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Guest Post “Write-for-us” Guidelines to Advertise on TrendBlog.Net

So you want to write a sponsored post for…?

Today, Trendblog is having more than 1.5 Lakh users per month and you know what, we are getting returning visitors at the rate of 21.3%. Isn’t it great? Our readers love us.

And to maintain this love among readers, Here are strict guidelines to follow before writing a guest post for

Guest Post Guidelines that Match the Requirement of Our Readers

As the heading entitled, I want you to consider our reader first before marketing your product or service or before writing content for sponsored post. Mind you, this is not beneficial for me only but beneficial for you too. (Yeah, your ranking depends a lot on it)

So let’s start

1. Concise Writing with Snappy Intro

Frankly speaking, I don’t want you to tell “who invented the web” before giving an objective of the article. Directly tell our readers about objective of your article while giving intro and then just start the topic.

Almost all the newbie do this 1 mistake that they write on the topic “How to do this” and starts with “What is this”.

Ultimately, if the readers are on your page, they knows what are they here for.

2.  Clarity First

Omit needless words or in others words, don’t write anything that is not adding value to readers point of view.

3. Consider Reader’s Point of View

Don’t be so desperate that whatever comes in your mind, you write on it. Always consider who is your audience and what exactly they requires.

If you are on this page, you possibly wants to promote your product/service – do it in a right way. Writing professional article is not about self expression, it’s about helping and serving your readers.

4. Base Your Ideas on the Number

Suppose you are the fan of “The Democratic Party” and you are choosing points which favours them, then you are not going to provide unbias reviews to your readers.

So, whether you like it or dislike it, base your ideas on the number and just don’t choose numbers base on your ideas.

5. Storytelling, Facts & Case Studies

Whatever the argument you starts with, Collect all the data, facts & Figures and let the readers know about it. This is one of the easiest way to prove your statements but storytelling brings the emotions, storytelling brings the share, storytelling brings the sale and if you have one or create one, do it now.

Without talking too much on guidelines, I like you to focus on the quality content along with relevant images & videos. Your content could be a big success to your content marketing strategies.

Guest blogging is one of the most prominent way to content marketing and you must leverage it in form of getting benefits not only in terms of ranking, but in terms of brand awareness and business too.

What Type of Articles Do Trend Blog Accept as an Guest Post?

For this, I will consider you to check out menus of our websites.

Generally, we do write articles on technology, android, iOS, windows, gaming. mobile and guides. Although if you have to write on anything else, just send us your proposal and we will look at this.

Don’t Write For Us If You Want Me to Publish

  1. Your Opinion regardless of facts
  2. Copied and Misleading Content
  3. Too Much About You or Too Much of Promotion
  4. Incomplete Information
  5.  Information on Already Published Article

Benefits of Guest Post

It’s not necessary that each and every website gives you benefit but if the website is having high domain authority, organic traffic on website and relevant to your niche, then that’s the perfect option to go for.

Guest blogging helps you to get more authority, increase your brand awareness, visibility and enable you for future opportunities.

Do you want to see yourself on board with Trend Blog, Just contact us!

How to Contact Trendblog?

To inquire about advertising opportunities on, email us at

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