Location of Beach Club Observatory Deck in Warzone Season 2!


People can now get used to Ashika Island and figure out how it works because it has a lot of new places. Since February 15, 2023, when Season 2 of Warzone 2.0 DMZ came out, players have had a lot more Faction Missions to complete. Here is a quick look at where the Beach Club Observatory Deck is on Ashika Island. The “Muddy Waters” Legion Tier 1 Mission depends on this Deck.

Season 2 of Warzone DMZ

Here is all you need to know about Season 2 of Warzone DMZ. Players have been waiting for new places, weapons, and game types since it came out. Warzone is one of the most popular Battle Royale games, and Season 2 looks like it will take it to a whole new level.

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New Maps

Season 2 adds four new maps to the game. Each map has its own traits and ways to play. The name of the first map is “Mansion,” and it takes place in a big, fancy house with a pool and a lot of land.

beach club observatory deck

The second map is called “Airfield,” and it takes place at a military airport with a number of hangars and planes. The third map is called “Market,” and it takes place in a busy market with narrow alleys and secret paths.

beach club observatory deck

The last map is called “Port,” and it is set in a busy port with big cargo ships and cranes. Each of these maps has a different way to play, so players will have to change their tactics for each one. There is a place for you whether you like to fight close up or far away.

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New Weapons

Season 2 also adds new guns to the game, and each one has its own pros and cons. The Galil is the first weapon. It is a strong attack gun that works best at middle range. The MAC-10 is the second weapon. It is a dangerous submachine gun that is good for fighting up close. The Groza is the third tool. It is a versatile attack gun that works well both far away and up close.

beach club observatory deck

These new guns give the game more variety and give players new ways to load up. There is a weapon for everyone, whether you like to rush in with a submachine gun or kill enemies from far away with a sniper rifle.

New Game Modes

Season 2 also has new game types, maps, and guns. The name of the first game mode is “Blood Money.” It is a different version of how the Plunder game is played. In this game mode, players have to get as much money as they can and put it in certain places to earn points.

beach club observatory deck

Resurgence Extreme is the second game mode. It is a changed version of the Resurgence game mode. In this game mode, players must work together to get rid of the other teams and be the last one left. But there’s a catch: people who die will come back after a certain amount of time. This makes it a wild and fast-paced game style.

beach club observatory deck

The third mode of play is called “Exfiltration.” It’s a new game mode in which players have to find a radio and take control of it. Once the player gets the radio, they have to hold on to it for a certain amount of time while avoiding enemy attacks. If the players win, the game is over and they can leave.

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New Challenges

In Season 2, players can do new jobs to earn special rewards. Some of these jobs involve reaching certain goals in different game modes or using certain tools or weapons. By finishing these challenges, players can usually get XP, skins, and other rewards that they can’t get by just playing the game.

beach club observatory deck

Location of the Observatory Deck in Warzone DMZ

In Warzone DMZ Season 2, the Observatory deck of the DMZ Ashika Island Beach Club is still on the top floor of the main building. People still go there to get the best view of the ocean and the land around it.

beach club observatory deck

With the new Fast Travel tool in Warzone DMZ Season 2, players can get to the Observatory deck faster. Find one of the Fast Travel stations all over the map, and then choose “DMZ Ashika Island Beach Club” from the list of places. The Fast Travel system will take you straight to the Club’s main building, where you can take the lift to the top floor and go to the Observatory deck.

When you get to the Observatory deck, you’ll find that it’s been changed to make the experience feel even more real. Now, the deck has new parts that can be used to enjoy the view and connect with the environment. On Warzone DMZ Season 2, the Observatory deck is a great place to take a break from all the excitement. You can look at the scenery or watch the sun go down.

beach club observatory deck

So, if you want a beautiful view and a quiet place to hang out in Season 2, go to the Observatory deck at the DMZ Ashika Island Beach Club. This is a chance you won’t want to miss.

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In conclusion, Season 2 of Warzone DMZ adds a lot of new features and content that players are sure to like. There is something for everyone, from the new maps and weapons to the new game types and jobs.

Season 2 has almost everything you need, whether you like to rush targets with a submachine gun or kill them from far away with a sniper rifle. You have more ways to play and more chances to win special prizes with the new game modes and jobs. Since it came out, Warzone DMZ has been a great Battle Royale game, and it looks like Season 2 will take it to a whole new level. So get ready, put on your gear, and let the games start!

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