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How to Convert FLV to MP4 on Your Computer with AVAide Video Converter

How to Convert FLV to MP4 on Your Computer with AVAide Video Converter

Nowadays, many different video formats have been released to store video and audio or deliver video content for different websites, programs or devices. With its small size and fast loading speed, FLV is used by many online video websites such as YouTube. But, sometimes, you cannot open or play the FLV video after downloading on your computer or your mobile device. So, what can you do in this case?

As a digital multimedia container format, MP4 is very commonly used in our everyday life to store video and audio. And the MP4 video is supported by almost all digital devices which can play videos. Thus, if you want to play or edit your FLV videos freely, converting FLV to MP4 might be a great way, and AVAide Video Converter can help you figure out it.

What is AVAide Video Converter?

AVAide Video Converter is a powerful program with multiple functions for computers. Its main function is to convert your video to other video formats, which means you can use it to change your video into a file with other different formats. Besides, you can also use AVAide Video Converter to rip your homemade DVD, make an MV by editing your videos, turn your videos or pictures into a collage, etc.

The supported operating systems of AVAide Video Converter contain Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, and Mac OS X 10.12 or above.

Guides of Converting FLV Video to MP4 Video

Step 1: Go to the official website of AVAide Video Converter, then tab the “TRY IT FREE” button and download it. Later, you can install it based on the on-screen instruction.


Step 2: Launch the program, and click the “Add Files” option to import the FLV video you want to convert.


Step 3: Click the pull-down option next to the “Convert All to”, and select the MP4 format for your video from the drop-down lists. And you will notice that AVAide Video Converter enables you to convert files not only to video formats, but also to audio formats and some video formats supported by mobile devices.

Step 4: If you want to edit or cut your video before the converting process, you can click the “Edit” icon or the “Cut” icon.

The “Edit” window enables you to rotate, flip, crop your video. Besides, you can modify the basic effects of your video. You can also add the filter, watermark, background music, and subtitle to your video here. After finishing the editing process, please click the “OK” button to save all changes, and then you can go back the “Converter” interface.

You can use the “Cut” feature to get the clip you want by moving the cursor on the bar with your mouse, or you could copy the clip you choose to create a new segment by clicking the “Copy” icon. Click the “Split” icon to get two segments from your video at a time. Please click the “Save” button after trimming your video.

Step 5: Finally, you can get the MP4 video you want by clicking the “Convert All” button. What’s more, you are allowed to convert multi-videos or merge them into one video while you are using AVAide Video Converter.


More Functions of AVAide Video Converter May Interest You

Homemade DVD Ripper

Nowadays, we have to admit that DVD is less used than before as a tool to watch or store videos. And when you want to edit the homemade DVD, you may have trouble with it. Thus, AVAide Video Converter offers the homemade DVD Ripper, which is a great and convenient tool for you. Because it enables you to rip your homemade DVD into the digital video, so that you can edit and play it freely and easily. Besides, the homemade DVD Ripper supports over 200 video and audio formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MTS, and so on for you to choose.

MV Maker

If you want to use the videos taken by yourself to make an amazing MV, AVAide Video Converter can satisfy you too. There is a function called MV Maker can let you add a few video files and edit and trim them. The MV Maker also offers several themes for you to select to make your videos more beautiful. And you can adjust the order of your video files with ease here, which ease your worry about adding video files in the wrong order.

What’s more, this function enables you to edit the Start Title and End Title, and add the new background music and set it with different forms like Loop play, Fade in, and Fade out.

Collage Maker

If you want to let your video look cool and get more attention when you upload it to the video website like YouTube, you can use the Collage Maker function offered by AVAide Video Converter. There are several templates and filters for you to choose to beautify your collage. And you can put two or more video clips/pictures into one screen with thease interesting templates. In addition, you can also add a piece of new background music to your collage.


AVAide Video Converter has a Toolbox. And there are many popular and easy-to-use tools for you, such as Media Metadata Editor, Video Compressor, GIF Maker, 3D Maker, Video Enhancer, Video Speed Controller, Video Reverser, Volume Booster, etc.


It is a great and easy way to convert the FLV file to the MP4 file on the computer for you. When you need to convert FLV to MP4, you can download AVAide Video Converter and have a try. Moreover, AVAide Video Converter is not just a file format converting tool, it also enables you to edit your file, make a MV, make a collage, and use other popular tools.


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