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Android 13 Beta 3.3 brings the new Android 13 easter egg

Android 13 Beta 3.3 brings the new Android 13 easter egg

Android 13 Easter egg. Android 13 Beta 3 was released earlier this month, followed by Beta 3 this week for Google’s Pixel devices. Several flaws were fixed in the most recent Android 13 Beta 3.3 release, including the slowness of the UI rendering, the difficulty to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and more. Despite Google’s official changelog omitting any more information, recent rumours claim that the Android 13 easter egg is also included in the upgrade.

With the release of Android 13 Beta 3.3, you now have access to the Android 13 easter egg on your Pixel device.

This can be accomplished by continuously tapping on the Android version in the device’s About Phone section. This will bring you to the same UI as the Android 12 easter surprise. At 1 o’clock, Android 13 will appear as a floating logo with Material You Dynamic Color bubbles as a back-drop on your clock face. But there’s more.


For emoji, simply tap and hold on to the bubbles. It’s possible to cycle through fourteen different sets of emojis by long-pressing the emoji. You’ll find them in the following categories: Fruit and Cat Faces; Regular Faces; Expressions (eyes) and Melting Faces; Hearts and Love; Outer Space; The Moon; Aquatic Life; Monkeys; The Zodiac; Clocks; Flowers; and Turtle King.


It’s not yet apparent if Google plans to include an easter egg widget in Android 13 like it did in Android 12. 

As soon as we have additional information, we’ll be sure to pass it along to you.

In response to beta testers’ complaints over the past few weeks, Google has just published Android 13 Beta 3.3, which includes a slew of problem patches. Even though we’ll have to wait until next month for the Beta 4 release, today’s launch does include a well-known ritual for any new software update: the Android Easter egg. Anyone running Beta 3.3 can give it a try today, even if it doesn’t feel as exciting as it has in years past.

If you’re a member of the Android beta programme

You’re in for a treat this Easter. Everything from Flappy Bird clones to cat games (twice!) has appeared in the past several years. With Material You and a paint chip widget, Android 12’s Easter egg was a little less thrilling than its predecessors. This year’s secret has a familiar ring to it as we get closer to the actual introduction of Android 13.


This year’s Easter egg follows in the footsteps of last year’s clock-based puzzle with a new emoji-centric twist. By touching on the version number in the Settings area, you can activate Google’s hidden splash screen. In order to see this year’s secret, set your watch to 1:00 (or 1300 if you’re a service member) and search for “13” instead of “12.”


As Mishaal Rahman, the CEO of, points out, “there is something new here,” there is indeed something new here. Smilies, hearts, and flowers all appear when you hold down the long-press button on the bubbles. To be honest, I am not sure how well it represents Android 13’s emphasis on privacy and security. Google may have run out of Easter egg ideas to reflect lesser upgrades, or perhaps Beta 4 will introduce an unexpected number of emoji-related features.

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Q1: Is easter Egg Android?

Hidden in the Android operating system, the Easter egg is a feature that can only be found if you follow a few simple steps. This feature is included in every Android device. Similar to Android’s most recent version, this functionality can be unlocked.

Q2: What is an Easter egg for Android? 

There are particular procedures you must take in the settings menu to utilise this undocumented function of the Android operating system. Numerous examples have been developed over time, ranging from simple games to interactive graphics.

Q3: How do you play Easter eggs?

Go to settings > about phone > Android version to turn on the easter egg. Tap on the Android Version tab as many times as necessary until the “N” is displayed on the screen. To access your quick settings, swipe down from the top of the screen and select “edit.” The label should now be displayed as a cat face icon.

Q4: Is Android Easter egg a virus?

“No malicious Easter eggs have been found so far. It’s not uncommon for native Android apps to be tampered with so that they can be used to spread malware via downloaders. Apps for Android tend to be more invasive than Easter eggs “That’s what Chytr stated.

Q5: Is Android 13 coming?

In June 2022, the third beta of Android 13 had reached Platform Stability. Android 13’s SDK and NDK APIs, as well as app-facing system behaviours, were finalised once Platform Stability was achieved. As a result of Android 12L’s API level 32 release, Android 13 will be released with API level 33.

Q6: Is it possible to remove the Easter egg from Android?

Since the Atari 2600 game Adventure, Easter eggs have been an integral part of computer programming. Trying to disable or eliminate them would be a waste of time and resources because they take up so little.

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