If you have an iPhone and you updated your iOS to version 14, you might have noticed that your battery is draining faster. This version of iOS attracted many people due to amazing features – home screen customization options better than on any other iOS version before. However, if you have read Twitter, for example, users are reporting even 87% battery drop within one hour. All that just because of iOS 14.

So, you are not the only one with this issue. If you have an iPhone for a longer time, you know that usually, beta versions of iOS have this issue that developers are fixing in the later stages. Yet, it seems that this time the battery drain issue is extremely serious.

This is why I would like to show you few tricks that you can use to fix the battery drain on your iOS 14.

Keep your iPhone’s brightness lowered

As you know, brightness is a heavy battery consumer. Since iPhones usually have good screen resolution and solid visibility, unless you are outside in the bright sun, you can keep your brightness lowered. This way, you can preserve your battery life and extend it for a couple of hours.

You can reduce the brightness by entering “Settings” > “Display and Brightness”.

Battery drains on iOS 14

Another suggestion, you can put your phone in the Dark Mode and it will consume less battery.

Battery drains on iOS 14

Keep your iPhone face down

As you might know, iPhone 5 and above can recognize the environment and is sending you notifications based on this. For example, if the phone is in a dark place such as your pocket or bag, it will not send you a notification. Therefore, putting your iPhone face down on your desk will give it the same thing – the place is dark, no need for notifications. In case you are getting a lot of notifications daily, this can help preserve your battery life.

I’d like to mention just a couple of iPhone newer models that are heavily affected by this iOS 14 bugs.

iPhone 11 battery life

If you have an iPhone 11, any version, you know that iOS 14 is draining your battery. Even on the Pro Max version of iPhone 11 that has enormous battery capacity, you can experience these issues. However, the general life of the iPhone 11 battery is amazing. The battery can go a day easily even if you’re a heavy user. Now, the bad thing is that a fast charger does not come with your device, but I would certainly recommend you to buy one, especially if you have iOS 14 and battery draining issues.

iPhone SE 2020 battery life

As many of you know, iPhone SE 2020 is considered Apple’s budget phone. It’s way more affordable than iPhone 11 and most certainly more affordable than iPhone 12. However, if you compare iPhone SE and other phones, including some Android versions, you will see that the battery life of this phone is not so great. The battery will last approximately 13h when watching videos and only 8 hours of streaming videos. So, you can imagine what iOS 14 would do to your SE iPhone.

iPhone 8 battery life

Once it was revealed, iPhone 8 was considered a major improvement compared to iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. This was the first time we’ve seen a battery of an iPhone lasting one full day without the need to charge. Again, the problem here is that the fast charger or USB-C does not come with the phone itself, but if you bought yourself one, you should be able to use iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus without any issues! However, be aware that iOS 14 can drain your battery on this model as well.

Also, if you are buying an iPhone 8 that is not new, be aware that by the time iPhone’s battery life is reducing. Check the battery health and decide does it worth the money!

If you have any other recommendations to improve iPhone’s battery life, let us know!

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