Looking to download the best Messaging app on your Android phone?

Well, I must say text messaging has become the most popular and extremely convenient way to communicate anytime, anywhere. It is completely different from phone calls. I personally prefer texting over calling because it allows me to communicate in any situation.

Today, let’s explore some of the best messaging apps for android. 

With the messaging app on your phone, you can enjoy instant communication without any interference from your busy schedule.

What Is the Best Text Messaging App for Android?

  • Google Messages

Google Messages logo

I am placing Google messages in the top five because it deserves it. Google messages allow you to text or converse fluently.

Over the years, the Google SMS app has been through many improvements to offer its users the best experience.

However, Google messages have not yet reached the Heyday of Hangouts. It is on track for progress.

The reason why Google is the best SMS app for android is that it doesn’t ask your friends and family to move on the Google messages. You can have the conversation without having them download the same application.

The app is absolutely free and mostly pre-installed on your device. It offers you RCS features along with the ability to send and receive messages from your desktop. Therefore, it is giving the facility of android web SMS.



From waking up in the morning to sleeping at the night, WhatsApp is the application that we use the most. Whether it is important. casual or just for fun, whatever comes to your mind, we can instantly send it to the person you want.

Unarguably, WhatsApp is the best messaging application that we have ever witnessed.

However, WhatsApp offers fewer privacy concerns which have been improving over the last couple of years.

Despite this, you cannot deny the amazing features this app offers you. You can make a phone call, video call, send Gifs, stickers during the conversation, etc. WhatsApp has a variety of things that impressed us the most.

Now that the world has become more digital, WhatsApp added the send money feature that allows you to instantly send money without switching to another app.

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I would say Discord is a fun messaging application specially designed for Gamers to interact.

The messaging application has improved in various ways. Now it offers a throng of integrations and bots that can be added to community chitchats.

The app is super easy to use and it is the best application for Android especially when you are playing a game and want to have a group voice chat.

I and my friends used this application for the voice chat while we used to play Among Us.

It was fun!

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telegram logo

If we compare, Telegram is new in the chatting game. By keeping in the mind the requirements of youngsters, Telegram started with great chatting features.

It allows you to create huge communities of like-minded people. It is eligible to use on any device.

When it’s come to the privacy part, Telegram is not the most private messaging app that you can download. It is more connected to the whole world rather than just our personal world with a few people.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

Let me be honest with you. Facebook Messenger is a very popular application. However, it is not a super Amazing app for Android. This messaging app uses high power and extra storage.

But don’t worry, if you are considering it for chatting or having video calls with a variety of filters, you can go with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook messenger is a convenient application with a user-friendly interface. It has recently added a dark mode option that offers improved readability and less power consumption.

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Summing Up

I hope, you like that top 5 list of the best messaging app for Android. My personal favorite is WhatsApp. It has always been WhatsApp. I feel more connected to it.

Though, for the best SMS app, you can consider Google Messages.

Share your favorite messaging application with the 5 Lac readers in the comment box.

Stay connected and Keep texting!