ARK: Survival Evolved Tips Guide – 5 Tips for Beginners

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game in every sense of the word. Not only will you be up against other people, but you’ll also be up against actual dinosaurs, which seems like fun until you’re up against a Carnotaurus with nothing but a Stone Pick.

In ARK, you start with nothing, naked and terrified, and gather resources to make essential tools. You then use those tools to construct shelter, harvest materials more efficiently, and make weapons and advanced gizmos. We’ve included a few pointers in this guide to assist you in getting started on your treacherous voyage.

ARK Survival Beginner Tips

Decide where you want to spawn.

You can choose the Zone you want to rebirth when you make a new survivor without a bed. Not only could this be useful when transferring your body, but it’s also vital to remember due to the map’s vast size.

There isn’t an optimum spawn spot; however, it’s best to avoid spawning up north if you’re new to the game. The ARK’s north side is home to dangerous monsters, including giant predatory birds and ravenous sabertooth cats.

Put some armor on as soon as possible!

You’ll need armor to survive in the ARK, whether you’re playing alone or with pals. It is preferable to purchase the entire set rather than just the top and pants. It might mean the difference between a Dilo’s next meal and getting some extra hide or meat.

Dinosaurs deal a lot of damage, and if you provoke them or merely enter their line of sight, they will kill you. Be secure and wise by investing in armor. You can also check Ark Survival Evolved Cheats.

Keep your physique in good shape.

Don’t forget to keep your physique in good shape. You can check your body’s status at the bottom-center of the screen; health, food, and water. Eat nutritious foods, drink enough water, and stay alive. At the start of the game, stay away from the mighty dinosaurs. Create a small dinosaur team, and then go for the dinosaurs.

Divide and conquer your Engram Points

You unlock a specific amount of gold when you level up and improve your stats. You learn crafting recipes by earning Engram Points. Because there aren’t sufficient Engram Points in the game for now to learn everything there is to know; it’s a good idea to share the load with your tribe members.

If you don’t have any tribal members or are going alone, preserve your points until you know precisely what you need.

Make a Foundation for Inactivity

ARK: Survival Evolved has a persistent world that keeps going even when you’re not playing. Until you log back on or someone comes along and kills you, your body will remain in the server as if it were sleeping.

While you’re down and out in the ARK, something or someone may likely come along and kill you. To stay secure, you and your tribe members will need to build a base to dwell in – preferably one that isn’t made of thatch (due to the low damage resistance).

Make Your Base a Simple Bed

It costs a lot of hides, and the maker must first know how to construct sleeping bags, but a bed is priceless. You can not only see rebirth at your bed if you die, but you can also fast travel between any beds that you and your tribe have set up.

To ensure that your spawn point is never destroyed, keep your beds near the most protected portion of the base. You don’t want to spawn on the beach only to discover that you can’t find your way back home.

Before taming anything, be sure you’ve done your homework.

Dinosaurs are notoriously difficult to train, as they should be, so make sure you’re ready before attempting to tame one. You should have a slingshot to knock the beast out and a couple of narco berries to keep him down, at the very least.

Taming a dinosaur is a long and arduous process with its own set of difficulties. Please see our article on taming your dinosaur for more information on domesticating dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Keep crafting if you want to level up faster.

ARK: Survival Evolved includes a unique leveling system in which you receive experience regardless of whether you’re online or not. Your actions within the ARK determine the rate at which you earn experience points.

Crafting is now the quickest way to gain additional experience when leveling up. Produce torches or, if you have a mortar and pestle and know how to make sparkpowder, make a bunch of that – it’ll be far more helpful.


A few parts of ARK are undoubtedly unsurprising to those who have played survival games before but are extremely useful to those who are new to the genre. Everyone who isn’t already taking advantage of the suggestions mentioned above should do so.

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