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Best iOS Jailbreak Apps – Essential Guide

Best iOS Jailbreak Apps Guide

Jailbreaking your iOS device is fairly easy – thanks to evasi0n. It will only take a few minutes and you will get access to tons of great iOS tweaks and jailbreak apps that will improve your iOS user experience drastically.

Last week we have already published an article on Android rooting, custom roms and root apps. Now it’s time to get the most out of your iOS device with Cydia apps & tweaks.

3 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iOS Device

  1. Access to Cydia, a distribution platform for apps, tweaks, themes and more
  2. Install apps and tweaks that are not available on Apple’s App Store
  3. Use themes and personalize iOS

How To Jailbreak Your iOS Device

Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPad mini running iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2 is fairly easy and can be done in a few minutes. Attention: If you’ve already updated your iOS device to 6.1.3 you won’t be able to jailbreak your device at the moment!

Before you get started you need to make sure to

Head over to the evasi0n website, download their tool for MacOS, Windows or Linux and follow the instructions given in the app. Please leave iOS and iTunes alone while jailbreaking your device to avoid errors. The evasi0n app will tell you when you’re done!

Best iOS Jailbreak Apps

After successfully jailbreaking your iOS device you will find a new app installed called Cydia on your home screen. Open Cydia to download and install the latest tweaks, themes and jailbreak apps. Sometimes you need to add a new repository or source to find the files you are searching for. To add a new source, head over to “Sources”, click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner followed by the “Add” button on the left side.

Below is a selection of great iOS jailbreak apps & tweaks that are essential for the jailbroken devices in my opinion. Just search for the names and Cydia and you will be able to install them!

Browser Changer (free)

BrowserChanger allows you to select third party browsers as default browsers. Since Google Chrome is my favorite browser, this tweak offers the possibility to automatically open links in Chrome (or any other third party browser) instead of Safari. You are also able to force iOS to open map links in Google Maps instead of Apple’s alternative.

Nitrous ($0.99)

Nitrous improves JavaScript performance in WebKit-heavy applications. Apps like Google Chrome or Facebook will be incredible fast after installing this tweak!

SwipeSelection (free)

Typing on an iOS device can be annoying from time to time, especially when you want to change something you typed earlier. Using SwipeSelection you can simply swipe your fingers on the virtual keyboard the move the cursor.

Plugication (free)

Automatically pauses music when disconnecting headphones from your iOS device and resumes when plugging them in again. Small tweak, but really handy!

Activator (free)

Offers you the possibility to control your iDevice with buttons and gestures.

Auxo ($1.99)

Auxo redefines to iOS app switcher by providing a preview to open apps and the possibility to close and app by simply swiping down. Unfortunately this tweak is not available for iPads yet.


Using Winterboard, you can install themes on your iOS device and change how the user interface looks like. There are tons of themes available, some of them really nice but also many crappy looking ones.

ProTube ($1.99)

ProTube is an alternative YouTube app that offers many possibilities such as downloading videos and music in any available quality or watching blocked videos.

iCleaner (free)

With iCleaner you are able to (guess what!) clean your iOS device from unnecessary files and left-overs from long uninstalled apps. You can clean your cache, remove old cookies and old temporary files.

KillBackground (free)

If you are like me, you always have tons of apps open all the time. Closing them can be quite time consuming. KillBackground offers the possibility to simply close all apps by clicking one button.

Octopus Keyboard ($4.99)

Octupus Keyboard is a smart keyboard that predicts what you are about to type. It’s design and functionality is inspired by the new BlackBerry keyboard. It’s not as great as SwiftKey Flow, but it is defiantly an improvement for slow typers.

f.lux (free)

Some of you might be familiar with f.lux from their computer. It basically adjusts the your screen to more warmer colors that will help you to use your iOS device during the night. Using f.lux, you won’t be blinded when you’re checking the time on your iPhone during the night the next time.

BiteSMS (free)

BiteSMS is a great alternative to Apple’s built-in text messaging app. It offers many extra features such as quick replying, scheduled messaging or passcode lock (to avoid drunk texting 😉 ).

AdBlocker ($2.19)

Like with AdAway for Android, I struggled a little bit when deciding to either include AdBlocker or not. It’s great for users but bad for app publishers and marketers. Using AdBlocker, you can disable any advertisements in your browser but also apps. Be fair and purchase paid versions of apps or donate a small amount to developers to make sure they will keep on programming great apps!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below! Do you think that I forgot any apps or tweaks in the apps? Let me know!

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