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Best 360-degrees YouTube videos out there

If you haven’t seen one of the following YouTube videos on your Android device, you have really missed out.

YouTube recently released a new feature, which allows viewing 360-degree videos on your mobile device. The YouTube app will recognize the orientation of your device using the built-in gyroscope, and will allow you to immerse yourself in the amazingly exciting experience, which brings us mortals, without an Oculus Rift, one step closer to Virtual Reality.

Check it out yourself! Below you will find our favorite 360° videos! Go ahead and open this post on your mobile device and enjoy the experience!

Didn’t get tickets to Tomorrowland? No problem.

The closest you will probably get to being an F1 driver

Better than those GoPro commercials

360-degree view of a rope swing jump. Look down.

San Francisco – 360 view going down the famous Lombard Street

Experience Santa’s village, as if you were there (or not)

Now that this technology is out there and the public is well-aware, we will surely see more and more of these freakishly awesome 360-degree videos!

What would you love to see in 360? 😉

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