Well, I suppose you didn’t come here just out fo curiosity. Most probably, you’re desperately trying to connect to your GoPro’s WiFi network to check your footage or stream the “live feed” of your camera. I was in the exact same situation days ago. Some friends wanted to see how the video that my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition was currently filming looks like. I said “sure, no problem we can see the video stream right on my phone”. Problem was, for some reason the GoPro’s WiFi login wasn’t saved on my phone anymore and I couldn’t remember its password. So, after two minutes my friends lost their interest and I gave up.

After checking the official guide to reset the WiFi password on  the GoPro’s website, I was a little disappointed, because it involved quite a few steps. So I searched a little longer and, luckily, found a quicker way to do it. Since this procedure isn’t the “official” way and wasn’t so easy to find, I want to share it here, so you can get back faster to the important thing – shooting cool stuff with your GoPro!

Resetting the WiFi password on a GoPro 4

If you own the 4th generation of the GoPro, then you’re lucky. Resetting the WiFi password can be done via the camera’s menu. All you need to do is go to your camera’s settings, select “RESET CAM” and then “RESET WI-FI”. That’s it!

Now you can pair your phone through the GoPro app with your camera the same way as you did it the first time.

How to reset the password on a GoPro 3 (all models including 3+)

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy with the 3rd generation and 3+ models. However, it doesn’t take longer than a minute or two. All you need is your GoPro with the microSD card inserted and the cable to connect it to your computer.

Okay, here’s what to do:

  1. Connect your GoPro to your computer. (Alternatively, you can also just insert your microSD card using an SD card adapter)
  2. Download the correct file from the list below
  3. Extract the zipped folder
  4. Copy the contents of the folder and paste its content to the root folder of your GoPro’s microSD card.
    • Hero 3+: Paste the whole “UPDATE” folder to your GoPro’s root folder. The files must be in a folder with the name “UPDATE”, otherwise it won’t work.
    • Hero 3: Paste only the files, not the folder, to the root directory of your GoPro.
  5. Unplug your GoPro. It should automatically turn off.
  6. Turn it back on. Your GoPro should display now that it’s updating. Once it’s done it will turn off again.
  7. You can turn it back on now and connect to its WiFi network with your device using the default login:
    • Network name (SSID): GoProHero
    • Network password: goprohero

In case you want to directly have a different SSID and password, you can change that by editing two lines in the “settings.in” file:


Alright, I hope you managed to connect to your GoPro successfully. Now get back to it and shoot some great stuff!

Marc Knoll
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