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 Bachelor of International Business in the Hospitality Industry at the Glion Institute of Higher Education

Bachelor of International Business in the Hospitality Industry at the Glion Institute of Higher Education

The prestigious Swiss university Glion Institute of Higher Education has made some changes to academic programs since 2018. Since January, students can study at Glion on Bachelor’s degree programs – Bachelor of Business Administration and Master’s degree – Master of Science. In this article, we want to provide you with a full description of the Bachelor’s degree program, which is held on the campus of Glion University in Switzerland. We remind you that the university accepts documents for enrollment until the end of May 2022. Education at Glion Institute is quite challenging, so most students require some help with essay to improve their academic performance.

Important Reasons to Study Hospitality at the Glion Institute of Higher Education

  • The university is included in the list of the best hospitality institutes in the world
  • 89% of Glion graduates get a job offer in the first months after graduation
  • More than 13600 graduates of Glion University work in 150 countries around the world
  • 154 international companies in the industry visit the university campus to recruit students
  • In 2016 Worldwide Hospitality Awards awarded the Glion Institute of Higher Education the “Best Innovation in an Academic Program” award in Paris

The BBA program in International business in the hospitality industry provides you with the knowledge, skills, and irreplaceable experience that are necessary for further employment in the field of hotel management and tourism. Thanks to a well-thought-out training program, students will learn about the latest trends and trends in the hospitality industry and will be ready for many exciting roles: from creating boutique hotels to promoting luxury brands. The program includes 2 mandatory internships, with a total duration of 1 year. You will study and live in a multicultural environment, in magnificent campuses in the cities of Glion and Bulle, train in prestigious companies around the world, and receive a sought-after education.

Structure of the Bachelor’s degree program 

Bachelor Degree (BBA) in International Hospitality Business

Semester: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Campus: Glion 1st Internship Bulle, London* or Marbella* Bulle, London*, Marbella* or Shanghai 2st Internship Bulle Bulle BBA 3.5 – Year Program
Practical Arts Fundamentals of Hospitality Fundamentals of Hospitality Business Integration Hospitality Specialization

Students receive a Bachelor’s degree in business management in the field of international hospitality. The Bachelor’s degree from Glion University is accredited by the prestigious NEASC organization.

Specializations in the Bachelor’s program:

Luxury and Brand Management in Hospitality

International Hotel Development and Finance

International Event Management

What do students study in the Bachelor’s program 

1 semester: Practical classes. Take place on the Glion campus in Switzerland. During the semester, students will fully gain practical skills, discover the world of hospitality, learn about new trends, innovations and gain a holistic understanding of all operational processes in the organization in the field of hospitality.

The course includes:

Practical Art

Service: restaurants and cafes

Cuisine: restaurants and cafes

Logistics: stewardship and pre-training

Rooms: Front Office and room service


Culture of hospitality

Introduction to Number Management

Introduction to Food and Beverages

Knowledge of beverages

Business English

Business communication

2nd Semester: Internship. Obtaining professional skills in a real business environment

3rd Semester: Operational skills and business competencies in the hospitality industry.

The course includes:

Basics of Hospitality

Basics of Hospitality Marketing

Financial accounting of hospitality

Food and Beverage Management

People and workplace productivity

Applied mathematics and statistics in the field of the hotel business

IT tools for business (Excel and PowerPoint)

Foreign languages of choice (French, Spanish)

4th Semester: Development of managerial skills, understanding of organizational processes, solving tasks and problems in the modern dynamic hospitality industry

The course includes:



Sales and online marketing in the hospitality business

Management accounting

Managing numbers

Economics in the hospitality and tourism industry

Operational management in hospitality and event management

Professional communication and academic writing

Foreign languages of choice (French, Spanish)

5th Semester: Internship. Development of management skills in a real business environment.

Semester 6: Integration of skills, knowledge, and experience for the management at the strategic level.

The course includes:

Business strategies

Business development and strategy

Corporate Finance

International law and risk management

Revenue management and distribution channels

Talent Management, HR

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

Research methods or project management

7th Semester: Development of skills, knowledge, and experience within the chosen specialization. Work on a project using innovative solutions.

The course includes:

Specialization and Business Project under the specialization chosen by the student

Minimum entrance requirements for foreign students 

Graduates of foreign schools can enter the Glion Institute of Higher Education University right after the 11th grade. If you want to study at the Swiss campus of an educational institution, there is no need to undergo an additional training program. Basic requirements: a high score in English and good academic performance at school.

Minimum age: 17 and a half years at the beginning of the program

Education: Completed secondary education (IB diploma, Maturité, Abitur, French Bac, 3 A-levels,

High school diploma or equivalent)

English language requirements:

If English is not your native language or if you have not spent the last three years of study at a school where English is the main language of instruction, you are obliged to provide one of the following documents:

International English Proficiency Test (IELTS): 5.5 in general (at least 5.0 in each sub-component), only those tests that are accepted at the official IELTS center are accepted.

Testing of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): IBT-70 or PBT 525

First Cambridge Exam (FCE): Level “C”

Enroll in Glion Institute of Higher Education

The educational agency provides a full range of services for admission to the universities of hospitality Glion and Les Roches. Together with the student, they go through the following steps in the application process:

  • Consultation with the student, development of an individual enrollment plan
  • Collection and submission of documents
  • Payment of the application fee 250 CHF
  • Examination of documents, conducting an introductory interview
  • In case of a positive decision, payment of a deposit of 3000 CHF (within 14 days from the date of receipt of the offer from the university)
  • Receipt of original documents on enrollment
  • Payment of the full invoice (the exact date is indicated in the invoice)
  • Submission of documents for a Swiss student visa
  • Information session before departure
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