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Sergiy Yun – The Owner

Marom – Content chief and editor

We are passionate digital natives, always looking out for new tech trends, gadgets and mobile.

trendblog was launched in October 2012 and started out as a hobby. We wanted to share the knowledge we gained working in the online marketing industry and, next to that, write about developments in the tech world. After we developed our content philosophy, website traffic has been growing rapidly and this hobby of ours became something much bigger.

We’re constantly trying to optimize the website and our content so that our readers get to read high quality content on a  thoughtfully and well-designed website.

Here at trendblog…

…we are capturing the fast moving world of technology. We will inform you about the most recent news and changes in technology, as well as share our opinion on the latest trends.

How are we going to do it?

We’ll provide you with fresh content straight from the news and informational articles about the latest trends in technology.

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