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7 Tips to Solve Why Is My Computer So Slow With Solutions

A slow, creaking computer with one single task is the biggest annoyance of life. The computer has become one of the parts of life nowadays. And lacking a computer while doing any work make user irritating. Irritation during work is the worst factor for every one of us. 

What’s the best way to solve the problem? There are 2 effective ways to solve it: Move to the shop to fix the problem of why is my computer so slow or to do it by yourself in some simple and easy steps Isn’t it good to solve your problems by yourself to save money. 

Why Is My Computer So Slow?

There are so many reasons which are a factor of lowering the computer speed. What, all you need is reasons, tips but not only this you also need a solution. So, that you can easily solve this why is my computer so slow problem by yourself. Here, are some solutions which you need to take care of. If your computer is lagging and slow speed.

1. Unused Programs

When you buy a pc, there are so many pre-installed programs in it. Which rushes your computer speed. You need to accumulate are these programs of use or not. Most of them you don’t use and most of them you do not know about. 

Solution: Uninstall Unused Programs

If you are not aware of the files then you should go for software that helps you to ensure what is worthwhile or what is not. 

2. Temporary Files

When you use Internet Explorer all browsing history remains in the depth of your pc. Which creates a load. The same thing happens when you install something. 

Solution: Delete Temporary Files

Once, done you can select files that are older or of no use. 

3. Hard Disk Fault

The hard drive is used to move components. If there is a fault in the hard drive it may take so long to move components also if your pc takes long to turn on then it may be a hard drive fault. 

Solution: Install a Solid State Drive

A solid-state drive uses flash memory (like a massive USB stick) and reads data very speedily. which increase the pc speed and start-ups. 

4. Dust

As you know we all have a cooling fan in pc, but do you know the cooling fan pull a lot of dust? If you get to check there is a lot of dust inside the pc, through a cooling fan. Which decreases the pc temperature. That results in the lower speed of pc. 

Solution: Vacuum Out the Dust

5. Storage

While using multiple applications at a time like Internet Explorer, Microsoft and Emails. Is there any flicking while using between them? This is because they take a lot of storage. And the usage of storage is known as RAM. This is storage used by pc to run programs and can be easily upgraded. 

Solution: Get More RAM

You can increase computer RAM

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6. Internet Connection to know why is my computer so slow

Internet connection plays a vital role in terms of speed of work. The lower the data connection, the lower the speed. You cannot access sites quickly. It will take too much time to load the work, to download anything. Which is a valid reason for slower speed. 

Solution: Good Internet Connectivity

7. Cache and Web Browser

If your computer running slow must check that you are using the latest version of a web browser. The old version may slow down your computer speed like downloading images, videos anything

But, it does not affect that much directly. Unless your cache needs to be clear

Solution: Remove Cache

If your cache is full, you need to make browser cache free

You may use different browsers mostly people use internet explorer and chrome. Let us know how to remove cache in both

Guide for Internet Explorer:

Guide for Google Chrome:

If you have not cleared cache till now, not once. You can select all and delete them. 

Hope this article is helpful for you if you have anything related to it. You can share with us and our readers in the comment section. 


Jennie Marquez

Jennie B. Marquez is a TV presenter, writer, and video producer. Also, Khaleesi, despite the fact that she does not legally control any land, army, or dragons. Yet.
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