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 All best ways to hard reset a phone – Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, etc in 2021

All best ways to hard reset a phone – Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, etc in 2021


Android Smartphone laggy, frozen, unresponsive or wrongly responding, or you can’t remember the password? You’re in for a real treat, then! A hard reset, sometimes known as an alternative reset, is still an option, and it’s a potent one at that.

It is still possible to factory reset an Android Smartphone if you are unable to do it using the device’s settings. This article will teach you how. If your touch screen isn’t working properly or you can’t navigate your phone, this is the right fix for you.

Also, if your phone won’t turn on or won’t turn on at all, you may use this method to fix the problem. If you’re considering doing a factory reset on your Android smartphone, you already know how useful it can be for fixing problems.

Many Android phone models are available. In other words, not all of these phones are able to be returned to their original settings in the same manner. There are a number of approaches, some more efficient than others. We were unable to disclose all of the techniques accessible to us.

Instead, we will just offer a simple technique, which will be identical to almost all of the techniques already accessible. And so, here we go…

hard reset

In order to Hard Reset any Android phone, try the following:

Precaution: You should be informed that if you reset your phone using the Hard Reset technique, all of your data will be erased from your android smartphone. To prevent you from making a costly mistake, we don’t suggest you use this tool to remove the lock if you have not backed up your data.

With these easy steps, you may begin the process of unlocking Android devices. If you don’t mind losing your data, feel free to continue reading.

The next thing we will examine is how to do a factory reset on your Android phone step-by-step.

  1. If you haven’t already turned off your Android phone, then you should do so.
  2. Press the Volume Up (or Volume Down) button as well as the Power button to get this feature. Wait for a few of minutes. No matter what choices appear on your screen, you should just ignore them.
  3. To choose anything, press on the Power button with the Volume down button. To access factory reset, go to Power Off, then choose Factory Reset.
  4. To boot into Android System Recovery, hold down the home button and the Power at the same time.
  5. Now go over to the “Erase Data/Factory Reset” option on the screen, where you will be asked to confirm that you want to wipe all the data. After a period of time, your Android smartphone will be completely wiped. Your Android phone would have completed the Factory reset after this step.
  6. Your phone now provides more choices for you to select from. Reset your system to the Hard Reset setting and restart the Reboot system. Click on the Power button to choose, then go to the Reboot system now option using the Volume down key.
  7. As soon as anything happens, then all you have to do is wait. When the Reboot procedure has been finished, the android smartphone will turn it off. Now you may reboot your Android phone without losing any of your personal data. It’s now time for you to acquire a brand-new phone. Even so, the Hard Reset will empty your Android phone, since the data will be completely wiped as a result. You should know if you like something before you sign off on it.

It is possible that the preceding steps take a different path on various devices. Don’t despair if your phone is unresponsive or unbootable. There is another method to reset it by using just the power and volume buttons. On the other hand, this approach differs depending on the phone maker.

If you have various models or brands, you may learn how to reset a locked phone by following these instructions.

Hard-Resetting a locked HTC phone is easy, so follow these steps.

To get access to your HTC phone, you must do a hard reset. You must hold down the volume button while also holding down the power button. Continue to hold the device until you see the Android pictures. Once you have released the button on the console, move your finger to the volume down button to do a factory reset, and then press the power button.


To reset a Samsung that is locked, follow these steps:

hard reset

When pressing and holding the volume up key together with the power button and home key, you will restart your device. The Samsung logo will be onscreen. Go down to the phone’s Data/Factory Reset option to do a data/factory reset by holding the volume down key. Choose “Yes” to proceed. With the volume down key, you may erase all the data on your phone. You’ll soon see your phone restarting.


To reset a LG that is locked, follow these steps:

You will have to press and hold the volume key and the power or lock key to unlock your LG Android phone. Once you see the LG logo on your phone’s screen, you must let go of the Lock or Power key. The next step is to repeat these steps and then press and hold the power or lock key again. When you see a factory hard reset message on the screen, you are free to release all the buttons.


hard reset


To reset a Sony that is locked, follow these steps:

Confirm that your phone is turned off before putting it in your bag. Hold down the three keys simultaneously. The buttons are Volume Up, Power, and Home. Once you see the logo on the screen, you must release the buttons. Now follow the volume scale down to see the scrollbar. When choosing items, use the “Power” or “Home” key. Factory reset or the “wipe data” option are your only options.


hard reset


Knowing how to reset an Android smartphone hard means you’ll be prepared the next time your touchscreen quits reacting, the smartphone freezes, the cell phone battery cycles, or you just forget your password prevents a factory reset from being possible.


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