The Dock on your Mac provides a quick way to launch apps that you use most frequently with one click. You can organize the apps on the dock by dragging them to different places on the Dock and you can even add folders and website links. To further organize your apps, you can add spacers to the MacOS Dock.

You can drag your apps around on the Dock to group them by type, like Internet apps, writing or office apps, social media apps, etc. Spacers break up the apps on the Dock visually and help keep it well organized. Today we’ll show you how to add spacers to the Dock on your Mac.

Add Spacers To The MacOS Dock Using The Terminal

Spacers are added to the Dock using a “default write” command on the Terminal. Open Finder, go to the “Applications” > “Utilities” folder, and double-click on the “Terminal” app.

Open the Terminal appTo add a single spacer to the Dock, copy the following command and paste it at the prompt in the Terminal window.

defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}'

You can add multiple spacers to your Dock. Simply, run the command for every spacer you want to add. For example, for five spacers, run the command five times. The easiest way to run a command multiple times is to press the up arrow on your keyboard to access the last command and the press “Enter“.

Command to insert spacers on Dock

Kill & Relaunch The Dock

You must kill and relaunch the Dock to see the spacer you added to your Dock. To do this, run the following command.

killall Dock

killall Dock command

Once the Dock relaunches, you’ll see a spacer on the Dock. One spacer is the width of an app on the Dock.

Spacer on the Dock

Move The Spacer

Move the spacer by dragging it to where you want it on the Dock. We put our spacer after all the built-in Mac apps, so they’re easier to find.

Move a spacer

Remove a Spacer

You can also remove a spacer from the Dock by dragging it off the Dock.

Remove a spacer

This works in any version of Mac OS X and in macOS Sierra.

How do you organize your Dock? Do you add apps to the Dock? Let us know your Dock organization methods in the comments.