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5 ways 5G can improve online education

5 ways 5G can improve online education

Educators are always on the look for new and creative ways to maximize learning time. And technology is the thing that allows them to create better connections and even better explore complicated subjects. The next generation of students deserves a next-generation education. And according to a study, Gen Z is excited about the development of 5G in the classroom because they will enjoy many advantages from it.

They will be able to download films or courses that took hours in just minutes. Or simply type on the search “write my research paper” and find a service that will do it for them from all around the world. Research and find unlimited resources for any type of lecture, etc. Although the educators will also enjoy the benefits and reimagine what is possible outside and inside the classroom. They will have the chance to make their classes more entraining and have more free time. Host a guest speaker via hologram, for example, tutor their students virtually without any delays from their homes, etc.

So, no wonder why the development of this fifth generation of WIFI technology is the most exciting advance that people are looking towards. 

What is 5G?

5G represents the fifth generation of the wireless network. Back in 1980, the WIFI technology started with 1G, and since then, the following generations have optimized and introduced us with capabilities such as texting, calling, and web browsing.

And nowadays, 5G takes everything that 4G LTE has and does and creates something even faster, better, and reliable. Allowing us to connect way more devices and perform our tasks at even higher speed without any delays. To explain it better, one of the 4G towers now supports around 2,000 devices and sometimes has some delays. And the newest 5G towers will support more than a million devices with negligible delays. This is a massive jump in frequency that will be greatly beneficial. It will be able to handle larger traffic loads required for VR, AR, and smart schoolrooms. 

5G in the classroom

When it comes to 5G, many applications are used in media, manufacturing, healthcare, and city management. Educational facilities are just starting to wonder what can be possible in the classroom. So, the following are 5 ways 5g will benefit the classroom and what educators and students can expect.

Immersion Teaching in Every Lesson – AR and VR

Some of the most important improvements in the classrooms will be noticed in optimizing how mixed-reality and video perform. The content that did not process so well with 4G, will be improved by 5G and make it process seamlessly, with increased speed, higher bandwidths, and low latency. Thanks to it, students will have the opportunity to explore things like human cells or the universe using augmented reality or virtual reality settings. Enhancing the students’ learning experience and even presenting them with immersive content that can be touched with the use of sensory hand tools.

Smart Classroom IoT will Save Teachers Time.

Teachers name routine tasks and menial administration as the biggest culprits for wasted time. Everything that cannot be done over the internet, such as homework assignments, tests, lecture notes, takes time from their schedule to organize and prepare. And with 5G, teachers will have the opportunity to automate many of these responsibilities, allowing them to commit more to themselves, the lectures, and of course, to the students. Also, the students will have it easier because they will be able to access information right on the spot without dealing with dropped or missed internet connections.

View and Download Videos in Seconds

The new generations of students simply love their videos, and educators are starting to take notice and try to adjust their lessons, and include more recorded presentations, allowing the students to watch but also rewatch the course materials whenever they want to, or have time to.

Also, teachers will be able to do remote lectures through WIFI or connect with experts from different fields from every part of the world. 5G also promises the people that they will be able to download full-length movies in just a second, so imagine how fast you can download a 10–15-minute video.

Greater Assistance for Students with Special Needs

There are many difficulties that kids with special needs have to face every day regarding classroom learning. And due to that, teachers have to make time and dedicate it to them. However, the 5G technology will allow them to get more assistance because all the information will be much easier and faster to access. Also, students with problems with robotics and who need some assistance will see an immediate advance because the programs will be customized to suit every student’s individual needs.

More Flexible Learning

There are many different learning styles, and sadly educators cannot provide each one on a day-to-day basis. And with 5G, teenagers and young adults will have access to more online resources for either complementary information or simply normal class lectures. And since all of the information is available globally, students can even study online with friends who share the same learning style. With the evolution of the resources, this type of learning may become a regular part of lectures.


5G has begun to make huge impacts in educational facilities all around the world. Cities that already have installed 5G towers are already incorporating the technology for the purposes of schooling. Educators are being trained with more effective methods utilizing the fifth-generation wireless network to facilitate and enhance the learning experience. So if it is not already in your school, college, or university, look for it to come very soon.

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