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11 Interesting Uses for a Tablet

Interesting Uses for a Tablet

This article is a guest post by Calvin Sellers, a freelance writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL. The author’s views are completely his own. They may or may not reflect trendblog’s point of view. Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe

Tablets seem to be king of the gadget world these days. They are also being utilised in some unique ways. Here are eleven interesting uses for a tablet to help you make the most of your tablet experience!

1. Entertainment Remote

Seek out table remote apps from your favourite app store. One such app, Tablet Remote by Tournesol allows you to use your tablet as a TV, DVD or sound system remote. Many apps can also turn your tablet into a gaming remote so you can skip those bulky remotes and use the touchscreen to play your favourite games.

2. Kitchen Counter Recipe Holder

With a tablet you can skip those recipe book holders and instead let the tablet show you the directions to a taste-bud tempting meal. You can connect via wireless Internet or through 3G or 4G mobile connectivity, making it simple to clearly see your recipe directions.

For those who enjoy watching step-by-step meal preparation, tablets offer video viewing as well. Have a favourite recipe website or food network show? With a tablet there are no limits to culinary education and recipe ideas.

3. VoIP Calling

Many tablets today are available with front-facing cameras. This allows users to chat with friends far (or near) by using VoIP services like Skype or Google Hangouts. Never miss a birthday, anniversary, or congratulating a niece or nephew on a new baby addition.

Tablet VoIP calling also aids in conference rooms for meetings or to connect with a global team easily and affordably. Online calling is much cheaper than long distance calling and with VoIP you can stay connected for free or via affordable calling plans.

4. Presentation Creator/Editor

Gone are the days of big binders full of your latest presentation. With tablets, you can create PowerPoint presentations and even connect your tablet to a larger screen if necessary.

For smaller, one-on-one presentations or demonstrations, the tablet is ideal, easy to see and engages participants.

In addition, using tablets for boardroom presentations ensures you never have to worry about having enough copies of the presentation — your tablet makes it easy for everyone to see.

5. Distraction for Children

If you have children that are bored on long road trips, the best tablet PC for you is one with 3G or 4G connectivity — especially with an unlimited data plan. Tablets come with the ability to watch movies, TV shows, and play video games. That means hours of fun engagement for kids in the car on long trips, and hours of data depleting apps.

6. Research Tool

Much like smartphones, today’s tablets are compatible with the apps we love to help us be as productive as we can be. Never forget anything with the Evernote app. Take notes, share documents, organise photos, and interact with social media friends.

Download reference guides like a thesaurus or dictionary for quick word ideas or spelling. Find apps that allow you to:

The uses for the tablet when it comes to being more productive are endless. In addition, the size of tablets makes it easy to do these things on the go and just about anywhere.

7. Management Tool

If you’re in charge of a sales staff, with a tablet you can set goals, inform the team of monthly discounts, and keep track of customers and day-to-day or year-to-date sales.

Send reminders to teams on new sales pitches. Send new product specification sheets with ease so your team is always ready. Close deals faster by taking advantage of e-signature documents where clients sign and return in a snap. The best part of managing a sales team with a tablet is you can do it from anywhere, not just the office.

8. Personal Shopping Assistant

It’s easier to browse your favourite online stores with the screen sizes available on tablets. Although the 10.1-inch screen is most popular, some tablets have screens as large as 13-inches. Put the smaller smartphone screen to the side and shop and purchase to your heart’s content without ever leaving your home or office.

Compare products easily by reading website reviews and expert recommendations. Find and compare prices based on product. Or, find that one product or toy instantly and what store you need to visit to buy it. Reserve the product in advance or find fast directions to a retail store quickly.

9. Personal Travel Agent

Ready for a summer trip to France and want to plan your entire trip? With a tablet, holiday planning just got easier. Compare airlines or train prices and book tickets. Find the best hotels based on ratings or price. Locate the most desired attractions to make sure you have activities for everyone on the trip.

Download a GPS app to help you easily find your destinations. Make an itinerary for each day and email it to everyone in the group.

10. Family Medical Tracker

From newborns to your spouse or partner, keep track of medical history by entering vaccinations, medical conditions, prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications.

Set up physician appointments and send reminders. Keeping your family’s medical histories all in one place is very helpful, especially when it’s time to see a specialist or if you need hospital care.

11. Home Design Tool

Connect with places like Houzz and browse over 1.5 million photos of home design ideas from experts in the interior decorating industry.

You can browse by room or design type — modern, art deco, antique, etc. Choose paint colours and save your colour schemes. Find the perfect shades, blinds or window coverings. Design the bathroom of your dream including that spa you’ve always wanted.

And, with all your designs saved, you can also start a budget on your tablet to help you save for each room’s design.

There are many things one can do with a tablet and these eleven ideas just scratch the surface, especially with all the options and features today’s tablets are loaded with.

Cover Image courtesy of tribehut via Flickr

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