Summer has arrived. It’s vacation time and some of us still have not booked their trip to the beaches of the world yet. A study recently conducted by xAd and Telmetrics researched the mobile behaviour of UK travel bookers.

The second part of the series found that nearly one out of three UK travel searchers makes travel reservations on their mobile devices. Interestingly enough, 62% supplement their PC searching while 28% solely rely on mobile devices.

Most Important UK Mobile Travel-Related Activities

  1. 70% state that price comparison is their main mobile activity
  2. 49% check for reviews
  3. 38% make reservations
  4. 31% look-up locations
  5. 26% are looking for deals

As marketers try to take advantage of the coming summer holiday exodus, it is important to remember the role mobile plays in Britons’ travel planning – many UK mobile consumers are researching and booking travel reservations on their mobile devices. With price comparisons being the top mobile travel activity, brand marketers must ensure their mobile sites/apps include easy to navigate pricing tools and features to aid in consumers’ purchase decisions.

Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics

UK Mobile Travel Users Research Thoroughly Prior To Purchase

About half (55%) of travel searchers state that they are researching flights (81%), hotels (67%) and train journeys (45%) on their mobile device. Interestingly enough, flights and hotel searches are more common on tablets while train journeys are more popular on smartphones.

More and more mobile travel users are starting to use their devices exclusively in their research and shopping process, so marketers need to ensure they are providing mobile optimized site and app options so research and advertising information is easier to consume. In addition, utilizing separate strategies for smartphone and tablet searchers is key to satisfying mobile consumers’ unique device-related needs.

Monica Ho, vice president of marketing, xAd, Inc.

UK Mobile Travel Search Infographic

UK Mobile Path to Purchase Infographic

About The Study

Nielsen conducted an online survey in February 2013 of more than 1,500 smartphone and tablet users who engaged in Travel,- Restaurant or Automotive-related mobile activity in the past 30 days. All three categories are projected to show major growth over the next 3 to 5 years.

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