Reading, since time immemorial, is valuable for the growth of the mind, in the modern world where a plethora of distractions exists, it is only wise and tactical for readers to have a strategy, that can easily be achieved through reading software, the best reading apps for students such as Scribd, ReadEra, Goodreads can be invaluable, these are apps that read books to you for free. These apps are to students like an oasis in a desert as some of these apps are ingrained with research software; software for organizing research.


For a good essay, students are encouraged to use reading apps on and off-campus. Some universities and colleges have unique tools that are readily available for students. Some of the reading apps to have as a student includes:

1. GoodRead

2. ReadEra

3. Goodreads

4. eBoox

5. Apple Books

6. Scribd

7. Google Play Books

Using reading apps provide the students to explore a rich collection of books that can improve their essay writing skills and increase their awareness. Those apps not only provide the readers with a digital version of the books to read online but also offer some reviews of different books. Reading books reviews can be helpful for students to write essays and summaries. For example, if you are looking for useful resources for a Tuesdays with Morrie essay, reading apps can be a great source of information as you can read the book and check the reviews.

Some of those reading apps also present many essay examples that can be useful for students to improve their essay writing skills. So, if you are struggling with writing Tuesdays with Morrie book review essays, reading those examples can inspire you and make the process easier.

University and college students should learn to value these revolutionary applications, websites, and resources that have been made available to ease the stress of reading and assist with essay and research writings, this research software should be exploited. The best software for researchers might be paid for, but are quite cheap, thus affordable for students. Some of the general advantages of these apps may include:

1. Convenience: Mobile phones and laptops offer us something very fundamental and that is convenience through portability, these devices can be carried around anywhere at any time with little or no stress, on these devices are libraries, research software and apps that read books to you for free (audiobooks) are just lightweight.

A reading app saves significant luggage room while also being incredibly lightweight. Thus, it overcomes a difficulty that a good number of people have. Have you ever selected a collection of books to take on holidays only to discover that you’ve stopped being interested in all of them once you arrive? You can simply switch to some other book with a reading app.

2. Fun and Flexible for Learning: Phones are so comfortable to read on as most reading apps are developed to be flexible and can adapt easily to suit the users changing needs and demands, some of these apps have fun educational games. A good number of people use their phones for the most part of the day and conduct most of their activities on their phones thus it would be easier and more fun for a person to read on a reading app on a phone. The flexibility offered by these apps improves privacy as some of the apps have lock codes and so on.

3. Value: The cost of hard copy books is quite outrageous, some books are pretty expensive and unaffordable for the average student trying to meet one or two demands on the campus, but reading apps offer on a platter of gold these books at a cheap price or most for free, and the beauty of it all is that most apps and websites suggest other books that can be helpful to both university and college students.

4. Accessibility: These apps offer different services to different readers depending on the user’s need, fonts can be manipulated with, themes can be changed, and it is so easy to access, with a few clicks one can download books and essays, some of these apps are developed with text to speech functions that can help readers with visual issues of increasing or reducing the fonts seems inadequate.

In a digital world where reading is of utmost importance as books are consumed for leisure or for the sake of research, reading software has proven to be integral and unthinkably valuable, these applications offer readers new and exciting ways to enjoy books and essays and also to gather resources for research through the best software for researchers. Apart from the apps, websites are available to address the changing needs of readers offering an abundance of information. Thus, in a digital world, reading apps are the best way to enjoy reading for the sake of pleasure and reading with regard to research.