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Do you remember when you scanned a QR code the last time?

I don’t – simply because most marketers place them at the most ridiculous places. Or they simply offer no added value to me as a customer. Toronto based start-up Qriket came up with the idea to offer money incentives for scanning QR codes.

The idea behind Qriket is quite simple: After downloading and installing the app from the App Store, users need to sign-up and are then able to scan QR codes whenever and wherever they find them. Doing this, the so-called Qriketers are able to win instant cash prices from $0.10 to $50.00.

The business is financed by companies hoping for more user engagement based on QR codes. This could either mean direct interaction after scanning the QR code or placing business relevant QR codes within or close to the point of sale.


Are QR codes still alive or already dead?

After the company was founded in December 2011 it has paid out over $550,000.00 to its users in the last months.  After spending a few minutes watching the live-ticker on the Qriket website, it seems like most cash prizes are around $0.10 and $0.20. Keeping in mind how many QR codes I see every day, I think Qriket users are able to make a few extra bucks on a daily basis. But I’m not sure if they really would want to spend time looking for QR codes and scanning every single one of them.

I personally don’t like the idea of “resurrecting” QR codes again, because I think that new technologies like NFC offer far more possibilities to create a great engagement experience with customers. What do you think? Would you begin to scan QR codes (again) in hope of winning the big prize?

Image courtesy of The C Factor Inc.

Philipp Greitsch

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