Today is a big day for all mobile marketers. The Mobile World Congress 2013 started today in the “Mobile World Capital” Barcelona. Over the next 4 days numerous presenters and 1,500 exhibitors will show their new ideas to the world.

During the congress we expect to see new ideas and applications of mobile technology, from contactless mobile payment systems to new augmented reality technology. Mobile technology is evolving at lightning speed, which gives the opportunity for new companies with new technologies and applications to enter the market.

One of the many MWC programmes will be App Planet, where the mobile app community will gather, learn and discuss the future of mobile app development and promotion. High-profile companies like Nokia, Samsung and Plantronics will present their visons of the future of mobile technology.

3 Reasons to Start ASO Now

Among mobile app marketers App Store Optimization (ASO) will be quite a big topic. With millions of mobile apps on the market, visibility, promotion and app-store rankings are crucial for mobile apps to be successful and differentiate themselves from the huge competition.

If you already have an mobile app, here are 3 reasons to start doing App Store Opmization NOW:

  1. App Store & Google Play include 775,000 apps each already! Get your app found and noticed!
  2. 81 % of U.K. App Store visitors stop browsing after checking out the top 50 apps
  3. 75 % of users download apps from the top charts without having heard about them before.

We have created an infographic showing you the essence of App Store Optimization and why you should start now!

Infographic about app store optimization or ASO