Have you ever missed a really important notification on your Android device while you were busy doing something on your computer? Ever missed a call from your girlfriend/boyfriend/parent because your phone was on silent while you were browsing Reddit on your computer and they freaked out because you didn’t pick up your phone? Yep. Everybody has.

Many apps and services like Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts and Gmail, already show you notifications across all platforms. And as soon as something new happens you will get notified on all your devices, given that they are connected to the internet. But if you get an incoming call, a new message on WhatsApp or when somebody comments on your amazing Instagram picture you will only get this notification on your mobile device.

Although there are already some apps like Desktop Notifications that allow you to push your Android notifications straight to your computer, most of them are either paid, lack some features or both. But, fortunately enough, a brand new amazing app called Notifications+ has all the features you would need from a notifications app, while still in closed beta.

Still in beta but already better than the others

Basically, all the app does is mirror all notifications that you get on your Android device(s) and show them to you in Chrome. This includes notifications for incoming phone calls, an alarm which is about to go off or any other notification from every app installed on your device.

Notifications+ has a set of nice unique features that makes it stand out from all the other similar apps:

  • Closing a notification on your computer will dismiss it on your Android device
  • All notifications are encrypted (encrypted on the device, decrypted by Chrome)
  • Easy encryption key reset
  • Set custom timeouts for each app (i.e. never close “missed call”)
  • Filter which apps will send notifications to Chrome

notifications plus screenshot

How to get Android Notifications in Google Chrome

As I’ve already mentioned, Notifications+ is still in closed beta and as of January 6th only 725 people are using it. If you want to check it out yourself without waiting for the public release follow these few steps:

  1. Join the Beta tester Community on Google+
  2. Wait and pray to get accepted
  3. Become a tester for Notifications+
  4. Become a tester for Pro features
  5. Download the app (only possible if you are already a tester)
  6. Download the Pro key to unlock Pro features for free (again, only possible for testers)
  7. Install the Chrome extension
  8. Enable Chrome notifications

If you have any problems installing Notifications+

To make all of this work as intended, make sure to restart your Android device after installing the app. Also, if your Google Play store link doesn’t work or you get an error message while installing, just wait for 15-20 minutes and everything will work fine. Just be patient.

The developer has currently slowed down the process of accepting requests to join the G+ community, but if you wait a bit you will surely get access to the closed beta (Björn will probably hate me for this).


While still being in closed beta and live for just 6 days, Notifications+ has more useful features and works better than its competitors. Of course, there are still some bugs, but the developer will make sure to fix them after you’ve told him about the bugs.

Notifications+ will certainly have a great future. Simple, but it does exactly what needs to be done.