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 Top 6 Best iPad Applications for Drawing for Free

Top 6 Best iPad Applications for Drawing for Free

What are the Best iPad applications for drawing? Drawing digitally used to seem unreachable to me, but after over two years of using the Procreate software on my iPad, it’s become one of my favourite pastimes. Using my iPad to dabble with digital art allowed me to try out different creative figures and forms without having to bring out all of the tools for a more conventional medium.

When it comes to anything like drawing, practice makes perfect. With the finest iPad with an Apple Pencil, you’ll want to keep drawing and sketching since it feels just like a real notebook and pencil. As a result, you’ll only become better with time. If you’re already an artist, the best iPad for artists and Apple Pencil will help you improve your talents.

best iPaad app for drawing
Best iPad Applications for Drawing

Free iPad Applications for Drawing : 

  • Adobe Fresco:

Adobe Fresco requires iOS 14 or later, since it is a powerhouse with a slew of incredible features that necessitates cutting-edge technology. Then, Adobe Fresco is a virtual workspace for digital painters and illustrators who need a large variety of raster and vector brushes to develop their work. This is a free drawing app for ipad without apple pencil. It is the best free drawing app for iPad 2022.

  • Linea Sketch:

Linea Sketch is a fantastic iPad drawing software for both children and adults. It’s free to download and use, but you may pay for an in-app subscription to get rid of adverts and other annoyances. Linea Sketch is exceptionally simple to use, with little clutter and an intuitive user interface. It features simple colour palettes, but you can also tweak and create your own hues and tones in addition to the pre-made selections.

  • Tayasui Sketches:

Within Tayasui Sketches, you may organise your drawings into separate notebooks. While the free version of Sketches is great for fast sketches and doodles, downloading the programme unlocks a slew of additional features that turn it into a far more capable drawing tool.  You may test out the Sketches pro features for an hour before deciding whether it’s worth the money. Surface pressure, layers, different types of paper, and additional brush modification choices are all available when you upgrade to the premium edition of the programme. 

  • Adobe Comp CC:

Comp CC makes it simple to build wireframes and mock-ups. With dozens of predefined shapes, picture placeholders, and lorem ipsum headlines at your disposal, the software is quick and easy to use. Comp CC is excellent for laying out web designs, and if you prefer to work on the iPad, it will boost your productivity significantly. In this, drawing ipad with pen feature is there. 

  • Evernote Penultimate:

Evernote’s Penultimate tool allows you to scribble notes and drawings that you can later search for in the Evernote app. Add pages to your notes and pick from music sheets, storyboards, day calendars, and to-do lists, among other preformatted sheets. Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Dots and Boxes, and the License Plate Game are among Penultimate’s preformatted game sheets, which were popular before the iPad.

  • Art Set 4:

Art Set 4 is an excellent programme for those who are new to digital painting. Even though it’s digital, it has the feel of a traditional paper instrument. Painting supplies such as watercolours, oil paints, pastels, and crayons are available. By selecting the Plus button next to the pen tool, you may easily modify the paper texture. The free version includes a “slow draw” option that adds a lag between the drawing and your Apple Pencil, as well as a “dry” option that quickly dries the paper so you may add more layers on top. It is the best ipad drawing app for beginners.

best ipad apps for drawing
Best iPad Applications for Drawing

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Procreate iPad Best Drawing App: 

You can’t go wrong with Procreate if you’re seeking for the finest drawing software for iPad to rule them all. It’s one of the most powerful drawing, painting, and illustration applications for iPad, and it’s designed for professionals and compatible with Apple Pencil. To create the ultimate masterpiece, Procreate gives you access to special tools like dual-texture brushes and instantly sensitive smudging tools. And if Procreate doesn’t have a tool that meets your demands, you can make your own. Procreate also includes exceptionally high-resolution canvases, allowing you to print your work in large proportions without missing a beat. All of your Procreate work may be exported as PSD, multi-page PDF, native.procreate, transparent PNG, TIFF, or even web-ready JPEG. Procreate also allows time-lapse replays, allowing you to upload it to your preferred streaming source. It is the best drawing apps for ipad pro.

Sketchbook, Tayasui Sketches, Paper, Ibis Paint X and MediBang are the best drawing app for ipad reddit. 

Best iPad Applications for Drawing
Best iPad Applications for Drawing


Q: What is the best iPad app for drawing?
Ans: Procreate, ArtRage, Inspire Pro, Linea Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe Fresco, Photoshop, Affinity Designer are some of the best apps. 

Q: What is the best free drawing app for iPad?
Ans: Adobe Fresco, DrawingApp, Charcoal, QuickNotes X, Penbook, INKredible, Linea Sketch, and Bamboo Paper. 

Q: What is the easiest drawing app for iPad?


Q: Is Procreate the best drawing app?
Ans: It’s one of the most powerful drawing, painting, and illustration applications for iPad, and it’s designed for professionals and compatible with Apple Pencil.

Q: How expensive is Procreate?
Ans: Procreate is available for download for $9.99. There is no charge for joining or renewing your subscription. You only have to pay once for the app. If you already have an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, this is a great price.

Q: Which is better Procreate or Photoshop?

Ans: Procreate is the clear victor, demonstrating the capability of an all-in-one sketching programme. Photoshop for iPad isn’t a good fit for this activity, even if the Adobe family of applications provides greater features if you buy the whole package. Photoshop for iPad has a distinct edge when it comes to altering genuine photographs.

Q: What app is most similar to Procreate?

Ans: ArtRage, Adobe Fresco, Krita, Sketchbook, PaintTool SAI, MyPaint, Painter, and Clip Studio Paint.


When combined with a firm tip on the Pencil, the iPad’s glossy surface may make sketching feel odd when compared to pencil on paper. Drawing on an iPad is a breeze. The iPad is already a digital art superstar thanks to Procreate and the Apple Pencil. When you buy an iPad as an artist, you’ll have a lot of options and tools to explore with. An iPad is an excellent tool for any digital artist, especially when used in conjunction with the finest iPad drawing applications and Apple Pencil. Procreate is an iPad painting and drawing software that can be used to create incredibly complex and expert artwork, but it’s also excellent for novices because it’s so easy to use. drawing, painting, animations, sketching, graphic design, and so on are all examples of creative activity. The drawing applications described here will convert your iPad into a productive workstation, unlock your creativity, and turn you into a digital art pro, providing you with the greatest creative experience possible.

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