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 10 Best Android Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

10 Best Android Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Did you know that the Google Play Store has over two million apps? With so many to choose from, it can be hard finding the best Android apps for your device. While there are plenty of top 10 lists and “featured” apps on the Play Store itself, many apps don’t get the attention that they deserve.

Phone Warrior

If you receive a lot of calls from telemarketers, Phone Warrior may just be your new best friend. Thanks to an ever-expanding database, this app can give you more information about a caller, helping you determine whether or not to answer the phone. It shares information about texters, too.

According to Phone Warrior, nearly 350 million spam calls and texts have been blocked with the app. Once you’ve blocked a caller or a number, you’ll no longer be bothered with them again.

Unified Remote

Unified’s elevator pitch is pretty straightforward: Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control. Working with over 70 programs across all major operating systems, here are some of the things you can do:

While Unified Remote is free, paying $4.49 gives you access to all the premium features.


Learning a new language isn’t easy, but Duolingo does a fantastic job of making it simpler. Created by Luis von Ahn who is responsible for CAPTCHA, what makes it different is how it turns learning a new language into a game.

The app is completely free, and here are the languages currently available to learn:


Despite technology getting more powerful and cheaper every day, graphing calculators still cost about the same. Oddly named, Wabbitemu recreates the experience of several different models of Texas Instruments graphing calculators.

Google Opinion Rewards

Do you like free apps, movies, music, and more? Google Opinion Rewards makes it possible to earn Google Play credit by answering simple, quick surveys. It’s a brilliant way for Google to get valuable information while offering a nice incentive for the survey taker. You shouldn’t expect to make a killing, but hey, every little bit counts.

Wifi Analyzer

Don’t let the ancient design from the early days of Android scare you. Wifi Analyzer does exactly what you’d expect, and most importantly, shows you the channels nearby Wi-Fi routers are using. This can be very useful in explaining why your connection consistently goes out. With multiple routers using the same channels, it can make your connection a little wonky.

Podcast Addict

Podcasts are all the rage these days, and by far one the best android apps when it comes to listening to your favorite podcasts, is Podcast Addict. With over five million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, it’s easy to see why this app is a fan favorite.

You can quickly find and subscribe to your favorite podcasts, and the “Discover” tab helps to keep you in the loop of shows you might want to check out. Podcast Addict is free, but if you want to remove the banner ads, it’ll cost you a few bucks.


Wakie started as “the social alarm clock” where instead of getting woken up by your alarm, you’d receive a call from a random stranger. It was an interesting concept, and the creators turned that original concept on its head by turning it into a social network.

Users can discuss a wide range of topics and then hop on a phone call with like-minded people around that topic. No private information is exchanged, and users are rated by the community, whichs helps weed out the bad eggs.

Google Fit

Wearables like the Fitbit are great for helping you hit your fitness goals, but they’re not absolutely necessary if you want to be more conscious of your physical activity. Google Fit utilizes the hardware already in your phone to keep track of your steps, and the distance you travel.

Although it’s not 100% accurate, this free app does a pretty good job. You can also set daily activity goals, and if you ride a bike, it can track that, too.


You’ve had a great get together with friends and it happens: the waiter drops off the check. Splitting the bill can be a pain, but Tab makes it super simple. By taking a picture of your receipt, Tab does all the math for you, and you can select which things each person ordered.

Going further, if your friends have the app, you can invite them to the bill to help organize it, and they can pay you directly through Venmo.

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What are the best android apps in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

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