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 10 Most Pointless Websites On The Internet… Like Really…

10 Most Pointless Websites On The Internet… Like Really…

The internet is huge. As a matter of fact, “the Indexed Web contains at least 4.7 billion pages“. And as you all know there are so many amazing and helpful sites out there, which help us every day to do our work, communicate with friends and do many other things.

Surely, out of almost 5 billion pages, not every single one can have a point. So let’s look at the most pointless websites on the web!


“Your only limit is yourself. Welcome to”

Don’t forget to turn on your speakers. Awesomeness guaranteed.

9. Heeeeeeeey

Probably the most e’s in a domain name.

8. DucksAreTheBest (Site taken down)

If you love ducks – you will love this one.

7. ImaNinja

Proves that ninjas are invisible.

6. PointerPointer

Like to manipulate people? Make them point where you want them to point!

5. Chicken On A Raft (Site taken down)

Title sais it all…

4. Patience Is A Virtue

So you think that you are a patient person? Check this out.

3. The Last Page of the Internet

Challenge: call somebody and ask them to visit this website.

2. Eel Slap

Imagine that you are an eel. An eel that wants to slap somebody. This site is for you.

1. Cat Bounce

I know… the internet loves cats. But there is really no (!!!) reason why this site should exist.

What is the most pointless website you have ever seen? Share it in the comments!

Cleo Hall

Cleo Hall

Cleo Hall is a tech writer for, sharing informative articles on the latest tech trends and advancements. With a passion for technology, he aims to educate and inspire others.
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http://dataofbirth is a great timewaster as well!

Like YOYOsays:

Hey! we’re sure you’ll love YOYO ==>

Make your own YOYO! 🙂

this is pointless what is wrong with you people get a life!!!



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