device. It’s not possible to greenify system apps with the free version of the app, but with the paid donation version.


With all the benefits Greenify offers, you have to make sure to choose apps wisely. If you greenify apps like alarm clocks or instant messengers, these won’t work as “intended” anymore. Your alarm clock won’t wake you up and you’ll not receive notifications if somebody sends you a message.

Greenify comes in a free and a $2.99 donation version. The donation version includes additional experimental features like greenifying (some) system apps and keeping notifications after hibernating an app. For most users the free version will be perfectly fine, but $2.99 is a fair price to pay for even better system performance and battery life.

Final Words

I’ve been using Greenify for the past few days and I really like it. I was not aware that some of my apps are constantly using CPU power just to check for things that I don’t need. Greenify definitely helped me to improve my Android experience.

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