5 Cool IFTTT Recipes for Android

IFTTT is finally available for Android and offers many cool ways to automate certain processes on your phone or tablet. The web version of IFTTT has been around for quite some time and stands for If This Than That. The app will perform a certain action based on a predefined trigger. To get you started, we’ve create a list of five cool IFTTT recipes for Android.

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This one is pretty straight forward. Sometimes I forget to mute my phone when going to bed resulting in waking up soon after falling asleep. Mute my ringer at bedtime recipe


Did you ever ask yourself how much time you actually spend at work? This recipe will track the hours spent at a certain location, making this possible. You can use any location that you like your girlfriends place, the gym or the park. Pretty cool. Make sure to adjust the location to your work place. Hours Worked Spreedsheet


Want to figure out how much time your spent talking on your phone? This recipe will record all placed calls in a Google spreadsheet, making it possible. There are many versions available within the IFTTT app when searching for “track my minutes”. The original recipe can be found here.


IFTTT let’s you unmute your phone when arriving at a certain location or leaving it. This is especially handy if you have to mute your phone at work but tend to forget to unmute it when leaving. Unmute my phone recipe


Don’t have time to check the weather forecast every day? Based on a predefined location, IFTTT will show a Android notification if rain is expected on the following day. Rain forecast notification.

I hope that I was able to give you some initial ideas for IFTTT recipes. I can true recommend to check the best IFTTT recipes within the app to find other cool ones!

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