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5 Reasons to Watermark Your Videos 

Think about it. Chances are good that you’ve seen at least one video on the internet that was missing its all-important watermark. You know, the little logo or text overlay that confirms the creator’s ownership and/or affiliation with the video. Why is it so important to watermark your videos? 

Watermarking your videos is a great way to protect your intellectual property and ensure that your content is not used without your permission. 

Here are five reasons why you should watermark your videos: 

1) To protect your copyright. 

When you upload a video to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, it is important that your content is protected. 

Unfortunately, there are many ways for people to steal your videos and make money from them without giving you any credit. This can be very frustrating!

Watermarks help protect against copyright infringement by adding text or an image over the top of your video so that anyone who tries to copy it will be caught red handed and make it easier to take legal action.

2) To deter piracy

Digital content and video piracy is a serious problem for most businesses. The average cost of product theft in the United States is $200,000 per incident and that’s just the average! It could be much more depending on how big your business is. 

Watermarking your videos with software like Visual Watermark will help to deter pirates from stealing your work. This watermarking tool has helped companies protect their intellectual property against online theft since last few years. They make it easy to add a visible or invisible digital watermark to all of your video files and documents so you can protect yourself from piracy today!

3) To increase viewership by building trust.

As a creator, you want to make sure that your viewers trust the content they are watching.

Video watermarks can increase viewership by building trust and ensuring that videos aren’t stolen or reposted without credit.

Video watermarking tool lets you add a unique logo, message or image to any video in just minutes. You have complete control over which frames of your video will be tagged with the custom watermark by adding it at specific intervals like every 10 seconds for example. This way no one can copy your work without getting caught and you can gain trust of your viewers by providing them original and fresh videos.

4) To create brand awareness

Brand visibility isn’t just about getting a logo on the screen. It’s about making sure that whenever people see your name, they associate it with quality and value. This requires constant vigilance and consistent messaging across all of your marketing channels. 

Video watermarking software allows you to easily insert custom text or logos into any video so that every time someone watches it, they’ll be reminded of who made it for them. video or photo watermarking tool makes branding easy by helping you spread awareness without being intrusive or annoying – because nobody likes an obnoxious ad!

So, an well-placed watermark can help promote your brand and remind viewers of who created the content they’re watching.

5) To generate leads and sales

Video marketing is growing rapidly, but the return on investment can be hard to measure.

You need a way to track your video leads and sales so you know what’s working and what isn’t. 

video watermarking tool allows you to add your own logo or text over any video with just one click. This makes it easy for viewers of your videos to contact you right from the player page without having to go anywhere else or download anything extra. You can even customize pop-ups that appear when they pause or finish watching the video!

The last words

By watermarking your videos you can protect them from piracy and increase viewership. You also build trust in the brand, create awareness of your business, generate leads and sales or get more views on YouTube. With so many benefits to adding a video watermark to all of your content it’s no wonder why this strategy is gaining momentum in recent years and beyond! If you want help implementing effective strategies for better online marketing including how to add a video watermark across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat then let us know today. 

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