YouTube Red Chromecast

A week ago, many YouTube Red subscribers started receiving “Thank You” emails from Google. The mail also stated about a free gift for the subscribers as a token of appreciation. It turns out that the “thank you gift” is a free Google Chromecast for all the users. So, all the YouTube subscribers out there, keep an eye on your emails if you want a free Chromcast.

Specifically for YouTube Red subscribers

As per our sources, thank you gift is not a selective giveaway by Google. The gift is being distributed to everyone who signed up for the YouTube Red service. The offer is only valid for the YouTube Red subscribers, not for Google Play Music or any other service provided by Google. Even though when you sign up for Google’s Play Music, the YouTube Red comes as a part of the package, however, that’s just a complementary add-on. It does not mean that you have specifically signed up for the service. The free gift offer is for the ones who specifically signed up for Red.

It sure seems pretty biased to give free gifts for the specific subscribers and not the ones with Google Play Music subscription. But that’s the only valid reason that we could think of. So, all the YouTube subscribers, keep a close eye on your emails. The gift is redeemable till June 19.


Zara Ali
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