According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Android continues to dominate the global mobile operating system market, holding more than 70 percent market share in many countries. Apple’s iOS remains number two with Windows Phone losing in most markets.

In Europe Android is holding a 73.9 percent market share, growing 1.4 percent year-on-year. iOS saw a bigger increase, raising by 1.5 percent to 15.4. Windows Phone, on the other hand, lost 0.3 percent and is now down to 9.2. Europe remains one of Androids biggest areas, with Spain having an 90.4 percent market share.

iOS popular in English-speaking markets

As for the US, Apple’s mobile operating system iOS remains strong with a 32.6 percent market share. However, Android is becoming more and more popular, growing by 4.5 percent to 61.8 percent while iOS is loosing 3.3. Interestingly enough, English-speaking markets like the US, GB (31%) and Australia(34.7%) are iOS strongholds.

Smartphone OS Marketshare

Android also dominates in Asian markets with a whooping 83.4 percent in China and 64.5 percent in Japan. iOS took the biggest punch in Japan, falling 15.9 percent to a 31.3 percent market share. Android’s market share, on the other hand, increased by 14.5 percent.

Windows Phone only strong in Italy

Windows Phone remains place three with a low market share in most markets. In most markets Microsoft even lost parts of their already minimal market share. Especially in Japan and China, Windows Phone market share is less than 1 percent. For some odd reason Microsoft’s mobile operating system is really popular in Italy with a 15.2 percent market share. This is especially astonishing as iOS only has a 10.4 market share, being less popular than Windows Phone.