quality of a link

SEO consists mostly of onpage and offpage optimization. Onpage can mean a lot of different work tasks: content optimization, anchor tags, alt tags, keyword density, you name it. When talking about offpage, the big player is definitely linkbuilding! Linkbuilding can help a website a lot more in ranking than just onpage work. But, a link can give you a lot of “link juice” (increase in trust that Google puts in a site), or even hurt your page if it comes from a spammy website.

The quality of a link depends on several factors:

  • Strength of the link
  • The qualitiy of the site the link comes from
  • How relevant the site is compared to yours
The people at Orange Line conducted a survey and came up with a very neat infographic that we want to share with you guys!


”OrangeLink Evaluation Survey 2012 infographic By Orange Line SEO

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