A guide to fix warzone error code 273472

The Warzone servers appear to be significantly broken. At the time of writing, launching the game will result in a loop of “Fetching Profile Update,” after which one of two error codes, either the Warzone error number 273472 or the error 11328, will be shown. The error code 273472 is more common in the case of a warzone. You are not the only one who is experiencing this issue; many people were impacted by it, and the developers tweeted about it.

To learn more about the error and what you can do to fix it, keep reading. This article carries a simple guide to fix this warzone error code 273472. Let’s begin.

How to fix the warzone error code?

If the problem wasn’t with the game or the servers, you might be able to resolve the Warzone error number 273472 by restarting the PC and the game. However, Raven Software has publicly stated that there are server problems with both Warzone and Vanguard. Here is a Tweet they sent shortly after people started to see the mistake.



And not just Warzone or Vanguard have been experiencing server issues. Other CoD game players have also been experiencing bugs and server issues. Here is the developers’ newest Tweet.


The developers have fixed the problem three hours after the error 273472 first appeared, therefore the majority of users should be able to connect to the servers and continue playing. The tweet from Raven is seen below.


The Downdetector page for CoD games likewise indicates that the problem has significantly diminished and that few reports have been made. It’s probable that you’ll see the issue again. In that case, we advise restarting the game. A restart of the computer could be necessary if that does not fix the issues.

Since the issue relates to your Activision account, we advise taking the following actions:

Switch off your console

Your console should be turned off and then back on.

Ensure that the game software is current

  • Visit the PlayStation’s main page.
  • On your controller, choose the game you’re now playing and push the Options button.
  • Then, install any updates that are available by choosing “Check For Update.”

Clear the cache on your PS4

  • On your controller, hold down the PlayStation button.
  • Choose “Shut Down PS4”.
  • Wait for 10 to 20 seconds after the PlayStation 4 has completely shut down before starting.
  • Restart the PS4 system.

Select Restart console from the Settings menu by pressing the Guide button on your controller. When given the option, click Restart.

Turn off the firewall.

Many PC users find success by turning off the firewall.

Update the game

Verify if the game has a fresh patch or update, then download it. This is all the information we have at this time; however, we will continue to monitor the situation and update this page if the problem reappears or if a patch is made available in the event that the servers are not to blame. Install the most recent version of Warzone. You must click the settings button and then choose “Search for Updates” in the Battle.net launcher.

Check the PS4’s system software update as well.

Restart your router.

Sometimes all that’s required is a straightforward router restart. Simply disconnect your router, wait a few seconds, and then re-plug it. You can try re-launching Warzone as soon as the internet is operational again.

Modify your router’s DNS

Open DNS



Google DNS

Secondary: Primary:

Install Warzone again

Reinstall the problem that persists after deletion. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone error code 273472 problem will be resolved as a result.

The error code 273472 will be fixed in a future Warzone version. If it doesn’t work, you should contact Activision Support.

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Q. How do I fix error codes in Warzone?

  • Log out and re-login. Although it may seem apparent, the issue may be resolved by just logging out and back into your game.
  • Restart your computer. Give your system a thorough restart whether you’re using a PC, PS4, or Xbox One.
  • Restart your router.
  • Restore factory defaults.

Q. Why do I keep getting an error code on Warzone?

Verify that Warzone is indeed up to date by checking your system for the most recent update. Uninstalling one data pack and downloading it again can assist if you successfully updated all updates but the issue persists.

Q. Is Warzone currently down?

No, the Warzone servers are still operational and functioning properly. Players who were experiencing connection problems in Warzone and Vanguard on August 16 caused Call of Duty servers to go down; however, this problem has now been resolved.

Q. Can’t connect to Warzone servers?

Warzone’s “unable to access online services” error manifests whenever the game client has connectivity problems. The player’s internet, network gear, or server problems are typically to blame.

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