You have probably already heard about the web automation service IFTTT. In case you haven’t:

 “IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: If This Then That.”  IFTTT

With just a few simple steps you can “Put the internet to work for you”. You can currently choose from 59 different Channels, which you can all automate. How to set-up an automated task:

how to create ifttt recipe

  1. Choose the Channel, which you want to trigger somethingselect channel
  2.  Choose the Triggerchoose trigger
  3. Select the Channel, which you want to so something when the trigger fireschannel action
  4. Choose an Action from a given list
  5. Press “Create

It’s simple as that.

Top 10 IFTTT Recipes to Increase Productivity

When we work we use many different programs and channels. We have our email, note taking apps, RSS feeds and other services, which we need to be productive. Here is a list of 10 IFTTT recipes that might help you to do your work faster and be more efficient.

  1. Send Voicemail as an mp3 to yourself
  2. Email Me “10 Things To Know This Morning”
  3. Save Incoming Receipts from Gmail to a Google Drive Spreadsheet
  4. Send weather updates to Gmail
  5. Save Email Attachments to Dropbox
  6. Save Lifehacker’s Productivity Posts to Pocket
  7. Sync Readability with Instapaper
  8. Download Any File from Gmail to Dropbox
  9. Add Google Calendar Event via SMS
  10. Sync Dropbox to SkyDrive