A Quick Guide to Fix Error 213 in Tarkov!


People who love first-person shooters like Tarkov and Escape from Tarkov. Some people really care about this game. On the other hand, users may have different problems, just like with any hard online game. It’s hard to deal with error 213 every time it happens. You can quickly get back to the exciting action of Tarkov by reading this full guide. It will look at several ways to fix this problem.

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What is Error 213?

You should know what Error 213 in Tarkov means before you look for answers. Most of the time, this problem means that your gamer is having trouble linking to the Tarkov servers. It shows up as a wall that keeps you from fully getting into the game.

Causes of Error Code 213

Error 213 might make it hard for people to fully enjoy how powerful and interesting Escape from Tarkov is. To give good replies, you need to know why this mistake will happen. We will look at a few things that could go wrong with Tarkov below:

  • Connectivity Problems: One of the main reasons Error 213 happens is a network link that isn’t stable or secure. If the link is broken, slow, or drops all of a sudden, the game player and Tarkov servers might not be able to talk to each other.
  • Breaks in service or maintenance: Every once in a while, Tarkov, like all online games, has breaks in service or maintenance. Players may see Error 213 during these times because the game client is having trouble connecting to the servers reliably. It is very important to find out what is wrong with the server in an official way.
  • Antivirus and firewall software can make it hard for Tarkov to talk. These programs are great for keeping your computer safe, but they can get in the way sometimes. If the safety settings are too high, the person might not be able to connect to the servers, which would cause Error 213.
  • You could get Error 213 if you use a proxy or a virtual private network (VPN). They keep you safe and protect your privacy, but they can slow you down when you need to connect fast for online games. If you turn off VPNs or proxies, the problem might go away.

error 213 tarkov

  • Drivers for graphics that are too old: If you want to play games easily, you need drivers for graphics that are too old. If your computer’s drivers are out of date or don’t work with other programs, you might run into Problem 213. If your computer isn’t working with other things, making sure the drivers are up to date can help.
  • Problems with the Domain Name System (DNS) cache: Your computer’s DNS cache may hold old or broken information that makes it hard to connect to Tarkov sites properly. There’s a chance that this information will be fixed if you clear the DNS cache.
  • It’s possible that an old version of the Tarkov game program will not work with the game servers. Changes and updates are often put out by developers to fix bugs and make things work better. Make sure your client has the most recent copy.
  • Tasks Running in the Background: Tarkov might have trouble joining if other tasks or apps are running in the background. Some apps use a lot of resources, so make sure they don’t get in the way of your game.
  • Changes to the server-side configuration: If you make changes to the server-side configuration or settings that change how the player connects to the computers, you may get Error 213. Developers can change settings to keep things in good shape or make them work better.

If people know these possible reasons for Error 213, they can figure out what’s wrong and fix Tarkov. Players can get more out of the game and have fewer problems if they fix the issues that led to the mistake.

Methods to Resolve Error 213

1. Check on the computers: First, check on the Tarkov machines. You can see if they have any news about system repairs or downtime on their website or social media pages. Trouble with the computer is often to blame for error 213.

2. Go back to the game and start it up again. This is an easy trick that works well. Start the game again after a short break. If you do this easy thing, your link might work again, and the mistake might not happen again.

3. Make sure your internet is working. Make it strong. You might get Error 213 if your link is unstable or slow and you can’t connect to the game servers. You may need to restart your computer or connect it to a better network.

error 213 tarkov

4. Make sure your firewall and antivirus software are set up properly. Firewalls and other security tools can sometimes stop Tarkov’s link. Look at how your firewall and security tools are set up to make sure Tarkov can connect and use your network. Switch things around if you want to stop messing around.

5. Turn off your proxy or VPN. Turn off your VPN or proxy for a short time. When these services are present, the game’s link might not work right. You should check with your internet service company to make sure there aren’t any issues with a third party.

6. Make sure the drivers on your machine are always up to date. It can be hard to join if your graphics drivers are too old. Get your graphics card’s most up-to-date drivers from the company that made it. This will keep your drivers up to date.

7. Make sure the DNS cache is empty. If your network is giving you trouble, this can help. You need to be an administrator to get to the command line. You only need to type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press “Enter.” To see the changes, you will need to restart your computer after running this code.

error 213 tarkov

8. See if the game has changed. When you check for changes often, your Tarkov client will always have the most recent copy. Updates and changes are often made by developers to fix known issues, such as link issues. If you keep up with the latest changes, you’ll get Error 213 less often.

9. Get in touch with Tarkov Support: If none of the other solutions work, it’s time to get in touch with Tarkov’s customer care. Tell them everything you know about the problem and what you’ve done to fix it. The customer service team might be able to help you in a way that fits your wants.


Last but not least, Error 213 in Tarkov could cause you some trouble for a while. These fixes, on the other hand, should help you get back to the fun world of Escape from Tarkov. If you keep having trouble, don’t be afraid to ask the Tarkov support team for help.

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