Viral Video Ads February 2013

We reached the end of February which means it’s time for our “Most Shared Viral Ads”-series. It looks like 2013 Super Bowl ads went pretty viral during the last 28 days. Enjoy watching & sharing the videos!

The most shared viral ad videos of the last 28 days:

#1 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales | 2,077,583 shares

#2 Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer” | 822,562 shares

#3 H&M Spring 2013 short film directed by Guy Ritchie | 718,847 shares

#4 What most schools don’t teach | 565,424 shares

#5 How It Feels [through Glass] | 488,137 shares

#6 GEICO Dikembe Mutombo Commercial | 247,633 shares

#7 Sweet Brown – Toothache? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! | 243,403 shares

#8 Jeep® “Whole Again” SUPER BOWL OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL | 199,784 shares

#9 NIVEA Deo: Stresstest | 189,474 shares

#10 Heineken – The Candidate | 189,331 shares

#11 Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | 182,744 shares

#12 Miracle Stain – Tide Big Game Commercial | 172,760 shares

#13 God of War: Ascension “From Ashes” Super Bowl 2013 | 169,987 shares

#14 “Viva Young” | 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial | 152,367 shares


If you are into math and statistics, make sure to check out Viral Video Charts for detailed numbers.

If you know a video that hasn’t been shared that much yet but deserves to be mentioned, share a link in the comments!

The next “Most Shared Viral Ads Of The Month” post will come out at the beginning of April.

Philipp Greitsch
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