I think that I don’t need to tell you that Social Media is ruling business nowadays. It is more than obvious: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are growing every second and there is no foreseeable end to it.

Social Media is a great way to start a conversation with your customers, help them when they need and, most importantly, it’s something that can add value. More and more people are connecting with brands via Social Media to communicate with them and ask questions when they want something to know about your brand. That’s a well-known fact.

So why do some businesses still don’t use the opportunity to communicate with their customers online?

Why use Social Media for Business?

During the last few days I have found some interesting figures, which are essential in order to understand the opportunities of Social Media for businesses. I think that every entrepreneur and marketer should know the following facts and figures by heart.

Facebook & Twitter Reach

  1. The average number of Facebook friends a person has – 250 (Source)
  2. The average number of Twitter followers a person has – 208 (Source)

Just think about it: a single Facebook update can reach your fans and their friends. Same goes for Twitter. With a single status update or tweet you can easily reach more than 50.000 people(on average)!

Social Media vs. TV

  1. 67% use tablets, smartphones or laptops while watching TV (Source)
  2. 62% of people use social media while watching video or TV – an 18% increase from 2011 
  3. 26% discuss things they currently watch on a weekly basis 
  4. More than 30% are likely to pay for content watched in a social context (Source)

If you are running ads on TV or online video make sure to tell your viewers how to find you on Social Media platforms. They are already sitting there with Facebook open in their browser and Twitter in a second tab! Don’t pass on the opportunity to engage with your customers while they are available.

Facebook for B2B & B2C

  1. 77% of B2C companies acquired customers from Facebook
  2. 43% of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook (Source)

There are some people who think that B2B companies shouldn’t waste time trying to get customers from Facebook – because “it’s not the right audience”. But 43% of B2B companies did.

Engage with Your Customers

  1. 80% prefer to connect with brands through Facebook (Source)
  2. 56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored (Source)

You see, there is a need for online engagement with brands through Social Media. But most companies simply ignore their customers online! They hide customer support phone numbers on their websites, ignore tweets and make it as hard as possible to get in contact with a real person.

If you are able to close the gap between those who want to engage with brands and those who are being ignored by them – you will get yourself more (happy) customers.

  1. More than 80% of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) plan to increase their Social Media presence in 2013 (Source)

You really have to start increasing your Social Media presence and start building relationships with your customers now. Because if you don’t – there will be somebody else who will. And once a relationship is already established, it’s very difficult to change the customers’ minds.


A great Social Media presence is a must for every business. Doesn’t matter how big or small yours is. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start building relationships with your customers through Social Media today. Because they want it too.

What do you think is important when talking to your customers on Social Media? Please share your thoughts in the comments!