Why Your AT&T Internet is Slow and How to Fix It!


AT&T is one of the biggest internet service providers in the U.S., and every day they help millions of people get online. But it has some issues, especially when the AT&T internet is slow. Before you blame AT&T, you should find out why your internet might be slow.

There could be a problem with the service, or you could be doing something to slow down the internet. Most of us use the internet every day, and we need it to be fast and reliable. Because of the internet, we can work from home.

We can watch our favorite shows right away instead of having to wait for them to start. We can stay in touch with family and friends by making video talks. On the other hand, if the internet is slow, lots of bad things can happen. Find out why your AT&T internet is so slow, then figure out how to fix it.

Why is AT&T’s Internet so Slow?

AT&T has different internet plans that can connect a lot of gadgets in one home. The key word here is “can.” Some of the smaller AT&T Internet plans, like Internet 25, are only meant to support three to four devices and aren’t great for sharing large files, watching in HD, online gaming, and so on.

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There Can Be Problems With the Router

So that everyone in the house can use wifi internet, your AT&T needs a router. If the server isn’t working well, the Internet will move slowly. The cache can be cleared by restarting your computer, which can make your internet speed faster again.

AT&T Internet Slow

Your Modem or Router is Slowing You Down

If you have AT&T Internet, you don’t have to buy a router and modem from AT&T. Instead, you can use your own. AT&T Internet is compatible with a lot of networks and phones.

AT&T is Slowing Down Your Internet

AT&T could slow down your internet, making it harder to play games and making it take longer to download and share files. Internet service providers often (and legally) do this, even though it’s annoying when you’re paying for service. AT&T says that the company may sometimes slow down your internet link.

This can happen when the network is too busy or when you’ve used more than 75% of your data for a single billing period. If you’re already using a VPN and you’re still having trouble with your internet speed, make sure your devices aren’t broken and think about switching to a VPN that can meet your needs.

How to Quickly Fix Slow AT&T Internet?

1. Upgrade Your Plan if You’ve Used Up All Your Data

If you have a low-data plan but need to connect more than 3 or 4 devices to the internet so you can multitask or stream in HD, you should switch to a higher plan. Take a speed test with an ethernet line and compare the results to the speeds of different AT&T plans to see which one fits your needs best by giving you the same or faster speed.

Even if you think you use more data per day than your current plan allows, you should still think about upgrading. But if you don’t want to pay to change your plan, try the other ways to speed up your internet.

2. Turn Off or Disconnect Any Unwanted Devices

If removing the useless devices speeds up or evens out the internet speed, it could be that one of the devices had a background process that was using up data or that your router couldn’t handle that many devices.

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The download speed of your present plan lets you know how many devices you can connect to the same network and still get a good speed. If it’s between 50 and 100 Mbps, try not to connect more than 5 devices at once to stream, browse the web, make video calls, or download files, since that will slow the internet speed.

AT&T Internet Slow


Check the “Wireless WiFI connections” section of your router’s settings to see how many devices are linked to your network. Get rid of the ones you don’t want from here. If you think that too many devices are joining to your network at once, you should change your WiFi password and keep it a secret. If not, make a “Guest network” that people can use instead of the main network.

3. Use an Ethernet or Wired Connection

If the Ethernet speeds are normal, there is a problem with your modem, router, mesh system, or the way it is set up. The speed is always faster when you use an ethernet cable instead of a wifi signal. Choose it for machines that have a big bandwidth. The ethernet wire goes straight from the computer to the router. It is less likely to be stopped or messed with than a wireless signal.

AT&T Internet Slow

There are three types of Ethernet connections for different internet speeds:

  • CAT 5: Can be used in homes with up to 100 Mbps internet speeds.
  • CAT 5e: For internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps
  • CAT 6: For speeds of up to 10 Gbps

So, use an Ethernet wire if you want a stable connection on your PC or laptop and you are close to the router.

4. Close Apps or Software That Use a Lot of Data

Check your gadgets to find out which apps are using your data. Go to Wi-Fi choices, then Data usage, and then Wi-Fi data usage on an Android phone. This feature is not available on iPhones, though. To control and keep track of your internet, you have to download an app.

And the only good free app I could find was Network Utility. But you can on Macs. After you press Command and Space, type “Activity Monitor” into Spotlight. Go to the tab called “Network” to find out what apps are using your data. To use Windows, press the Windows key and the letter “I.”

Go to Network & Internet, then Data Usage. People who use Linux can use VnStat. It is a command-line tool that lets you watch the data on your network. Check how much data a piece of software uses to see if it’s worth letting it run in the background. If not, push it shut.

5. Turn Off and on All Your Gadgets

Some errors can be kept in the short-term memory (cache) of your router, modem, and other devices that are connected to your network. This could stop your devices from working and make your internet slower.

AT&T Internet Slow

To fix this problem, you’ll need to turn your devices off and on again to clear their caches. If you do this, you should be able to fix the mistake and get your gadget back to normal. I think turning off your router and modem for 30 seconds is the best way to restart them.

By doing this, you will clear all of the memory on your device. You can make this process easier in the future by getting a grounded plug timer. With this investment, you won’t have to manually restart your network gadgets anymore.

6. Fix the Clogged Network

Internet will be used by devices that are turned on but not being used. Don’t connect things to your Wi-Fi that you don’t need or turn them off. Check how fast your internet is after that. If you find that multiple devices slow down your link, you might need to update. If you are using Wi-Fi 5, that could be one reason.

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The machine can’t handle more than one high-bandwidth request at the same time. Check your router’s name or model number to see if it is Wi-Fi 5. If you see a “AC” instead of a “AX,” you need a new tool. Wi-Fi 6 is something to think about. I was able to fix my speed problems after I did that. This is because this technology can handle more calls at the same time.


If your AT&T network gets too busy, there are many reasons why your speed will go down a lot. In this book, you can look at everything from the top to the bottom.

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