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 Battlefield 2042 1 Release Date Announce, Battle Pass Revealed

Battlefield 2042 1 Release Date Announce, Battle Pass Revealed

Battlefield 2042 1 is now available across all platforms. Check out the full patch notes below for the full list of Season 1’s first major corrections, weapon overhaul, and vehicle modifications. You can find the complete changelog down below.

Patch notes for Battlefield 2042 1 update

Battlefield 2042 1 General

  • It has been added to the Main Menu to indicate how many friends are online at any given time. The number of online friends you have may now be seen right in the Social tab.
  • The voice input device is now displayed in voice chat options.
  • Fixed an issue where controllers were failing to provide input when the game was launched.
  • No more being stopped in the lobby at the “party leader selects game” screen when the leader has already entered the next game. Friendship is a group effort!

Battlefield 2042 1

  • When utilising an alternate controller scheme, you will no longer see Unassigned or Not Set text in the menus.
  • From now on, the Social menu will display an icon for the current party leader.
  • The vehicle’s third-person field of view camera settings now take effect immediately, eliminating the need to repeatedly cycle through the camera menus.
  • When you switch squads while in a party, your VoIP settings are now automatically switched to Party.
  • When the “Show Kills Made” setting was set to ALL, the Kill Log might occasionally fail to display all kills. It now displays all kills correctly.
  • It is now possible to see weapon charms when browsing the menu.
  • The right expiration period has been added to Bonus Missions.
  • After a Portal match, the Battle Pass reward end-of-round images are back.
  • Charms can now be previewed in the catalogue using the Zoom button.
  • When previewing menus, zooming in and out has been improved.
  • Icons for players you’ve eliminated that were overlapping have now been fixed.

Previously unrewarded Challenges should now retroactively award their reward:

  • It has been decided to add the following new XP events to the list.
  • When you snipe and kill an air vehicle’s pilot, a new bonus event is triggered.
  • Disarming an enemy AT Mine with Interact initiates a new event called the Disarming Mine Event.
  • In the event that someone using a vehicle that you recently fixed kills an enemy while driving it, Repair Assist will activate.

Spot Assists now only award 10 XP as a reward:

  • The process for selecting the Match’s Players of the Match is now more standardised.
  • When a player’s state changes, their icons and health bars will be updated more quickly.
  • To improve the overall camera experience, I made a number of adjustments.

Several enhancements have been made to the Kill Card:

  • The Kill Card now displays a list of nearby or incoming receivers alongside information about the assaitant.
  • There is no assist shown on the Killcard if no one assisted in the kill.
  • The Killcard now has its own animation, which may be used to show it, hide it, or skip it.

Portal to the Battlefield

  • The Web Builder now includes new game presets for Air Superiority and Ground Superiority.
  • In both Air Superiority and Ground Superiority, you have the option to change the number of vehicles.
  • On maps from the Classic era, AI Soldiers are now better at scaling ladders.
  • Ammo Crates may now resupply underbarrel attachments as planned.
  • The Restrictions tab now includes Ranger.
  • In-HQ use of the teleportation action block is now possible.

Battlefield 2042 1


The following characters have been given new and distinct voices:

  •  ABritish Engineer on the Battlefield of 1942
  • American Anti-Tank Warfare in 1942
  • German Engineer in the Battle of the Bulge of 1942
  • Non-squad soldiers in Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 now have their own voice over lines.


Four new, extra-compact layouts have been added to the existing maps (Battle of the Bulge, El Alamein, Kaleidoscope and Manifest). However, they’ll also operate with Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All modes, allowing you to create new Vehicle TDM adventures!

Terrain, prop, and collision concerns have been addressed in several Classic era maps.


  • By disabling passenger seats, the maximum number of vehicles can be increased.
  • The availability of passenger seats can now be toggled on and off.
  • Vehicles now have the ability to use the new Set Max Health Multiplier modifier.
  • Infinite Weapon Magazines has been added to the list of available modifiers.
  • Projectile speed multiplier for throwable items has been added.

Editor of Rules

  • VehicleName selection list and CompareVehicleName value block have been added.
  • Value blocks for vehicle states and positions have been added.
  • cars now have GetVehicleState GetFacingDirection as a new value block
  • Array value block for “All Players Inside Vehicles”
  • Incorporated value block for GetVehicleState linear velocity into code
  • Enabled and disabled capture spots for the Air and Ground Superiority experiences.
  • Addition of value block for GetCapturePoint
  • Allow additional payloads in Error Logs to be sent by error reports.
  • Create a new action block in the Logic Editor to issue customised error reports.


  • A Bad Company 2
  • The Mi-24 Hind has taken the position of the Russian team’s UH-60.
  • The Russian team’s BMP-2 was replaced by the BMD-3.
  • The Battlefield 3
  • The A-10 Warthog and the SU-25TM Frogfoot have been added to the list of available aircraft.


  • Solved a number of issues with melee weapon clipping when vaulting over objects.
  • Many devices that were clipping through hands while vaulting have now been fixed!
  • Tossing EMP Grenades won’t have an effect on anyone beyond your line of sight now.

AA Missile Type FXM-33

It is now possible to switch weapons while still using the FXM-33AA Missile UI.

When using the FXM-33 AA to lock on to Helicopters, the ‘In Stealth’ condition was not displayed.

Fix-It Kit

  • Repairing damaged automobiles no longer results in a voice over saying “Repairing.”
  • No longer does using the Repair Tool result in the camera jerking when it’s used.
  • a launcher for smoke grenades
  • Kill Logs and Kill Cards now properly indicate the name of the Smoke Grenade Launcher.


Using the correct colours, the overlay on vehicles for the SOFLAM has been updated to display grey while in progress and yellow when fully latched on.

Beacon is spawned

To destroy the Spawn Beacon, you only need one to two rounds instead of four to seven.

Battlefield 2042 1

The Dangerous Area

  • Several alterations have been made to Hazard Zone’s dependency on Data Drive Scanners. This should help you better comprehend the mode and provide you more options in the gadgets you may deploy with.
  • A $200 jump in the Data Drive Scanner’s price from zero.
  • Scanners now only reveal the presence of Data Drives in the hands of players.
  • There is now a worldwide display of data drives across the world
  • The IBA Armor Plates default gadget is now free.
  • Second Chance is a new mechanic in Hazard Zone. New squad members will be more forgiving in the beginning, when you’re learning about them and getting to know one other.
  • After 15 seconds, the entire squad gets redeployed at a different position from where it was initially put if your squad wipes before the initial extraction.
  • Players are now spawned at 500m instead of 100m when using Redeploy and Second Chance. The parachute cannot be utilised until the player is 100 metres above the earth.
  • A number of additional tweaks have been made to speed up the process of entering a Hazard Zone match.

Map Overview is no longer available:

  • Even if the server isn’t completely filled, the timer for starting a new round can now be started even if there aren’t any players.
  • Changed the start timer from two to one minute.
  • Items that Can Be Used as a Weapon
  • The Quickdraw Holster is no longer available.
  • Two extra throwability points have been added, up from one previously.

Faster Healing I – A 50% increase in healing, up from 20%.

  • Insider Information – Location revealed 60s before impact, up from 30s previously.
  • Speculation – The rarity has been reduced from Epic to Rare.
  • Costs reduced from 400 to 200 credits thanks to insider information
  • Up from 50% to 100% detection rate, thanks to biometric scanning.
  • The rarity of biometric scanning has been raised from Common to Rare.
  • An increase in the cost from 100 to 200 Credits for Biometric Scanning
  • Increasing the cost of the Table Deal from 400 to 600 Credits

Ammo Increase II – From +2 to +3 extra magazines, this is a significant improvement.

This time around, the rarity of ammunition has been increased from Rare to Epic.

From 400 to 600 Credits, the cost of ammunition has been increased.

Faster Healing II – Increased healing from 50% to 100%.

From 400 Credits to 600 Credits, the cost of Faster Healing II has been increased.

Maps and Game Modes

  • This update addressed a number of issues relating to collision, lighting, and interactivity on current-era maps.
  • Players on Discarded could get stranded when they started up. This issue has been fixed.
  • On Discarded, EMP Grenades exploded immediately after being tossed. This was fixed.
  • No longer does it occur that the erroneous voiceovers would play during overtime in a match.


  • Attackers and Defenders now have their own icon sets.
  • Defenders can now see a directional retreat indicator. You can use this to figure out where you need to retreat to.
  • Objective icons now display a Hold, Defend, Attack, or Retake description to make it clearer where you need to go in order to complete the task at hand.
  • During a match, audio has been manipulated to enhance the sense of suspense.
  • End of Round screens now have a smoother transition from the match to the End of Round screen


  • As soldiers race up steep slopes, they will no longer be able to clip the terrain.
  • When vaulting, gadgets and weapons will no longer clip through walls.
  • As a passenger, your ping’s location is no longer erroneous.
  • After sliding, jumping will no longer be interrupted.
  • The animations for soldiers’ hip rotation have been enhanced.
  • If you previously couldn’t leap over angled walls, you can now do so.
  • When prone and Aiming Down Sights, you can now move.
  • The camera no longer moves slightly when strafing.

Battlefield 2042 1

Soldier movement animations have received a number of enhancements, including:

  • As a result, 3P animations can now look about a bit before starting to spin.
  • In the 3P animations, leaning was added
  • New and enhanced idle animations have been added.
  • Now your 3P animation shows that you’re in traversal sprint all of the time.
  • The enemy resurrect animation has been fine-tuned.
  • An upside-down plane animation for a soldier leaping and lowering has been improved.
  • You can now see the correct melee animation while switching to your primary weapon in mid-attack.
  • Damage caused by falling objects should no longer be erratic.
  • Refinements have been made to traversal sprint animations while looking down.
  • When pinging an enemy Hovercraft, a voiceover noting that it is empty and ready for usage is no longer played.
  • After a takedown, players should no longer glide away.

Fixed an issue with the animation of the Ammo or Medical Crate being thrown while vaulting:

  • The redeploying death animation was eliminated.
  • After either is deployed, the Parachute / Wingsuit suggestion disappears from the screen.
  • If you resuscitate a teammate who was trapped under a car, you will no longer automatically enter the vehicle.
  • Taking you down will no longer necessitate a takedown notification.
  • Interrupting the animation of ADS’s Initial Deployment has been made available
  • The animations of various weapons were broken when moving, however this has been corrected.
  • Some of the weapon attachments were able to become misplaced when a player was revived. Their fear of the dead has been alleviated.



  • Interacting with the Loadout Crate no longer results in a false positive for a blocked loadout.
  • It’s now able to interact with Angels’ Supply Crate while crouching.
  • Resolved an issue with the Supply Bag animation repeating when it was selected repeatedly.
  • While being revived by Angel, the 3P flash effect can be seen.
  • A rewording of Angel’s Trait indicates that he now just provides ammunition, rather than armour.


  • Fixed a number of issues with the SG-36 Sentry Gun’s positioning on Exposure.
  • After the SG-36 Sentry Gun has been deployed, the “Place Turret” indication disappears.
  • The SG-36 Sentry Gun’s downward-firing capability at severe angles has been discontinued.
  • No more broken glass for SG-36 Sentry Gun


The OV-P Recon Drone, which allowed players to see past walls, may no longer be used in elevators. The drone will now be destroyed as a result of this.


When Dozer is killed by a hail of bullets while wearing the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield, the right Kill Card is now displayed. G-84 TGM missiles are no longer an issue for the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield.


When using ADS with the S21 Syrette Pistol, the correct visual pattern is now displayed instead of a red lined pattern.

S21 Syrette Pistol friendly fire no longer occasionally activates the friendly fire voice over when shooting teammates


  • To exit the G-84 TGM TV screen, you must be hit with EMP Field Grenades.
  • Lis’ G-84 TGM missile no longer flies into bushes when a fix was applied.
  • The Sundance Anti Armor Grenade no longer chased after Lis’ G-84 TGM missile due to a bug that had been fixed.
  • One second has been added to the G-84 TGM screen exit delay.
  • The G-84 TGM’s missile is no longer capable of causing damage to friendly aircraft.
  • Vehicles will no longer deflect the G-84 TGM missile.


To prevent the Hack indication from becoming stuck once a hack has been initiated,

Battlefield 2042 1 Sundance

No longer does the Anti-Armor Smart Explosive UI get stuck in lock-on mode when the grenade has already been fired.

Scatter Grenade deaths are now properly shown in the Kill Feed.


Paik’s EMG-X Scanner can no longer be activated by scrolling through weaponry using a mouse wheel.


  • To avoid text clipping or overlap, the Commorose now displays objective names that have been condensed.
  • As a result, the Nearby Players list now appropriately displays the location of teammates.
  • Friendly fire deaths are no longer counted as enemies in the Kill Feed.
  • No longer does the Need Spotting Commorose command display empty text in the in-game feed
  • When a player’s name tag is obscured by cover, it no longer changes position.
  • After killing an enemy, you won’t see a hit indicator.

Battlefield 2042 1 Vehicles

  • Anti-Air and Anti-Tank missiles will now be able to acquire fresh targets immediately. As a result, altering goals should be a lot easier.
  • Empty vehicles are now also targeted by anti-tank missiles, ensuring that you don’t miss your intended target.
  • Lock-on missile target acquisition has been much enhanced.
  • In the collection screens, the YG-99 would appear a little battered. We’ve sanded and polished it.
  • No longer shows negative numbers for Stealth bombing coordinates.
  • Throughout the Stealth Helicopter weaponry descriptions, we’ve taught our autocorrect how to correctly spell Suppressed.
  • The yawing input now ceases when the mouse is not moving when flying an aircraft.
  • Tow missiles can no longer be fired from vehicles while the player is still in control of the first one.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented driver/pilot freelook, gunner, and passenger seats from following the camera’s position in the minimap view cone.
  • Damage markers have been updated to fix overlapping HUDs in vehicles.
  • The camera no longer goes inside the vehicle when you run over a street lamp. An automobile lamp of love.
  • You should no longer be able to see the SU-57’s landing gear as it flies.
  • The Polaris Sportsman camera will no longer wobble severely if the driver dies while operating the vehicle.
  • Resolved a jittering issue with Stealth Helicopter bombs when they were dropping.
  • Bullet tracers fired from vehicle weapons would occasionally go the wrong way. There is now an internal compass that is pointing in the proper direction.
  • Crosshairs for grenade launchers on moving vehicles no longer show incorrect ammunition.
  • When you exit a vehicle, the vital health recovery audio cue is triggered.
  • Friendly vehicles can now be killed without being labelled as enemy targets on the killcam.

Scud/SU-57 FELON 25mm cannon mounted on F-35E Panther (internal)

  • From 20 to 30 points of damage
  • The starting damage drop-off has been raised from 100 to 250.
  • The dispersion has been reduced to a minimum.
  • Decreased from 1 to 0.7 in maximum dispersion.
  • The rise in dispersion per shot was reduced.

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Battlefield 2042 1

Battlefield 2042 1 Missile Launched from an Airplane

  • Missiles can now be fired at a rate of 90 times per second.
  • The replenish delay went from 8 to 20 seconds.
  • Increased from 1s to 1.5s in lock time
  • Reduction in the lock release time from 1s to 0.5s
  • Air-to-Air missile launched from a commercial airliner
  • Lock time was increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.
  • 20mm Cannon Mounted on MD540 Nightbird
  • The firing rate was reduced from 250 to 200.
  • The replenishment time went from 1.8 to 2.5 minutes.
  • Pod for the T28 / M1A5 – Kinetic Grenade
  • Reduce the blast arc from 10 to 7 metres.
  • Lowered from 4 to 3 metres (inner blast radius)


  • Anti-vehicle weapon Autocannon has been reworked to be a short range weapon with diminishing power at extended distances:
  • A reduction in speed from 980 mph to 300 mph
  • Increased from 120 to 140 shots per minute
  • Infliction damage was raised from 40 to 65.
  • At a distance of 25 metres, additional damage is dealt.
  • Additional damage is dealt over a 150-meter distance.
  • Blast damage is now thrown off the curve.

Battlefield 2042 1 Damage from a blast has increased from ten to twenty-five

  • A range of 1 to 3 metres in blast radius.
  • Pod for a 50mm cannon, MV38-Condor
  • He is now only able to fire single bullets
  • Decreased from 110 to 40 the rate of fire
  • Slower fire rate necessitates a longer replenishment wait.

Battlefield 2042 1 Weapons

  • A single rate of fire is no longer wrongly displayed for the AK-24.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon’s recoil wasn’t being reduced as expected by AK-24 accessories.
  • It was discovered that the rate of fire for AC-42 magazines was incorrectly shown in the game.
  • Repaired an issue where MCS-880 Flechettes were dealing excessive damage at longer ranges than intended.
  • When employing an underbarrel attachment, some weapons would not play reload noises.

SWS-10 Extended mag’s negative rate of fire has been fixed at the collection screen:

  • Bullets are no longer visible through scopes on DDM4 magazines that have been updated.
  • There was an issue with incendiary grenade underbarrel time remaining.
  • When opening the Plus Menu, attachments were missing. This has now been fixed.
  • It was discovered that the bipod was deploying itself with different scopes.
  • When a player changed equipment or entered a vehicle while in 1P, their laser sights would stop operating. No longer does this occur.
  • The bipod deployment animation is no longer triggered while exiting a vehicle with the DXR-1.
  • There is a 75m boost in M44 Revolver damage
  • Corrected a problem that prevented passengers in open seats from using aim assist.
  • The shifting of attachments had improperly triggered some underbarrel attachments, which has been fixed.
  • Swapping attachments resolved a problem that allowed some bolt action rifles to discharge quicker than intended.
  • We’ve improved DMRs for long-range combat because they were underperforming previously. In order to reduce the amount of time it takes to get a shot off, we’ve increased the Bullet Speed.

BSV-M: from 700 to 790

  • From 860 up to 960.
  • 600 to 700 VCAR.
  • From 740 through 800 DM7

Additionally, we discovered that headshots weren’t rewarding enough for long combat engagements. In order to fix this, we’ve increased their long-range Headshot Damage Multiplier:

The BSV-M / DM7: 1.9x -> 2.2x:

  • In the case of the 1.5x version, this becomes the 1.6x version.
  • In this case, the value of the vehicle was increased from 1.8x to 2x
  • You should expect your DMRs to behave the same way they always did when facing off against Assault Rifles and SMGs at close to medium range.
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