These apps are making your smartphone run out of battery

Have you ever thought why your smartphone’s battery fails to last longer? Well, to answer that question, AVG technologies conducted a research to name out the apps that are most probably clocking overtime to make your device’s battery drain faster.

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is fun, and we just can’t enough of sending those selfies to our friends, right? But maybe this cute little thing is secreting extra power from your smartphone. The app has been ranked number one in the survey for battery draining apps. Not just that, Snapchat also takes up a larger space in your device’s internal storage. You can check it yourself by going to your smartphone’s setting > battery usage.

2. Netflix


This one was among the usual suspects. Being a video streaming service, Netflix ends up drawing a major chunk of your device’s fuel. Maybe, you can try to keep the display brightness lower when watching a video on Netflix, as that might help a little in saving the battery.

3. Amazon Shopping

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.25.22 AM

If you’re a shopaholic then maybe now you can understand why your smartphone’s battery runs low every now and then. The Amazon app is a surprise entry as not many of us would have expected it to be among the battery drainers’ list. Also, not many of us use the app every day so it impacts the device’s power consumption even with less usage. Not cool, Amazon!

The app is not very well optimized for Android, which is why it draws more battery even with less usage. Also, the app runs in the background just like email apps, which is why it ends up drawing more power. But we really think that Amazon should make the app more “battery friendly” as no one likes battery drain.

4. Outlook

Outlook App

Being an email app, this one runs in the background to keep your mailbox updates. But that should not be the reason for it to be a battery hogger, right? Even if you open the app frequently or not, it draws more power to operate.

Outlook is not a “must have” app on our smartphones, though, we can substitute it with Android’s default mail app. But there are users who want to sync their Outlook with Google Calendar to stay updated and they don’t have much of a choice.

5. BBC News

BBC News App

BBC is a bang-on news broadcast service and we like them, but their app is a battery hogger. The report by AVG has tagged it under the category of battery sucking apps. All those who want to stay updated with BBC’s news can very well add its website’s shortcut to their home screen instead of letting their device’s power go down due to the BBC app.

The aforementioned apps have come up as culprits behind battery drain on smartphones. AVG has also named many other apps under many other segments.

Here are the apps that impact your smartphone performance:

Overall performance impact (auto-run at startup):

1. Facebook

2. Google Play Services

3. Facebook Pages Manager

4. BBM

5. Words With Friends

Overall performance impact (run by users):

1. Snapchat

2. Amazon Shopping UK

3. Spotify Music


5. Samsung WatchON

Highest battery drainers (auto-run):

1. Android Firmware Updater

2. ChatON

3. Beaming Service for Samsung

4. Samsung Security Policy Updater

5. Google Play Services

Highest battery drainers (run by users):

1. Samsung WatchON

2. Snapchat

3. Amazon Shopping UK

4.BBC News

5. Walmart

Highest data traffic (auto-run)

1. Facebook

2. Yahoo! Japan

3. The Weather Channel

4. Antivirus & Security

5. Instagram

Highest data traffic (run by users)

1. Tumblr

2. Netflix

3. Snapchat

4. BBC News

5. Samsung WatchON

Highest storage consumption (auto-run):

1. Facebook

2. Sp-Mode Mail

3. Instagram

4. Facebook Page Manager

5. Google Play Services

Highest storage consumption (run by users):

1. Spotify Music

2. Chrome Browser

3. Amazon Kindle

4. Aillis

5. Amazon Shopping UK

Phew, these apps are pretty essential for our day to day functioning. We cannot stop using them but we can always look for alternatives or a phone with a bigger battery, sigh.

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