Does NFT Domains Really Got Indexed by Google

An NFT domain is a very unique domain that is represented by a single Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which is the combination of two ideas and that is they are the crypto wallet addresses that can also function as a website domain.  Understanding the basics of NFT domains is very helpful and useful for everyone as it can give you a better idea to know how the NFT domain actually works. Non Fungible Token is the token which is corresponded to a unique single asset, whether it is a photo of a Cool Cat or the house title, or any other thing. or in this case, a domain. 

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Are NFT Domains Indexed by Google?

NFT Domains are just like .com or .info but they are new web extensions that are launched as a smart contract on the public blockchains. An example of that is a domain is in EAX721 on the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon network also except for the .zil which only uses Zilliqa. These domains are stored in the owner’s wallet just like the cryptocurrency and there is no third party that could take it away. You just need to pay it once and you then own the particular domain for the rest of your life and there are no renewal fees also. 

Are NFT Domains Indexed by Google?

Self custody is the most important feature in the domain of NFT. This can make a domain decentralized which means it gives you complete control over your domain. A self custody solution is only possible because your domain of yours is an asset is stored and a blockchain just like the cryptocurrency in your wallet. This simply gives the super powerd to your NFT domain which the traditional domains don’t have. 

Just because of the self custody of your domain which is a blockchain: 

  • Is not easily be seized by any third party.
  • Is able to enable decentralised websites.
  • Can be transferred all over the world in few seconds without any need of permission fr any of the third party.
  • Gives a sole control to the owner and also access to the management feature for their domain adding crypto addresses and also pointing content to your domain. 

A NFT domain is a kind of digital asset which basically represent the real world objects for example music, art, videos, and in game items. They are generally bought and sold online mostly with the cryptocurrency and they are mostly encoded with the software as cryptos. NFT’s are a kind of or a limited run with a unique coding which can be identified. NFTs are the domains which creates digital scarcity. 

These are always infinite in supply as it stands in stark contrast to most of the digital creations. Hypothetically, cutting the supply off of something raises the value of the particular asset which is in demand. But in these early days, many NFTs have been the digital creations that exist in some kind of forms like iconic video clips from NBA games or another example can be securitized versions of some images or the entire college for free of online image. So why to spend millions of currency on something which could be easily download or screenshot. 

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Only NFT is there to allow the buyer to take and own an original item. Just not only this, but it also have a built in authentication that serves the ownership proof. Collectors only value those things which have digital bragging rights almost more than the item itself. 

Are NFT Domains Indexed by Google?

How an NFT Works

NFTs are existing just on the blockchain that is a disturbed public ledger which records the transactions. You might be a bit familiar about the blockchain which makes cryptocurrencies possible. NFTs are mainly held on Ethereum blockchain, but other blockchains also supports them. And the NFTs are created or minted by the digital objects which represents tangible and intangible items which may include arts, collectibles, designer sneakers, GUFs or Virtual avatars and video game skins and music. 

NFTs are a sort of physical collector items but only digital. Instead of getting an original oil painting to hang it on the wall, the buyers are there to get the digital files. They gets exclusive ownership rights too meaning that NFTs have a single owner at a particular time. NFTs unique data make it interesting and easy to very the ownership and transfer the tokens between the owners. Owners can also store the specific information inside them. Artists also sign their artwork which includes their signature in NFTs meatdata. 


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