120fps GeForce Now cloud gaming comes to all compatible Android phones

120fps GeForce. Now, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, can stream 120fps games to all Android phones with high refresh rate displays, rather than just a few pre-approved models. Nvidia spokesperson Stephenie Ngo confirmed to The Verge that the rollout will begin this week, as reported last month.

Having the ability to play at 120 frames per second instead of the previous 60 frames per second limit on many devices should make games run more smoothly and responsively. If you have an Android phone with a high-definition display, you can now stream at 120 frames-per-second. This was previously only available on a small number of devices from Samsung and Google. You’ll have to shell out $20 a month for Nvidia’s top-of-the-line RTX 3080 card to get the highest refresh rate possible. A frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps) is the top priority tier, which costs $10 a month.

Evga Geforce RTX 3080 ti xc3 ultra gaming


Using Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, you can play games purchased from Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect / Uplay on Nvidia’s servers and stream them to your computer or mobile device. In addition to Android, you can also play games on iOS, Windows, Mac, select LG TVs, and the Nvidia Shield TV set-top box, among other options. Streaming specifications, such as the resolutions that can be streamed, differ between devices.

This is unfortunate because cloud gaming’s primary benefit is that you can play games on a variety of devices from any location, regardless of their capabilities. Now that Nvidia’s 4K streaming is available on Mac and Windows for the first time, as well as 120fps gaming on Android, the full promise of Nvidia’s cloud gaming is beginning to materialise.

120fps streaming will be coming to iPhone

 For iOS, Nvidia is forced to use a web app because of Apple’s App Store policies, which makes development more difficult than it would be on other platforms where Nvidia can offer native clients.

Over the next few weeks, Nvidia is introducing a new in-game reward for Fortnite players who use its cloud gaming service to play the game over the next few weeks (until August 4th). A special “Dish-stroyer Pickaxe” for GeForce Now members who play during this time period will be delivered on August 11th.


A high-tier subscription to Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud streaming service enables 1440p at 120FPS, “click-to pixel” latency of 56 milliseconds, and enhanced performance. Players are also given 8-hour session times. The RTX 3080 tier costs $24.99 per month in Canada. Alternatively, a six-month subscription for $129.99 is available.

Players can access games from Nvidia’s catalogue, as well as a selection of games from Steam, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect, through the GeForce Now service. Additionally, the cloud streaming service is available on iOS, Mac, and select LG smart TVs, in addition to Android.

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Q1: What is the GeForce used for?

Video recording, screen capture, broadcasting, and cooperative gameplay are all made possible through the in-game overlay GeForce Experience.

Q2: Is Geforce free?

Start playing for free right now by signing up for GeForce NOW. It’s also possible to upgrade your membership in order to get faster and more uninterrupted access to our cloud gaming servers.


Q3: Is it a good idea to remove GeForce from my computer?

To remove GeForce Experience, you don’t need to do anything else, and there is no need to prepare anything before you do so. Removing your drivers is not recommended at all.

Q4: Are RTX and GeForce the same thing?

A GeForce variant called RTX stands for Ray Tracing Texel Extreme. The video looked even better thanks to the RTX cards’ support for real-time ray tracing.

Q5: Is GeForce expensive or cheap?

You can use Nvidia’s free basic tier for one hour a day, but it only works with entry-level hardware. The Priority tier costs $49.99 for a period of six months. With this, you’ll be able to play for up to six hours longer sessions and benefit from RTX 2080-level hardware.

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