The IT market has already almost fully recovered from the coronavirus crisis and is actively growing and increasing the pace of development in 2021. Experts expect at least 15% growth of the market as a whole this year. The demand for specialists is only increasing. Multidisciplinary specialists are in demand today.

The pandemic has greatly spurred entrepreneurs to move toward digitalization. Not only large companies and leaders, but even medium and small businesses have moved online. The IT recruiting process has also moved online. This further complicated the already difficult situation on the IT market.

There is an acute shortage of high-class specialists. It comes to the fact that they now set their own rates and choose among the many proposals. Professionals are needed in fintech, retail, online learning, industry, and many more. Large companies literally agree to pay them any money.

But at the same time, all companies are looking for generalists whose knowledge and skills are not limited to one framework and one programming language. That’s why HR managers pay special attention to recruiting and hiring developers.

The IT market is considered a particularly specific field for HR departments. It has several features that distinguish it from the standard fields of activity from the point of view of HR departments. Moreover, the principle of recruiters’ work with IT personnel reminds them of hiring on key single vacancies for companies.

One of these features is the elitism of IT professionals. According to Statista, in 2021 recruiters will struggle to source DevOps, Back-end developer and Full-stack developer. In today’s world, more often than not, it is not the company that chooses an IT professional, but he decides for himself whether he is ready to devote a few years of his life to a new project. This gives rise to a special attitude towards recruiting in IT. There is no right to make a mistake, but standard tools almost never work. That is why many companies prefer to outsource this specific function to more advanced and technically savvy recruiters with deep knowledge of the psychology of IT professionals

There are two types of IT recruitment: in-house and outsourcing

In-house recruiting

The specifics of the work of product companies is that the company develops from one to several own products. The advantage of the product is that the whole team works for one result, each team member has the opportunity to influence the product, the team is a family (for small companies).

Features of recruiting in product companies:

  • A recruiter knows the product and can easily sell it to the candidate;
  • Jobs are easier to describe, candidates from similar technical areas;
  • The popularity of product companies is increasing, the candidate often gives them a preference;
  • The recruiter is in touch with the customer and receives feedback immediately.

Recruiting in Outsourcing Companies:

Outsourcing is the standard model for IT companies that perform services for customers around the world. Outsourcing companies carry out work to order, the teams are in one office and work on projects, there are many projects, and it is possible to work on different projects, fulfilling partially the tasks for them.

Features of IT recruitment outsourcing:

  • A large number of vacancies;
  • A lot of similar vacancies;
  • A large choice of technologies;
  • The high tempo of recruiter’s work;
  • The customer is the management of the company.

When it comes to recruiting, outsourcing helps a company rethink the way it looks at hiring candidates and reach its business goals faster.

Why outsource recruiting

A company needs to streamline its HR processes

Companies can’t afford to operate without a recruitment plan, otherwise, it will be difficult to meet long-term workforce needs. Fortunately, strategic workforce planning is a task that outsourcing can handle. It will develop a recruiting strategy to meet business goals.

The company can’t meet the current needs for highly skilled workers

Unemployment may be high, but when it comes to top professionals, they dictate the market. Outsourced recruiting will reach a pool of candidates that would normally be out of reach. This kind of contact has a lasting effect.

The company is entering the international market

That’s why recruiting has to reach it as well. These companies need the right local talent to succeed. International recruiting presents several obstacles: distance, culture, and language. Working with a recruiting partner who navigates the international market and knows the local specifics helps the company overcome these barriers when looking for candidates.

The company lacks tools and new technology for finding employees

Recruiting IT technologies are key to finding candidates. They can quickly identify and search for talent, engage “passive” candidates, reduce hiring time, and select employees with more relevant experience. However, many do not have access to these resources. By choosing an IT recruitment agency, the company gets additional IT tools. And there’s no need to spend money on licenses and salaries for competent employees.

The company needs to grow dramatically

Most organizations lack the internal resources needed to handle the large-scale recruiting of specialists. Outsourcing will be able to handle rapid scaling, providing cost savings as hiring needs change.

The company needs to cut costs

Outsourcing recruitment provides a cost-effective operation while offering candidates with more relevant experience and doing it faster. An outsourcing partner increases the number of employees and also helps retain current employees, reducing the costs that come with employee turnover.

The company doesn’t have time to focus on recruiting

Companies are forced to do more with less, and recruiting is no exception. When internal resources are limited, partnering with outside talent frees up the team to focus on core business goals.

CEOs need better HR metrics

CEOs know how important new hires are to the growth of the organization. They look for specialists who can assess the effectiveness of candidate recruitment strategies and adjust courses if necessary. Outsourced recruiters will work with company management to determine metrics that align with business goals and provide regular metrics on recruiting results.

The company needs to reduce legal risks

Lawsuits from employees are among the top litigation risks for companies. Outsourced recruiting can help with the use of experts, including employment law experts. They can help enforce local and federal labor regulations.

There is a need for recruiting best practices

By outsourcing recruiting, a company gains access to experienced people who know best HR practices and can integrate them into the business. This expertise improves the quality of the hiring process, reduces risk, reduces turnover, and ultimately gives the company a competitive advantage.

Recruitment is one of the main responsibilities of HR managers. The right choice can help increase productivity, profits, and employee morale.

The wrong choice usually results in a high turnover or a lack of employee competence. If you choose the wrong person, you will have to spend money again on recruiting new people. This can significantly increase costs for any organization. Developer recruiting is one of the most important things for a company, because the company’s work directly depends on developers

Here are five tips to help you make better recruiting choices:

Don’t set high expectations

Excessive requirements for the applicant often lead to negative consequences for the employer. There is a small chance that there is a perfect candidate out there who fits you on all counts. But it can take a lot of time and money to find such a person. You need to be realistic and not look for all the skills in one candidate. Take into account people who don’t have all the necessary skills at the highest level. The IT field is full of amazing people who are willing to learn and work specifically for your company. Pay attention to enthusiasm and willingness to work. And if no one is responding to your vacancy, it’s time to revise the job description.

Clearly state the job description

Start with a detailed description of the job for which you are looking. If you don’t have suitable descriptions, you should make a list of the duties and requirements associated with it yourself.

It is very important to understand what the job is about. When you are selecting, the objective is not only the personal qualities of the person who came to interview but the degree to which he or she fits the job.

Well-written descriptions will help you choose the right people.

Hire with team

Research proves that a team composed of experts with different opinions is able to make the best decisions, free of prejudice, which is exactly what is needed for effective recruitment. The decision-maker can turn down any applicant, but he or she cannot unilaterally approve a candidate without committee approval. As a rule, managers don’t tend to wait or search for the best employee for a long time. They need to get the job done, and the selection process often takes a long time. Nevertheless, making a quick decision in favor of a short-term need can be disadvantageous to the company as a whole. Hiring teams help select candidates who are the best fit for the company, who can grow, develop and fill positions that simply do not currently exist.

Hiring teams have numerous advantages. They help:

  • Get rid of individual subconscious biases in the hiring process.
  • Ensures that the employee being hired is a complete match for the position and the company as a whole.
  • Performs comprehensive analysis of comments and suggestions.
  • Corrects the mistakes of inexperienced HR professionals and weeds out applicants who performed well in the interview thanks to a happy accident.

Look for an employee in your company

Check to see if your organization has the right person to promote. Perhaps your company has an employee who has the necessary skills. There is a good chance that the person you need is sitting in a lower position and is looking for a promotion. If this is your option, transfer or relocate the employee and look for a candidate to replace him or her.

Don’t judge a candidate by his or her job loyalty.

Many employers are used to screening out candidates who have changed many jobs. But this is not the right tactic. These days, it is absolutely normal to change jobs often. Since talent and skills are highly valued in the IT field, a person can be constantly offered better working conditions. So often, what may look like a lack of loyalty to a company is an indication of excellent skills.

Every step of the hiring process, including reviewing resumes and preparing for interviews, is another chance to improve the final decision. Conducting structured interviews and working with the hiring team can ensure the right hiring decisions in the long run.