5 Best Plagiarism Checking Apps to use on a smartphone

Are you confused about picking the best plagiarism checker app? Then you are almost there.

You need to know what to focus on and what to ignore while you are selecting an app or anything.

First of all, make it clear that your rankings are important and you should care about them.

Try not to lie to your spectators by stealing someone’s technique and emotions, you may lose your credibility as well.

So, let’s get straight to the plagiarism checking app that can be accessed on android as well as on iOS.

1. Plagiarism checker by PrepostSeo

Using authentic tools always pays you off and it can also save you from many scams so, go for the best plagiarism checker app.

If your preference is a user-friendly interface with the most advanced features so, you can surely go for this app.

As soon as you step into this app, you can see an input box.

  • You can also scan an image to get your results. We can say that this feature is rare in plagiarism checkers so, go ahead.
  • The most important thing is you will get 100 percent accurate results and your content will remain secure.
  • Security is the priority.

Are you want to check the plagiarism of a pdf? No problem at all. We have multiple file formats in which you can check your plagiarism.

  • Then it comes to the output, it is clearly shown by dividing unique and plagiarized content with a help of percentage.

The good thing is you will get a detailed report at the end and you easily download that report.

  • Paid versions are secure and full of advanced features that may not be present in the free versions.


2. Skandy (iOS and android)

If you want a flexible app that can run on an android phone as well as on an iOS device then this app must be suitable.

This app has both the paid and the free versions available so, the choice is yours.

  • You can easily paste copied content to check the plagiarism
  • We have seen a feature of uploading a picture and get the plagiarized report of that picture
  • This app is as smart as it gets the text retrieved from the image
  • Checking plagiarism by the URL is a good option and we do have in this app
  • We have some additional features like converting images to text.

3. Plagiarism checker by Maksim Gusev

If you are an android user then this app is for you because this is only available on the google play store.

  • It is not much efficient
  • All you need is to paste the copied content into the input field
  • This app will show the uniqueness of your content in the report
  • It also shows up the plagiarized percentage
  • You can use this app without any registration

4. Plagly

You must give a try to this app if you are a writer, student, or blogger. This is one of the finest applications to check the plagiarism in your content.

  • The output will be completely accurate
  • It compares your content with the help of 20 billion sources
  • The most important thing is anyone can trust this app

The last thing you can do is remove the plagiarism because as soon as you get the plagiarized lines highlighted, you can easily change them.

5. Kavach

If we talk about the advanced features then we can say that this app is using the latest and advanced algorithm to find the percentage of plagiarism.

  • It follows the algorithm of line-by-line check which assures the accuracy
  • Citations are not considered plagiarized
  • We have a latent semantic SMS algorithm used in this application

Bottom line

There are hundreds of apps that are performing the same task of checking plagiarism in your content but the question is why we prioritized some of the apps?

As we mentioned above that accuracy and security must be our first choice so, it can be difficult to trust every app.

We need to go through the reviews and ratings instead of risking our content to be paste on these apps or online tools.

If you are a beginner then this guide is surely for you and we concluded the top 5 apps which are free of cost. Go and install any of them.

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