google analytics

How Google Analytics’ New Remarketing Feature Brings Back Lost Site Visitors

If you don't have an ad block plugin installed, then you should be very familiar with banner ads. They basically throw products and services “in your face”. More and more times, these ads serve content that is very familiar...
gopro hero 3 video screenshot

The New GoPro HERO3 Is Coming Out Soon

For every hobby producer, sport or adventure freak, the GoPro cameras are on the top of their wish lists! Hands down, they capture awesome footage! GoPro has now announced their new camera model - the GoPro Hero 3. It is...
who is more social android ios

iOS vs. Android: Who Is More Social? (Infographic)

Let's face it. We all spend a lot of our time on social networks: sharing, browsing, posting and discovering great content. And if you have a smartphone you will very likely use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other "social" apps...
online reputation

How To Improve Your Personal Online Reputation On Google – The Complete Guide

Doing extensive SEO work is a vital business pillar for companies in order to get visitors to their site and improve conversions. However, not only company websites can benefit from SEO but also you as a person. A lot...
#Mom App

Foursquare App Let’s #mom Know You Reached Your Destination Safely

The Foursquare app #mom automatically informs your mom (or somebody else) that reached your destination safely by simply adding the #mom to your Foursquare check-in. Pretty cool!
iPhone takest the lead in email client market share

iPhone Takes the Lead in Email Client Market Share (Infographic)

Mobile is slowly taking over – not only might websites loose consumers when not having a mobile-friendly website, but according to a recent study emails are opened more on mobile devices than on desktops nowadays. The email-testing and -analytics...
instagram marketing tool

Here Is A New Tool For Companies To Launch Instagram Campaigns

Instagram has become a part of the daily lives of many people. With over 100 million users, Instagram is used not only by "hipsters" anymore. Many brands are only starting to realise the marketing potential of Instagram. Now, brands can...
quality of a link

SEO Quality Factors Of A Link (Infographic)

SEO consists mostly of onpage and offpage optimization. Onpage can mean a lot of different work tasks: content optimization, anchor tags, alt tags, keyword density, you name it. When talking about offpage, the big player is definitely linkbuilding! Linkbuilding...
Native Facebook Android app coming soon

Native Facebook Android App has entered final testing stage

Good news for Android users: According to Engadget, Facebook might release a native application for Android devices soon. A source “embedded deep inside the Social Network” claims the app just entered the final testing phase. The current Android version...
what is near match

How to Leverage Google’s New Adwords Matching Behaviour

Just a few months ago (April 2012) Google announced it’s new matching behaviour for Phrase Match and Exact Match - Near Match. Google’s official blog post describes the changes quite detailed, but somehow this topic still causes some confusion...