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 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With A 3D Printer

10 Awesome Things You Can Do With A 3D Printer

3D Printers have been around for quite some time. But just recently, the 3D printing technology got much more accessible for the mass market and is, therefore, creating a huge buzz. 3D printers are getting smaller and cheaper, and creative 3D-printed products hit online stores.

You can basically get your own professional 3D printer for a bit more than a thousand dollars already. For example, the Cube home printer from Cubify is available for $1299. Prices for more professional printers, such as the Replica 2 from Makerbot, usually start at $2000. Makerbot will soon offer a 3D scanner, which makes it possible to scan physical objects and replicate them using a 3D printer.

3D printers are perfect for hobby inventors, tinkerer or designers. They can be used to create custom components, prototypes and design objects. However, you can get much more creative and print awesome 3D objects. Below you can see 10 great things, which can be created with a 3D printer:

10 Amazing Objects That Can Be Made With A 3D Printer

1. Car Replicas

If you always wanted an expensive car but you only were able to afford a smaller replica of it, just print one in a decent size like this 1:3 scale 1960 Aston Martin DB5. This one was actually used in the James Bond movie Skyfall to get blown up.

3d printed car model aston martin

2. Working guns

3D printed guns could be printed for a while now, but they broke very easily after firing some bullets. Today, it is possible to print fully working guns, even semi-automatic rifles. In fact, Defense Distributed, a platform for open-sourced 3D-printable guns, just obtained a federal license manufacture and sell 3D-printed firearms.

3d printed gun

3. 3D-printed guitar

Scott Summit, co-founder of Bespoke Innovations, printed a fully working acoustic guitar. It’s body consists out of plastic and even the metallic soundhole cover was created by a 3D printer.

3d printed guitar

4. 3D fetus

Many families have lots of pictures or even plaster casts of the feet or hands of their newborn. What about getting a 3D-printed model of your unborn baby? A japanese company offers 3D prints of your foetus for about $1275.

3d printed foetus

5. Design lamps

Lamps can be pretty basic objects. But with a little bit of creativity you can get awesome custom lamp designs for your home.

3d printed lamps

6. A whole house

Mostly, 3D-printed objects have a relatively small size. Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars wants to take 3D printing to the next level. He is planning to print a whole house by 2014. It will be a two-story building with a single-flowing design.

3d printed house

7. 3D printer

In many sci-fi movies, robots are taking over the world by creating their own robot army. So why not beat them to it and manufacture a 3D printer army from your own home. You can basically print another 3D printer except the electrical parts, obviously, or print replacement parts.


8. A real car

Why not 3D-print a whole car frame? The Urbee car is a lightweight car with such a printed car frame. According to its designers, it weighs 545 kg (1201 lbs) and is as safe as a Le Mans racing car.

3d printed car urbee

9. Clothing

3D printers can be used to make sustainable fabrics, which could change the textile industry. By using a person’s body data, perfect fitting clothing could be created.

“Instead of producing textiles by the meter, then cutting and sewing them into final products, this concept has the ability to make needle and thread obsolete”  –  Jiri Evenhuis, designer

3d printed clothing

10. Prosthetics

3D-printing technology can be used perfectly in the medical field by creating prosthetics and implants. In fact, in 2012, a 83-year old woman with a lower jaw infection received a fully 3D-printed titanium jaw implant. This example shows how far 3D printing has come and that it can be applied perfectly for surgery.

3d printed jaw

There are tons of other cool and creative uses for 3D printers. Just use your imagination. One thing is clear: 3D printing has a bright future and will disrupt some industries. I am very curious how fast this will happen. Also I would like to know more great uses for 3D printers. Please help me with more awesome ideas in the comments below!

Marc Knoll

Marc Knoll

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Wow this totally blew me away! That house!

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Marc Knollsays:

Yes, I hardly believe it myself. Cannot wait to see pictures of the house once it is built.


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