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 3 App Store Optimization Tips To Get Your App Found

3 App Store Optimization Tips To Get Your App Found

Apple’s App Store just hit 40 billion (yes, that’s 40,000,000,000) unique downloads out of its 775,000 total apps a few days ago. Google’s Play is growing even faster and is expected to hit 1.000.000 apps during summer 2013.

So what can app marketers and developers do to be found in this gigantic ocean of apps? Of course, there are always paid display ad campaigns, reviews on websites or the app store rankings, but let’s be honest here: Before you start investing money in paid mobile app marketing, you need to make sure that your app is optimized to be found in the app stores. Keep on reading to get the latest tips in App Store Optimisation (ASO). If you are a more visual person, you can also have a look at our App Store Optimization Infographic.

First Impressions Do Matter

Although many people wouldn’t agree on that, I believe that first impressions do matter. A person can have the best personality in the world, but if your instinct says that you rather shouldn’t talk to a person, you will never get to know this personality.

The same applies to apps. You can always find gems on the app stores, but who has the time to check 10 different apps to find the best one? Make sure that your app and app store page include:

  • Enticing icon that fits the app
  • High-quality screenshots that show important features
  • Proper descriptions about the app’s features in all necessary languages

iOS app icons png

Give Your App A Memorable And Great Name

Nobody will remember (and find) your app if it has a name that is too complicated or sounds unnatural. Try to find a memorable and cool name, include the app’s features in the name – just get creative. And if you can’t seem to come up with a creative name, just call it what it is – it worked perfectly fine for GoodReader or Camera+.

Include Relevant Keywords

Keywords are a key element to App Store Optimization – So make sure to research keywords relevant to your app. This can help you with two things:

  • You learn more about your future customer and what they expect from your app
  • You can see the features of competitive apps and are able to focus on your strengths and your competitors weaknesses

Don’t try to stuff your app description with high-traffic keywords: Apple and Google will make sure to demote you for having a lack of search relevancy.

Having well app store optimized apps can give you a big advantage over your competitors. ASO is great and important, but should only be one part of your mobile app marketing mix. Boost campaigns, paid display ads, a proper social media strategy as well as website based reviews are equally important and should not be forgotten. If you’re interested in learning more about paid mobile advertisements, make sure to check out our guide on mobile advertising networks.

Cleo Hall

Cleo Hall

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